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  1. I have mixed peelings about this post.
  2. Man in shop made a similar announcement yesterday.
  3. You are Ramsey Bakery's latest marketing campaign. Bring back the annoying advert on Manx Radio. http://www.manxforums.com/forums/index.php?/topic/44374-annoying-adverts-on-manx-radio-theyre-different-words-children/
  4. I do think that the state has a duty of care which should include adequate monitoring at point of entry to the country in order to prevent access for known criminals, terrorists, offenders and suspects. The authorities do their best to prevent such people travelling to or from the Island by air, so why shouldn't ferry passengers be treated equally? Letting such elements loose in the country has the potential to create infinitely more damage or loss of life than letting them board an aircraft would. I am certainly not advocating a 1984 society, but why neglect such simple security measures when being surrounded by sea would make it so much simpler to apply them?
  5. Where did I suggest "final destination?" It's not so long ago, when the UK still had border controls, that an Island business was being used as a means of getting into the UK via the back door. It is common knowledge that terrorist organisations from Ireland, North and South, sometimes travelled via the Island and indeed banked here. How could the same authorities that took sensible precautions against Foot and Mouth getting in here not take sensible precautions (checking photo ID) to try to prevent terrorists and criminals getting in?
  6. Without proper identity checks and records of incoming or outgoing travellers the Island is an ideal travel hub for terrorism and any other organised crime.
  7. With the confiscated and/or recovered proceeds of crime. Edited to add "confiscated and/or recovered" in order to deter pedants.
  8. Manxy, please start a new thread where you can carry on your debate/argument/discussion/private war.
  9. Yes. At present the authorities have only a vague idea who is entering or leaving the Island if they don't travel through Ronaldsway. There should be notices at Douglas Port stating: COME IN, CLEAN UP & GET CLEAN AWAY!
  10. This is what I posted above: "Also, please list any recent breakins on here, preferably confirmed rather than rumoured, so that our readers can be updated regularly and remain aware." The Breakins FB page is frequented by too many fantasists and it takes too long to sort out fact from fiction. The Constabulary updates do not always appear as the incidents are taking place. My request was not for a list and details of all incidents and I have not posted anything on the FB page. I for one would like to get a tip off here if something is going on round the corner from me or in the same area, and the chances of accurate sightings or descriptions could be increased. Every little helps.
  11. If this becomes a version of iom breakins, I'm flouncing. No chance of that........our spelling's too poor.
  12. I've read a post stating that Mr B's Sandwich Shop in Ramsey was broken into last night. Can anyone confirm that? Also, please list any recent breakins on here, preferably confirmed rather than rumoured, so that our readers can be updated regularly and remain aware.
  13. It's the same when anything novel, like organised burglaries, arrives here from the outside world. People rush out to see it, just as they did when the first cargo of bananas landed.
  14. Maybe you resemble the burglars' look-out guy.
  15. Please answer subtly and very carefully.
  16. Jamie Beckett46 mins Attempted break in in Castletown.. By the harbour.. Police have been called
  17. Wow, you clearly are exactly the type of idiot spreading this mass paranoia. You never answered my question did you?Do you know what a Romanian person sounds like? Define paranoia Paranoia is a word that is defined in the dictionary. It does not need any additional definition as it is a word in common usage. We ask again what brought you to believe this gentleman was Romanian just by looking at his beard through the window of a 4 x 4? That is some skill you appear to possess. The UK Home Offfice should snap you up if you can accurately spot the full ethnic background of a person through a car window. Take your dark glasses off, engage brain, don't try and multi-task and read what was said before - The clue is in the writing! Husband flew out and asked the driver if he was looking for somewhere and the facial haired Romanian guy said he was looking for Bousefield? (not known by me) whilst speaking on the phone and left. Now then Sherlock, it would appear that he spoke to the person, you know - 'the talk thing' and he spoke back. Now accents can be strange, but a brummy, geordie, irishman, welshman, Scotsman, Londoner have distinct sounds and so do Romanians, but to ease your pain and by crikey you need your pain eased as it sounds as if you've got enough stuff floating about in your head as it is, we'll call them Eastern Europeans. To pongo, if he also done the phone part, then yes. http://investing.businessweek.com/research/stocks/private/person.asp?personId=225852541&privcapId=109320037&previousCapId=109320037&previousTitle=Praxis%20Holdings%20Limited/
  18. At a time, 07.30 today, when the whole Island (well me at any rate) waits with bated breath to hear a news update of the overnight break-ins and manhunts, it was reassuring to hear on Manx Radio..........NOTHING!........but there will be a very nice push bike event at Milntown in 18 months time. News???
  19. The ranting has kicked off again on FB because a local has been stopped by the police. The Victorians must have been right judging by the range of lunatic posts on Isle of Man Breakins.
  20. Don't forget the "...sense of duty."
  21. For Christ's sake, at least here we EXPECT them to catch them and no doubt they soon will. If it was the UK we wouldn't be holding our breath. another unfounded claim I know it's from the DM but it is true. Burglary: now police give up By JO BUTLER, Daily Mail Police made the astonishing admission yesterday that they have given up even trying to catch thousands of burglars. Just days after the Lord Chancellor Lord Irvine insisted that the public don't want to see many house-breakers jailed, officers have been told not to bother investigating many offences. The revelation follows an alarming rise in the crime figures, with burglaries up eight per cent in a year to 447,100. And it comes as Tory leader Iain Duncan Smith begins an all-out attack on the Government's crime-fighting record. The decision not to pursue thousands of crimes emerges in guidelines drawn up by the Metropolitan Police and seen by the Daily Mail. Similar measures have been adopted by other forces in an effort to make shrinking resources go further. Officers have been told that only the most serious crimes, such as rape, child abduction and murder, should be investigated automatically. In other cases, investigations will be launched only if it is "deemed solvable using proportionate resources". That means there must be clear evidence pointing towards a suspect such as DNA traces, fingerprints or a possible identity, which makes an arrest likely. In other cases, unless there are "special factors" - such as an elderly victim or if it is a repeat attack - no effort will be made to track down the criminal. It means a huge number of cases of robbery, violent crime, car crime, sex offences - all of which saw rises in the latest crime figures - as well as burglary, will be left to gather dust
  22. It's particularly irritating that somebody out there must know where these people are living and sleeping, whether they realise it or not Hotel, guest house and self-catering establishments, camper vans, vans, wagons, railway carriages, registered or unregistered homestays, private or public housing rentals, with friends or fellow criminals, farms, barns, derelicts, unoccupied houses, flats, public buildings, commercial premises. Please add to the list any potential accommodation ideas. Some members of the public must have answers.
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