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  1. is he old enough for that? That's my point. I'm pretty sure he's not, but that's how I see him, however hard I try to give him a fair hearing.
  2. Out of interest, is it a Spar Shop?
  3. Expect a public appeal anytime soon to set up a voluntary network of those living on Ronaldsway approach flight paths. Volunteers will be asked to phone the control tower to alert them to the exact position of approaching aircraft. eg. Juan@Cregneash, "Hey Bhoy! There's a big oul' blue wan goin' in over the jinny-nettles behind the thie-veg now, yessir."
  4. I've never been able to take seriously anything Milliband says, ever since I saw him as a Spitting Image Puppet.
  5. When I first heard Guy interviewed at the TT, I said to those with me that he'll be the new Fred Dibnah when TV spots his potential. I think that Guy is well on his way to achieving that target. The fact that there is such a strong and vociferous, anti-Guy clique confirms that he has gained high celebrity status.
  6. Meanwhile, back on thread, this looks interesting: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-31157992
  7. I regularly see people smoking while they're driving. Even with a sprinkler system fitted to the vulnerable area, a crotch fire must be a little distractiing to a driver.
  8. Isn't he the Sports Editor? We don't normally expect a postman to empty the bins.
  9. Isn't this regeneration purely a pretentious act of penitence by government for the decades of unprecedented neglect?
  10. Don't forget to check that your insurance covers it.
  11. A friend is looking for one of these - preferably in good condition. A fair price will be paid for a genuine original.
  12. Naturally local journalists from Isle of Man Newspapers and Manx Radio will be asking searching questions and putting those in charge on the spot about this outrageous situation. Oh no they won't! ('Trying to provoke Stu here, as our only hope)
  13. Sark made the list, though. Maybe Larry got confused - he doesn't come across as much of a rocket scientist... "Larry Porges, an editor with Nat Geo Travel Books, says he’s always wanted to visit and plans to spend a week here. Larry says he wants to see Manx cats and cammag, as well as Viking and medieval castle ruins – and says he’ll eat kippers, salmon, and scallops every day!" He'll have spotted that Shoprite has an offer on for John West salmon at the moment.
  14. Bless me Father........ for verily I haveth just eaten a Paganistic Imbolc Ramsey Bakery Hot Cross Bun with butter and Essential Waitrose Orange Marmalade With Ginger spread sacrificially upon it. The Essential Waitrose Orange Marmalade With Ginger tasted heavenly.
  15. Isn't it time to call in some expensive consultants again?
  16. [quote name="Monkey boy" post As for terrorists, not subsidising UK foreign policy as we do would be a much more effective & cheaper way of keeping them out.. I have to agree with you there.
  17. We demand freedom of movement for terrorists and criminals. Oh but hang on a minute- they've got it.
  18. Were your briefs taken from your washing line in an instant? No, they were whipped off in a flash.
  19. Sirmione on Lake Garda is worth a look, if you can forget about the beach.
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