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  1. Definitely, I would be happy with any variation of the above that is well thought out and accelerates the coverage of those most at risk.
  2. Just getting back on topic (and apologies if I have missed this being posted earlier). We have no Covid in the community on island and we have restricted borders which reduces our risk of Covid further. The vaccine we are using gives 90% protection on top of the position we are in already which reduces the risk significantly for those vaccinated. Why are we insisting on giving the second dose to people (with 90% protection) first, to give them an extra 5 percentage points, rather than give more people the first dose and then come back to the others for a second dose?
  3. https://www.ecdc.europa.eu/en/covid-19/situation-updates/weekly-maps-coordinated-restriction-free-movement EU traffic lights system in place now has less restrictions on Ireland, but IOM Govt do not appear to have anything in place to differentiate between travellers from different jurisdictions. The information is available so it just needs a framework.
  4. It's not government bashing. But we must plan for the next stages now. We have enough information to make informed decisions now and not just wait and see. They may change slightly over the next few months but at least there will be a roadmap we can plan around. The island has already suffered economically. The earlier we can take action in a safe way the quicker we can recover. Regardless of whether you wish to be vaccinated or not, there must be some thought process around the scenarios. If the world changes again then the plans can change, but at least we can understand the rationale (
  5. Any word on a defined policy from the government to get us through the next few months? The parameters are relatively clear now. Hopefully it will not just be a cut and paste from the UK as our risks and situation are different. They mention a rate of infection that will allow border restrictions to ease but are not clearly defining the measurement or at what rate it will change. Ireland is much lower now. Are they considering other countries (not just the UK) when setting border policies? We have the opportunity to progress a speedy vaccination program but there is no clarity o
  6. A public spat is never good but the government are not good at engaging. Whether the decisions the government are making on Covid are right or wrong, they have a large impact on all of us and should not be shrouded in secrecy. Unfortunately taking matters to a public forum appears to be the only way of getting a response from the civil servants making the decisions.
  7. In terms of relocation. That would be a major pain and not something that appeal greatly, but moving half of the workforce to somewhere that would allow controlled movements is definitely on the cards.
  8. Travel is way down for sure but business activities are carrying on. I am getting daily calls from clients letting me know they are now travelling, with expectations that I can do the same and arrange to meet. Lack of activity has been the cause of the losses for the first six months but that is not the case now. The rest of the world is moving on (albeit in a stilted way with some quarantining along the way) and there is a pent up demand to move forward. It is about risk management now. The courts have shown they are not shy about prosecuting which will keep an element of discipline.
  9. As a concrete example, my previously profitable company ran a loss for the first six months of the year and is eating in to reserves to keep staff employed. No government help has been given. The outlook for the rest of the year is not much better as our client base is not on the IOM. Pipeline for 2021 is drying up as no client development has been possible. Zoom etc is a great tool but no substitute for face to face in a relationship business. I fully support border restrictions, but it has to be risk based and done in a sensible manner. If it carries on for much longer we will need to r
  10. Could they not just bring the path to the main road and install traffic lights?
  11. Just had a weekend in Ramsey and Vellikas and The Ravioli House were both excellent. Gelatory was great for ice cream but unfortunately was closed Monday.
  12. Business on the island is a long way from returning to normal. Many IOM companies depend on interaction off island. The losses so far have been significant but next years losses will be even higher (Covid or no Covid) if new business cannot be generated, which will not happen by sitting at your desk in Douglas.
  13. Do we not have to align with the Guernsey policy if we have an open border?
  14. Exactly, I have no problem with the Govt. being cautious but we need to enact a way of allowing travel with reasonable restrictions. We will get more cases here but they can be controlled. The majority do not want it yet, but our economy is not driven locally and businesses need to be able to travel. Two weeks quarantine is not sustainable, but one week may be if testing is in place. It will not eliminate the risk of new cases, but it will bring the odds down to an acceptable level
  15. Looks like road closures do not apply to Bus Vannin either. No 4. bus carried on through the road closed signed at the Eairy this week, got stuck and had to be rescued.
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