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  1. I spotted this on FB. Dreadful. How can a media professional make such an error?
  2. The current work permit system is failing. There is no accurate record of who is arriving or leaving, so how can such a system be effective? Close the whole department down and save more of the wasted £Thousands.
  3. How many are employed in the Office of Farcical Toothlessness?
  4. Fossils


    Shouldn't it be pronounced "Eesham" with a silent H? 'Appen am reet.
  5. Fossils


    No. Brindley uses it on Manx Radio. But I think he uses both variants to hedge his bets. In that case both are wrong.
  6. Meanwhile most of the drains and gutters on the island remain uncleared and flooding becomes an even more common occurrence. Shall we tackle the existing problems Phil? "Forget that and let's make a few more unnecessary changes to road layouts."
  7. "Joan's of Onchan" advert on MR - does anyone else think that it sounds like the woman in the advert has been sampling helium?
  8. Never try to link the DoI with logical thinking.
  9. Work permits? I'm sure that there must be someone local that can superglue rocks.
  10. The paint manufacturers that have discontinued the colour that I need to freshen up the walls in our hallway. What a sly marketing ploy that is, but I'll hit back by not buying their products again.
  11. The chevron signs at the bend had been wiped out previously and not replaced. That sounds very like negligence to me.
  12. I want to hire a Ford Transit or similar to move some household items across for a friend. Can anyone advise on: Best company? Best vehicle? Best price? How to get the best rates on the Steam Packet? Any other tips? Thanks!
  13. It really is an amazing health service on which to model ours. http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/health/10713213/Patients-forgotten-in-wait-for-surgery
  14. Fossils


    There are still hoteliers left here?
  15. Currys IoM showroom is a useful place for having a look at models that you're considering buying before you order them from a competent supplier elsewhere.
  16. They've been on sale since last July (it seems) so the OFT may have issued a press statement about shelf life to protect the consumer their jobs.
  17. I don't believe in pins. That's a pointless statement.
  18. I refuse to visit a store that calls itself Pets at Home when it isn't even located in our street.
  19. Is it because he usually sounds meek and confused that people vote for him out of sympathy (for the future going forward)?
  20. I know of at least one prison governor who had the moral conscience and character to leave the service because of repeated failures by the authorities to address even the most obvious, basic problems.
  21. Everything in the future is. Some of it now was......
  22. Roy Tilleard would be the voters' favourite in Castletown.
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