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  1. Carbon Selector, I was at Manx Radio when Stuart Watterson was the MD Dr Gonzo, nope I don’t work for 3FM or Energy, although I have worked for Manx Radio & Energy in the past and I have never had any dealings with 3FM. Not an aspiration title, I leave that to wannabe journalists, my area is TV. Slinkydevil, I'm not Juan and for the record Juan was referring to the merge of News room and engineering, I know that because I asked him rather than make assumptions on a forum. Woolley, nice to see you clinging to your belief that you know more than you do, carry on. Stu, I expected better from you, not defending your claims with much vigour.
  2. I'm sure the Direstors and shareholders of Energy FM will be interested to heat that it has been absorbed by 3FM ! For someone who is supposed to be such an ace news hound, you might like to get your facts correct, the two stations are working together with shared resources such as engineering, news etc but are still independently owned companies. Oh and as for staffing at MR it is still more than when I worked there and in thoses days it made a healthy profit. But I will comend you for your utmost loyalty to your employer, I wish I could could employ a few with your devotion.
  3. It's already vomit-inducing from the other two stations. As much as I try , I have no idea what you are talking about!, I've not see or heard any blatant attempts by the other stations to misslead people into completing surveys on the pretext of it being unbiased. Perhaps you can point me in the right direction?
  4. Stu so why is MR not up front and say so , instead of dressing it up as a survey into local radio?
  5. The smell of desperation is wafting down from Douglas head, I've just seen on Facebook a survey on local radio. The questions are heavily biased towards Manx Radio and it just so happens that the survey is being conducted by a major sponsor of theirs !! Obviously the RAJAR figures are not backing Manx Radio so now they are having an "independant" survey conducted.
  6. From a well positioned source - Anthony Pugh did not like the MMTVpiece about Ron Berry's presentation and insisted that MT pulled it. Ihave no reason to disbelieve the source and knowing how important MR think they are ............
  7. My parents have lived in a a DoLGE house for over 34 years and believe me the amount spent on maintenance in that time has been minimal. House painted once, central heating and double glazing fitted but no new bathrooms or kitchens, although there are forum members who are convinced that social housing have a constant renewal of kitchens, bathrooms, windows etc
  8. I don't drink but nice of you to join in
  9. Your first and second statement appear to be at odds with each other there... I don't see what is at odds ? If you have a morgage you don't own the property just like a person in a PS house but after 25 years you do whereas they keep on paying and have people being smug about how they own their property and are not a "drain" on society.
  10. I've just seen a copy of the news lettersent to tenants of DSC housing advising of the forthcoming rent increases. The rents will increase by inflation and will also take in to concideration of the amenity value ......... An extra £3.57 per week for having a garden An extra £5.95 per week for having a driveway So if someone says I don't want the garden does that mean the DSC will remove the amenity charge and then maintain the garden themselves?? I noticed properties being built on the Janets Corner site have a driveway as part of the build, in other words the tenants are having additional costs put on them whether they want them or not. No doubt the usual rabid anto PS housing mob will say that it's a wounderful deal, I know a number of people who have no chance to buy and do not take the piss unlike the DSC. Remeber all those smug people who look down on these people that as long as you have a mortgage you are no different i.e. you are paying rent just like the PS housing folk the difference is when your mortgage is paid and you have something to show for the money. My grandparents moved into their home whe it was built and paid rent all theirs lives, kept the place well decorated and in good order (DOLGE sent very little in over 50 years) and for what? Other than to give the smug "private" owners something to moan about.
  11. WTF I hope all those posters are securely locked up in an instatute !!
  12. Aye, me. Put my name down Apparently you get paid as much as a bus driver But with no chance of being effected by any cuts whatsoever. Not only do you get paid for lunch hours, you get a free lunch with it too. MHK's & MLC's pay for their own lunches unless there is a lunchtime presentation and they are nowhere as good as they used to be.
  13. I wish to announce thatI shall not be flouncing off into the sunset despite it apparently being the in thing to do ............... Merry Christmas everyone.
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