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  1. We'd better get all those trees, lights and decorations removed from public places where they might be offensive to somebody. Don't forget to return all those Christmas presents too as these symbolise gifts brought for Christ. .......and stop all this offensive Christmas Party nonsense as you don't know who you might upset.

    But, why stop there? There are lots of Christian churches on the Island. Get them covered up at once!

  2. It's a bloody joke that people like Quayle and Anderson should be collecting tax payers money for their chosen line of work. Like any other business if you can't make it work jack it in and do something else. Jokers.

    Snap! You got there just before me.

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    Bloody hell. As if the dog muck and discarded contraceptive pills weren't enough of a blight on Onchan's reputation, I've just got home from a late night walk with even more bad news. After observing some parked vehicles through my binoculars for about half an hour, I can now confirm that one of Onchan's beaches has become a dogging site. When are the Commissioners going to get off their backsides and do something about fixing this village? I dread to think of the effect this will have on the market value of my house, FFS.

    If you're talking about Happy Valley Beach it's been used that way since at least 1984. It's a Manx tradition.

    Big Brother will still be watching.

  4. They're out there in force and they still can't see where they're going!


    A Christmas present that may save lives.

    If someone that you know drives with little or no view over their steering wheel, buy them a booster cushion and insist that they use it.

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  5. This whole issue is simply small fry outlay in the vast ocean of Government overspending, and seems to have been provoked by another rant from Houghton.


    It also appears, from Rodan's recent explanation on MR, that the return from the Hansard (Phillips's trips?) more than covers all the outlay. Are we just being wound up by Houghton in order to create a fuss, to remind his voters that he's still there?

  6. "Brio - Possibly the world’s most expansive railway system Our railway range has always been one of our most popular collections and includes everything a budding railway engineer could possibly need."


    Brio and compatible wooden railway system toys. All the track, crossings, bridges, engines, carriages etc., shown in the photos. Most in excellent condition.















  7. The point being, have any details been discussed with TWM to either identify an individual/training issue or simply to explain themselves?

    Manx whispers can be very damaging.

    This issue has already been pointed out to members of TM staff by concerned customers. I would hope that the staff have already forwarded these concerns to TM management.


    My reason for posting here is to make other customers aware of the issue. I trust that someone will post in this thread if/when it has been sorted out by management.

  8. It appears that it is common practice by the shop assistants in (some?) departments at TM to cut the manufacturers' tags off items that you purchase. Effectively this means that they need not accept returns or exchanges on the grounds that items have been used or worn.


    I believe it is the customer's right to have the manufacturers' tag(s) left attached to purchased items.

    Isn't removal of these tags (and I am not referring to security tags) either bad practice or sharp practice?

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