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  1. The current work permit system is failing. There is no accurate record of who is arriving or leaving, so how can such a system be effective?


    Close the whole department down and save more of the wasted £Thousands.


    But to me, HEE-sham sounds really tw@tty - probably because everyone I've heard say it has been a tw@t.


    No. Brindley uses it on Manx Radio. But I think he uses both variants to hedge his bets.

    In that case both are wrong.

  3. I want to hire a Ford Transit or similar to move some household items across for a friend.

    Can anyone advise on:

    Best company?

    Best vehicle?

    Best price?

    How to get the best rates on the Steam Packet?

    Any other tips?



  4. What an absolute joke. I've just been to Shoprite (Chester St), M&S, Boots, Superdrug, WH Smith, Dealz, the Co-Op, Spar, TK Maxx, Jac Stores, and even TESCO, and not one of them has any decent easter eggs except M&S. Where have all the Galaxy, Nestle or Cadbury easter eggs disappeared to?


    They've been on sale since last July (it seems) so the OFT may have issued a press statement about shelf life to protect the consumer their jobs.


    Could you please sort out the whole 'angels on the head of a pin' thing first, before moving on to these less weighty isues?



    I don't believe in pins.

    That's a pointless statement.

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