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  1. I would not be in the least surprised if that were true. There is terrible trouble at the railway, seems they are the biggest bunch of foul playing back stabbers around.

    Is this anything to do with the DED tenders? After all, some engines have a tender behind.

  2. Shock news! Phil Gawne discovers that diesel loco does not run on diesel.


    From MR website:

    "Minister defends reliability of diesel train

    Published online at 13/03/2015 06:40:00

    It’s unlikely a contaminated fuel supply in the Island's new diesel train is down to foul play.

    So says the Infrastructure Minister after problems with the £400,000 locomotive.

    Phil Gawne this week defended its reliability after a series of breakdowns and unexpected boiler failures.

    Bought by the former Department of Community, Culture and Leisure 15 months ago, Onchan MHK Peter Karran this week labelled it a 'disastrous purchase'.

    Mr Gawne dismissed suggestions the fuel problem was caused maliciously."

  3. I didn't know I was defending a piece of wood. I was just suggesting some more reasonable explanations for why a piece of wood with nails in it might be found in the countryside other than it being planted there by a terrorist. Occam's razor and all that.....

    Are you an advocate? Is the piece of wood entitled to legal aid?

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    Since when was TJ an "abusive troll"? You are a liar. TJ was a decent poster who posted good things; he was neither abusive nor a troll. You're the troll, one of the ones who would regularly try to provoke him. Tosser.


    Point proven, thanks. I'll just ignore you from now on, feel free to do the same to me.

    I already ignore you. In ten years of posting, I've yet to see you post anything worth reading.

    That's really ignoring him........again!


    Eventually we may get all IOM Government in one building.

    Now that would be progress. They could talk to each other over the coffee machine.

    If we get 50 on a floor, it would have to 160 stories high.

    Internal signage would be cheap though...as every 3 floors the job titles are the same. With nearly 40 floors of management.

    We could call it Fawlty Tower.

    We could call it The Cabinet Office.

  6. I thought we had no money ? so what is all this in the Courier about the new gateway to the Isle of man with wonderous buildings and winter gardens and a town square, a new iconic sea terminal de da de da....I was down in Strand Street today, it was not busy, but the street looks as if it has not progressed a lot still fencing and a big patch near the Spar shop which looks as if it is being done again, covered with wood or something. The Promenade seems to have gone into the long grass, perhaps till after the election unless it subsides before then. Summerland has a for sale notice on it and looks desolate, Regent Street will become empty when the Post Office goes apart from a snack bar and the bookies. M & S was still full of romantic valentines meals and chocolates that no one seemed very interested in. The only shop that was busy was Dealz and this is the sign of things to come, coffee shops, charity shops and £1 shops. in ten years time this will be Strand Street.


    This is another "CALL IN THE CONSULTANTS" opportunity!

  7. I bought this last November, on-line from John Lewis . It was delivered free to the Island, very quickly, and works very well.


    Beko DCU8230W Condenser Tumble Dryer, 8kg Load, B Energy Rating, White

    Total payable: £229.00

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