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  1. 3allz

    Guild Wars

    well im pretty sure they're not gonna release a game without planning the cost of everything in advance
  2. 3allz

    Guild Wars

    how am i meant to know? i dont work for them
  3. yep, something like that! Manx Telecom need to sort it out ;/
  4. 3allz

    Guild Wars

    i think theyve probably already worked out a way to deal with the money issues
  5. i agree with slim, MotoGP is alot better. Its a shame they didnt bring it out on PC, and really take advantage of what is capable graphics wise. I remeber reading that the spec of a PS2 is only about 366MHZ, with a 32MB Gfx card... PC's are the way forward imo
  6. rocks right, its the 29th now
  7. Hmmm... ? 22nd or April? Im pretty sure thats wrong
  8. the game has been pushed back yet againa... sometime at the begining of may we're looking at now ;/ 650 pre-orders taken at Game in douglas lol ;/ Best bet is to order online tbh ;x
  9. im not complaining about the HL2 graphics engie at all. I know your not too . Its just steam is a pile of xxxx! When the last time you had 'Friends' working? For me, sometimes it doesnt even connect, and if it does, it takes forever for a message to be received on the other end.
  10. When they first released steam, they needed to shut it down after a day because they couldnt handle the load... When it came back online again, it still took ages to update (connection errors half way through update). Most people found the same problems. Also, even if you change the settings of a game to "do not update automatically" it still updates it and the 'monitor' window is always at 99% (complete), but yet the steam icon is still working away. They seem to have correct most bugs since the release of HL2 ive noticed. [/moan]
  11. anyone playing an al alkir? i got a lvl 32 undead rogue named Ballz. Some of you must have alot of time on your hands, if you've got high level chars already. I dont get to play it as much as i wished... just play for 10 mins or so and then something pops up. Still, i havn't got bored of it yet Pm me if you wanna meet up ;)
  12. Steam is xxxx... why do you love it so much :/ They should have kept all half life things with WON... plain and simple
  13. all PS2 games look awful imo... in comparison to PC games anyway. Now days, they dont even come close to the likes of FarCry, Doom3 and HL2
  14. 3allz

    Brothers In Arms

    aye, BF2 does look amazing! Should be fun on a LAN
  15. 3allz

    Mgs 3 Snake Eater

    i like it. They've focuesed alot more on the stealth aspect of the game! And the CQC is pretty ace too Im gripped on the story line
  16. 3allz

    Nintendo Ds

    nah i havnt.. but just to play Mario 64 again would be cool! How much that rob ya?
  17. If you want windows to run from the D drive, you'll need to install Windows again on the D drive. After that, it should ask you which windows you want to boot up from. Then youll have to copy everything that you need from C across to D and then format C completely... Thats how id do it anyway.
  18. 3allz

    World Of Warcraft

    Having fun as horde here Some cool stuff! Level 24 now, just finished all the barrens quests!
  19. Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children maybe? Its a movie, but maybe there was some confusion
  20. 3allz

    World Of Warcraft

    If we want a guild, we all gotta be on same server. Anyway, when posting name details, make sure you post your server name too... Server: Al'Ak Name: Ballz Class: Rogue Race: Undead
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