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  1. There are a number of different options that could be brought in that might help reduce not just the number of deaths, but also the number of life changing incidents and RTC’s in general. All of the ideas below would I am sure never work or be accepted for a wide variety of reasons, but I thought I would share them anyway. Some of them I am sure would have unintended consequences such as reducing the number of RTC’s on the mountain, but increasing them elsewhere. - Shut the mountain to all vehicles for the whole fortnight with the exception of very large HGV’s and authorised buses and minibuses. For these vehicles it would be 2 way. Public transport to be made free to all for the whole fortnight. The rationale behind this is it would probably be quicker and cheaper to take the bus over the mountain then drive your own car to Douglas for work etc, thus reducing the number of cars and bikes on the road. By removing large HGV’s from the Laxey route you will help to avoid jams in the centre of Laxey where the road is narrow. - Shut the Mountain to all motor bikes (local and visitors) and non IOM registered vehicles, i.e. it is only open to local cars, vans etc. Keep it 2 way. Shut the mountain to all vehicles apart from bikes. Run it as a proper ‘TT Experience’, charging people to ride it, with paid Marshalls, safety briefings etc. Keep the Mountain as it is, but also make the section from Ballacraine to Kirk Michael and Sulby Bridge to Milntown 1 way. Rationale - Do we have more RTC’s on the mountain as riders are desperate to get their 5 mins of unrestricted fun. If we make more of it, will they be a little more careful, and take less risks as the experience lasts longer? Ban all visiting vehicles from the IOM for the fortnight. I.e. if it is not Manx registered it can’t go on the road. Make public transport free to all for the fortnight and bring in extra buses. (Yes that will cost lots, but how much is spent on setting up and policing the mountain for the fortnight, plus the cost of each RTC.) As I said at the start I doubt any of this is possible or will ever happen , but it is food for thought
  2. The best they have done yet, but still a way to go until they are as good as the ones that they do in Australia. I doubt however if our politicians have the guts to allow such a campaign on the IOM as it is rather hard hitting. Compare it with this one Or indeed a summary of a few of their campaigns in It is also worth having a look at their motorbike ones, which would be good in the run up to the TT and summer as they present a variety of views, as well as rider education.
  3. If we want to be very radical, maybe we should get rid of 'car tax' altogether, and simply fund the roads through general taxation. This way everybody pays. Now I know that some people don't have a car, but they all 'use' the roads and need them to be maintained. The person who does not have a car, but goes by bus everywhere still 'uses' the road. The person who cycles everywhere still 'uses' the road. The hermit who never leaves their house, and has all their shopping delivered still 'uses' the road, as otherwise how does the delivery driver get to their house. I realise that this will be far too radical for many, but would be one way to go.
  4. Personally I would simply put it on fuel. You can't avoid paying it, the person who uses the road more, pays more, the person who has a large engined car with bad MPG pays more, classic car owners still pay etc etc. I would then have a smallish fixed rate charge for electric cars (£100?). The administration of the electric car 'tax' would need looking at, but as ANPR comes in, that should catch most electric cars that aren't paying.
  5. So you suggest that all Dr's, Nurses, Police Officers, Firemen, Ambulance staff, teachers, should be given a 30% pay cut. I think the reaction will be that 90%+ of them will simply leave the IOM. All of these sectors are in demand in the UK and other places.
  6. I think before we start looking at this, we need to enforce the limits we have. 40mph seems the norm on Johnny Watersons lane, parts of the prom (before it was dug up), and many other places.
  7. Proposal is to move to 'London Fringe'. This equates to about £1100 a year extra, not £6K. Teachers Pay scales can be found at https://www.nasuwt.org.uk/uploads/assets/uploaded/1a62d096-dd0c-4f6b-858e9f806476ed14.pdf IOM teachers currently get paid on English pay scales.
  8. All showing up on Facebook now, with people trying to get back the over inflated prices they paid
  9. nelwd

    Bottled Gas

    Hi, I am having a new kitchen fitted in the next few months and would like to have a gas hob, rather than an electric one if I can. I don't however want mains gas, as I don't want to pay the daily standing charge, when over the course of the year, there will probably be a couple of months at least when I don't use it at all (holidays, days when I cook only using the oven, days when I eat out etc etc), and even when I do use it, it may only be for 20 mins. I know that the gas will be more expensive to buy, but think it will be cheaper overall. Does anybody know if I am allowed to do this (will have it professionally fitted), and how do i source the gas bottles, does Manx gas deliver, or do I have to collect etc. If it comes to it I know I can get the smallish ones from the petrol station, but would prefer the big ones. Thanks Will
  10. I drive a school minibus. If it gets damaged, the school is responsible for the excess. If it is through my own stupidity e.g. i am not looking what I am doing and reverse into a wall etc, It has been explained to me that I will be responsible for the excess. If it is not my fault, the the school will pay. To me and the other teachers at the school this seems perfectly fair. Why should the pupils suffer if I am stupid enough not see a stationary object. I have to say it makes you check the vehicle over for damage before you drive it, take care of it, and ensure that somebody countersigns it back in with you. The current vehicle is about 5 years old and has not had a single scratch put on it. Not sure the same would be true if you knew it was not going to cost you personally. I just wondered if it was the same for Posties, and if not, why not.
  11. Thanks for the responses. Is anybody able to answer the second part of my question. If they have an at fault accident do they have to pay the excess? I work (and occasionally drive ) for Government and if I have an accident in a Government vehicle I am responsible for the excess. Just wondered if it was the same for posties?
  12. Is there anybody on here who knows what the Posties £816 or £715 ‘Driving Allowance is for? This is a genuine question, I am not looking for comedy or argumentative answers. As a Driver what is the situation if you have an at fault accident e.g you reverse into a wall and break the rear light, misjudge a corner and scrape the side of the vehicle? Is the driving allowance designed to cover these costs i.e. are you expected to pay the excess / cost of the repairs if it is below the excess cost?
  13. Have to disagree. Previous CoC's would have closed roads on schedule, then prospered the race by 30 mins or an hour at a time. Gary has kept the roads open and updated everybody as soon as a decision has been made. In times past i remember delays of 15 mins or 30 mins going on for hours, with course locked down. I wonder what comments some of you would have made if he had run the race at 11.00am on wet / very damp roads and a major incident occurred because of it. I can see the comments now...'stupid person should have never run the race' 'not fit to be CoC', 'even my granny could do better', 'accident was bound to happy on roads that wet' etc etc. As for the Senior in 2012 have a look at this film on you tube from about 42mins on. Clearly shows very wet roads, would you have raced in that.
  14. Bus Vannin had some additional buses over for during TT. They are going back again now that it is over. Not sure if they were hired in, or 'demonstrators' on a free loan.
  15. nelwd

    TT 2018

    14 mins actually before the 1st closure and that was because there were reports of a fire, which turned out to be a Farmer carrying out controlled burning, but he had not bothered to tell the ESJCR!
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