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  1. It's a shame that the railways have completely come to a standstill during the absence of this must-have outlay from public funds. We obviously can't manage with the previous equipment in these times of stringent economies.


    Is Longworth still purse-empowered?

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  2. Rhumsaa, do you hold a shotgun licence?


    The contributors to MF are probably deserving of more worry from people better qualified in mental health than I....


    With power comes responsibility.... or should do anyway.

  3. Rather than questioning the accuracy of the Cat Woman statement, I would like to know who was doing the shooting and if they are "important" enough to get away with anything. There are a lot of wealthy people living around there, but cash-rich rarely doesn't always mean conscience-rich.

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    As for people on the phone while driving, hands free or otherwise, to me it is beneath contempt. Should all be banned and the book thrown at transgressors. Worse than being half a pint over the limit in terms of distraction.


    Also, how these people can focus on their driving while having the radio / CD player on absolutely full volume is beyond me. Although hats off to the person on the Promenade a few months ago who cruised past playing Pavarotti at full blast -- that person is exempt on the grounds of being amazing.

    I kind of miss the old fella in a red ford mondeo who used to park outside tesco's and play accordion music at full volume.

    Wasn't it wurlitzer music ?

    Did he carry an organ donor card?

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  5. Are there any other failing businesses out there that can't fulfill their VAT and Nat. Ins. Payments commitments? Apply now to Comin Loans who will settle your outstanding bills (in the best interests of the ratepayers, of course).

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