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  1. As far as I’m aware, no UK schools have been closed by teacher shortages either. However, there are many more unqualified teachers working in them, head teachers report that pay is a substantive barrier to recruitment and that the number and quality of new applicants for teaching posts is at an all time low. Of course, I wouldn’t want to insult your fucking intelligence by suggesting that might also be true here.
  2. No shortage of labour? God, I despair of this group sometimes. teacher training targets have been missed for the last 5 years, with many subjects under-recruiting by over 50%. Teachers are leaving the profession in record numbers and last year, for the first time ever, the numbers leaving exceeded those entering the profession. FFS will you stop commenting before checking your facts. Now there’s a triumph of hope over experience if ever there was one.
  3. The three unions involved in the dispute have agreed to begin action short of strike action, (ASOSA). The NAHT and ASCL (the school leaders’ unions) will begin their action tomorrow. The largest teachers’ union in the Island, the NASUWT, will begin its action as soon as it is approved by the unions’ National Action Committee. They expect that to take seven to ten days. ASOSA is designed to minimise disruption to parents, carers and children. It’s purpose is to inconvenience the DESC by refusing to perform some tasks like going to meetings at lunchtimes, before and after work, data gathering etc. It’s a kind of work to rule.
  4. Vacancies on the Legislative Council 2020 Four vacancies will arise on the Legislative Council on 29th February 2020 for a term of office ending on 28th February 2025. The Speaker of the House of Keys, the Hon Juan Watterson SHK, has determined under Standing Orders that an election will be held on the afternoon of Thursday 12th March 2020, with nominations opening on Wednesday 29th January 2020 and closing on Wednesday 26th February 2020. Further information about the vacancy and the election process can be found here.
  5. I get the impression that Mr Cregeen doesn’t really care. According to the next Tynwald questions paper, he has developed an interest in the voting process for the legislative council. Anyone care to make a prediction?
  6. No-one is getting a £6k pay rise. The English government is abolishing the bottom points of the lower pay spine because there is a teacher recruitment crisis and they realise schools are having to pay more to attract people into the profession. Only teachers recruited after September 2021 will benefit from this. Because teachers’ pay here is still linked to England, this change would also have automatically been applied here. It is nothing to do with the pay deal. The pay deal, which has not yet been approved by the members of only one of the four teaching unions is for an uplift based on the London outer fringe allowance which, for the vast majority of teachers will be negligible. The other three unions remain in dispute. I hope that’s helpful.
  7. Could it be that the poor performance you allude to might be caused to some extent by the Islands’ schools having to employ increasing numbers of less well qualified and totally unqualified teachers? Just a thought. Maybe Mr Watts could stick in another FOI request to see if the teachers are lying, or if they’re telling the truth? CPI removes housing costs and CPI Jevons, the IOMG’s preferred measure also uses a statistical adjustment for consumers’ substitution behaviour, reducing the headline rate of inflation still further. Ten years into an agreement might be a reasonable time for a review, especially given that teachers’ pay now lags some 20% behind the average increase in non-manual earnings in the Island. Of course, this is an average and, by definition some people will have been hit worse than others. As for the socialists and communists thing. I guess you’ll just have to work through that yourself, although recent research in universities in the UK indicates that this is another myth peddled by the right-wing press to foment argument among working people to divert attention from the fact that we are all being royally shafted by the rich.
  8. Data is plural. A teacher will explain that to you when you reach Year 9.
  9. Data were taken from the UK Government’s independent review body, (STRB Report 2018). You can find the data on p.29 of the report.
  10. I’m not sure what’s more worrying, your ill-informed rants, or the fact that you’ve had children.
  11. With respect 2 bees, they’ve tried everything else. Before anyone strikes they’ll make sure there’s action short of strike, which won’t affect the pupils. In the event that the employer still doesn’t come up with a decent offer, any further action will be timed to minimise any possible detriment to children. This has been a long road and we’re not doing this lightly.
  12. I sincerely hope you’re a wind-up merchant. Teaching faces the biggest recruitment crisis in its history and that’s not because it’s a well-paid sabbatical now is it? If you’re not a wind-up merchant, could I respectfully suggest that you Google ‘teacher recruitment crisis’, then, when you’ve discovered how wrong you are, you might think about apologising to the central scrutiniser.
  13. Teacher recruitment targets missed for the last seven years, with shortage subjects under recruiting by over 50%. More teachers leaving the profession than entering and more than 10% of qualified teachers never starting a teaching job. Starting salary for teachers about £24,000 while average graduate starting salaries exceed £30,000. Salaries in real terms more than 30% lower than in 2010 and the most senior teachers actually taking home in their pay packets less than they did in 2010, while inflation has risen by 36% in the same period. Pensions now decoupled from England, contributions increased by up to 6.5% of gross salary and benefits for existing and new entrants reduced. Head teachers in the Island report that they have fewer and less well qualified applicants for advertised teaching posts and they’re now employing people that they wouldn’t even have interviewed only five years ago. We’re not only fighting for ourselves folks, we’re fighting for the future of our service and the future of your children. We need your support.
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