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    Will the MEA be giving a refund to homeowners with solar panels?
  2. Is this anything to do with the DED tenders? After all, some engines have a tender behind.
  3. Shock news! Phil Gawne discovers that diesel loco does not run on diesel. From MR website: "Minister defends reliability of diesel train Published online at 13/03/2015 06:40:00 It’s unlikely a contaminated fuel supply in the Island's new diesel train is down to foul play. So says the Infrastructure Minister after problems with the £400,000 locomotive. Phil Gawne this week defended its reliability after a series of breakdowns and unexpected boiler failures. Bought by the former Department of Community, Culture and Leisure 15 months ago, Onchan MHK Peter Karran this week labelled it a 'disastrous purchase'. Mr Gawne dismissed suggestions the fuel problem was caused maliciously."
  4. Thank you! You really don't miss something until you haven't got it. I can cancel the Chinese language lessons now.
  5. Is this a good time to be driving a great flailing gorse-clearing machine across the Cronk above Port St Mary? I believe not, as many nesting birds use that habitat.
  6. I only wish that I had shares in this granite slabs company. Apparently the whole Island is to be covered by it. We're sunk, and even Phil Gawne's rock armour cannot save us. https://www.gov.im/media/1340517/regeneration_e-news_august_2014.pdf
  7. I know of several people across who posted their holiday location publicly on Facebook and had their homes burgled while they were away. I wonder if any local victims posted their away from home movements on FB.
  8. Are you an advocate? Is the piece of wood entitled to legal aid?
  9. Point proven, thanks. I'll just ignore you from now on, feel free to do the same to me. I already ignore you. In ten years of posting, I've yet to see you post anything worth reading. That's really ignoring him........again!
  10. Isn't the garages site is being cleared?
  11. It'll be the secret fracking at Foxdale.
  12. If we get 50 on a floor, it would have to 160 stories high.Internal signage would be cheap though...as every 3 floors the job titles are the same. With nearly 40 floors of management. We could call it Fawlty Tower. We could call it The Cabinet Office.
  13. If Tesco really are interested in creating a Castletown store, surely they are interested in the site vacated by Ocean Ford?
  14. ...........so it seems that Shimmin has slipped back in seamlessly. Why are we not surprised?
  15. It's manely caussed bye the imeddiaccy of posting on the intermet.
  16. Don't we just love an inflammatory comment?
  17. This is another "CALL IN THE CONSULTANTS" opportunity!
  18. The plans for the new Cabinet Office Building have been approved.
  19. Try contacting johnkaneen@manxradio.com
  20. Try to look on the bright side. The radar is still working...........is it?
  21. I bought this last November, on-line from John Lewis . It was delivered free to the Island, very quickly, and works very well. Beko DCU8230W Condenser Tumble Dryer, 8kg Load, B Energy Rating, White Total payable: £229.00
  22. The outlook is looking damp for optimists.
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