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  1. Re advertised due to time waster R444MAN on a retention certificate £200 This was on a Toyota RAV4. Similar numbers are listed for £750 on gov.im.
  2. Thanks - possibly due to posting here, my friends have now received an email confirming their booking.
  3. I have friends who are having difficulty making a booking for TT camping at St John’s as they've not had a response to emails. I see that the website is being revamped, but can anyone offer advice or help in the meantime? Thanks.
  4. I posted in the first place as an alert to others who may find themselves similarly overcharged. A precedent has been set. As I said earlier, someone who has had a similar problem and a bill for £hundreds has had it refunded. That indicates that MT have accepted responsibility and I was told by the MT Man that bills for £Thousands are involved.
  5. Just to clarify a little: 1. I have a contract phone, supplied by MT. 2. I switched off data and roaming in the same way as I have done for years on this and previous phones, exactly as per printed instructions from MT. 3. My phone and/or MT has now "decided" to ignore/override this instruction. 4. I will not be paying these extra charges.
  6. It's a Nokia, updated regularly and only started to "perform in this way" recently. The MT person who phoned me thought I must have an iPhone as they do this too. I turned off data and roaming as usual. There is another setting which I must now change, apparently, or take the phone into the MT shop to have it adjusted. The other "victim" that I know of received a refund when he complained to MT so I am expecting the same. As for OFT? Forget that waste of taxpayers' money. I have experience of their hands-tied attitude.
  7. Having switched off Roaming and Data on by mobile before I got to the UK in the same way in which I had done for the last few years, I was more than surprised to receive a text message stating, "Your 25MB roaming data has been activated for the next 24 hours and £3 charged." I double-checked my settings and assumed that this was a one-off error. However the "error" was repeated for several days before I messaged them and was told that I had to text the word "stop" if I wanted the roaming to stop, and "resume" if I wanted roaming back on again. Eventually, after receiving a bill for the unwanted roaming for a few days and emailing them to object (because their phone lines were always busy and/or out of order) someone from MT phoned me. He claimed that the problem was not MT's, but the problem was because smart phones can now use data and roaming when it is switched off. It's remarkable that my phone, which is over a year old, can suddenly decide to ignore my settings and act independently to provide MT with extra income. When I said that I would be expecting a refund of the overcharges he said he could not authorise it but I was very lucky as there have been many £thousands in similar overcharges recently. I have since heard of someone who has been overcharged £hundreds via the same MT "problem" which I see as a major fault in the MT system or simply a failure by their staff to know what they are doing. Be careful out there!
  8. Diesel £121.9 in rural Cumbria yesterday.
  9. Just sign it unless your a heartless, spineless, uncaring person.........or the member of the DHSS responsible for the outrageous decision. https://www.change.org/p/isle-of-man-government-tynwald-bridgewater-taxis-to-keep-their-contract-for-patient-transfers?recruiter=17174204&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=copylink
  10. Has the Foxdale hole been filled in yet? If not, WHY NOT?
  11. Gritter Spotter Alert! At the airport this morning the roundabout on the dual carriageway section of the main road had only been gritted for three quarters of its circumference, leaving an ice hazard for those approaching the airport from Castletown. Also, there was no evidence of any grit on the southbound side of the carriage way from Castletown to Gansey. Port St Mary remained beyond the Arctic Circle with frost everywhere and no gritting. Saving money on grit may cost lives.
  12. Have H&C been to check if the pier was in a dangerous position?
  13. It looks like ash trees are now doomed and will condemn many other species to extinction. Ash tree set for extinction in Europe http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-35876621
  14. "Thanks I liked that idea because you do associate sandstone with Peel. How depressing that the 'vision' appeared in 2009 and all we are going to get is some paving in Market Square. What happened to the rest of the ideas and the rest of the money? Edited by Moghrey Mie, Today, 12:00 AM." Some of the "rest of the money" has been wasted spent on limestone paving in Port St Mary, re-replacing paving that had already been replaced within the past 10 years.
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