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  1. Expect a public appeal anytime soon to set up a voluntary network of those living on Ronaldsway approach flight paths.

    Volunteers will be asked to phone the control tower to alert them to the exact position of approaching aircraft.

    eg. Juan@Cregneash, "Hey Bhoy! There's a big oul' blue wan goin' in over the jinny-nettles behind the thie-veg now, yessir."

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  2. When I first heard Guy interviewed at the TT, I said to those with me that he'll be the new Fred Dibnah when TV spots his potential. I think that Guy is well on his way to achieving that target.

    The fact that there is such a strong and vociferous, anti-Guy clique confirms that he has gained high celebrity status.

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    Er...the IOM is not even on the list?http://travel.nationalgeographic.com/travel/best-trips-2015/


    Sark made the list, though. Maybe Larry got confused - he doesn't come across as much of a rocket scientist...


    "Larry Porges, an editor with Nat Geo Travel Books, says he’s always wanted to visit and plans to spend a week here. Larry says he wants to see Manx cats and cammag, as well as Viking and medieval castle ruins – and says he’ll eat kippers, salmon, and scallops every day!"

    He'll have spotted that Shoprite has an offer on for John West salmon at the moment.
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  4. Bless me Father........

    for verily I haveth just eaten a Paganistic Imbolc Ramsey Bakery Hot Cross Bun with butter and Essential Waitrose Orange Marmalade With Ginger spread sacrificially upon it. The Essential Waitrose Orange Marmalade With Ginger tasted heavenly.

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