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  1. The Isle of Man, where you can have cloned, grey, block paving in every grey retail area, thanks to the Town and Village Regeneration Scheme.


    It will look just as lovely as the recently re-surfaced pavements, once it is freely splattered with chewing gum and assorted dog deposits. How important is the view at foot level in regenerating any environment? Isn't the view at eye level where most of the attention should be focused?


    Is this down to lack of imagination, or is this just another case of "let's spend waste it anyway as we're entitled to it" syndrome?








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  2. "Vehicle reversing, stand clear! Vehicle reversing, stand clear! Vehicle reversing, stand clear! Vehicle reversing, stand clear! Vehicle reversing, stand clear! Vehicle reversing, stand clear! Vehicle reversing, stand clear! Vehicle reversing, stand clear! Vehicle reversing, stand clear! Vehicle reversing, stand clear! Vehicle reversing, stand clear! Vehicle reversing, stand clear! Vehicle reversing, stand clear! Vehicle reversing, stand clear! Vehicle reversing, stand clear! Vehicle reversing, stand clear! Vehicle reversing, stand clear!"

  3. I've printed off the following comment from IOM Newspapers FB page because it represents a fresh, valid and informed viewpoint relating to this thread. The comment is by Kevin Minay who has the frequently unenviable task of recovering crashed vehicles.

    "I get called to loads of RTCs and the majority of them are on R plates that aren't meant to go over 50mph, but have definitely been caused by inexperience and going faster than 50. So kids are still going to go faster than the limit. I'm dreading my daughter who's only 10 at the moment starting to go out in a car with boys (or girls) who want to show off how fast they can go. Engine size / horsepower of an engine needs to be limited, also, no passengers for 18 months after passing. At the end of the day, you're taught to pass a test, not how to drive. Lessons need to have a skid pan, where cars slide and you have to correct it, also you should be made to drive at night. Just my thoughts."
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  4. I wasn't there so can't really make a comment, but was this just tyre screeching or wheelspinning and then flooring it in the first three gears? wheelspins are pretty innocent, might be deemed lack of control but they're fairly easy to control and sound far worse (speed wise) than they actually are.

    I wouldn't worry too much, his gearbox/clutch will teach him an expensive lesson one day.

    This was, as you put it, "wheelspinning and then flooring it in the first three gears." It was also for the first 30 or 40 metres, against the one way system, through a car park where pedestrians were moving to or from their cars, and where cars were reversing, or I might not have drawn attention to it.



    What a silly thread.


    Explain to me how it is silly. If it means a parent takes notice and gives the son a stern word, it's better than nothing.

    But can anyone predict that as an outcome? What if some loony (and let's be honest Manx Forums has it's fair share of those) sees a white Fiat 500 with red stripes and some R plates in the car park at Shoprite, recalls this thread, encounters some possibly red mist, and gives the driver a mouthful of abuse or a good kicking? And the driver turns out to be wholly innocent? Would that be better than nothing?

    When in a hole, just stop digging.

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  6. I wasn't close enough to get the registration this afternoon as a male youth(?) performed his version of Need For Speed in Shoprite Car Park in Port Erin at lunchtime this afternoon. I was some distance away but heard the repeated screeching of tyres as he raced up the car park contra the directional arrows and screamed out onto Bayview Road. People stared in disbelief.


    If he is your son, grandson, friend, pupil, employee, please take his keys, car and licence away before he kills someone and/or himself.


    There can't be that many white Fiat 500s with red stripes and with "R" Plates displayed, although the plates will probably be hidden if he reads this.

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  7. I think he meant the spelling.


    Loads and loads of accidents and road closures today.


    Months of dry weather and oil and gubbins on the roads and then the rain brings it all to the surface making it hellish slippy. It's the kind of thing we were taught about when we were young and beginning our riding/driving apprenticeships. Seems to have been forgotten about these days along with the rest of the common sense teachings.


    Judging by the number of oil/diesel trails I see whenever the road gets damp, we must have some very poorly maintained vehicles and/or some very wealthy owners around. With diesel at least10p more per litre than on the adjacent isle I can't understand why people are throwing it away. Does anyone ever get prosecuted for spillages?

  8. I visited Liverpool in July, for my first time there as a tourist in years. It was a great experience with excellent, FREE museums, parks and gardens and a cheap, efficient transport system. If only we had a cheap, efficient transport system in place to the Island, we could be in with a chance of sharing a little of that tourist market.


    We seem to be slowly prying out the full extent of the "public purse" "investment" in the Sefton.


    392K seems a large 'Tourism' grant for suites for hnwi or film executives as it was stated in the past was their intention ! I hope other hotels have been similarly treated.

    When the Freedom of Information Bill comes in I hope we'll be able to find out where our money has been spent/ given away.

    Are files being lost?

  10. There are many temporary and permanent obstacles on the Island's roads and streets, many of them placed there officially.


    Driving round Port St Mary yesterday I noted that the builder's skip is still causing a hazard to drivers at the crest and corner very close to the junction of Cronk Road and Plantation Road. That has been there permanently for years now. Is there any limit to how long a business can use a skip, parked on a public road, for storage? If there isn't I think I'll extend my storage facilities, or accommodation, by placing a skip on the road outside our place.


    There is also a very fine (advertising?) Ice Cream Tricycle parked on the road outside the Patchwork Cafe on Bay View Road. It takes up quite a lot of parking space and protrudes beyond parked cars into the road. I'm surprised that it has not been redesigned by a passing vehicle. It appears not to be subject to any parking time-limit or regulations. Is this the case?

  11. Something remarkable has happened, the Four-roads roundabout has now opened. However, there are no street markings, the road between the roundabout and the doctors is STILL to be fixed and astonishingly there is an anchor in the middle of the roundabout. The relevance of this is beyond me. But nothing should astonish me anymore since its nearly a year since the works all started.


    Is it simply Port Erin rhyming slang for whoever is responsible for the whole catalogue of errors?


    They don't like the fact that we don't let dogs into bars & cafes

    locals likewise, very dog-unfriendly place :-( !

    Be fair. Where else in these islands would you be allowed to let your dog foul up the pavements and footpath, and leave the mess without risk of prosecution?

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