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  1. They come here clearly because of what we are seeing at the minute. We have an antiquated police force who have never had to deal with real criminals before so this is a walk in the park. Enlist a bit of local help and it's an easy shopping trip. Yes but what about all the other problems? So many hang ups raiding a remote island. Totally bizarre idea. Plus, there are plenty of areas of the UK that see scarcely any police activity from one months end to the next. Guess we will know when they get caught. ETA: Quite a few of our police are imports who have seen action in the real world. I know two retired senior officers who came here from across and they couldn't believe what they saw when they got here. Apparently it was like they had entered a time warp so is it any wonder our constabulary is being led by the nose round the island in this embarrassing fashion. I get all your points about why here, but if they were local someone would have a clue by now and we'd have leads. I think it's more likely a joint effort between off island criminals and local scrotes. Whereas many of the police forces across would be sending out insurance claim forms instead of officers. Don't be fooled by what you see on TV fiction. The criminals have been getting away with it across, murder included, for decades. If it happened across, and it does daily, many of these reported break ins wouldn't even get a follow up visit from the police within the week.
  2. https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=907358122631860&id=202507643116915
  3. Looking on the bright side, isn't it a relief to know that the rogues can't get their hands on the Mayor's chain?
  4. Let's forget about the burglaries news that most people are waiting to hear about. Tell the public about that 3 days later..........but only after you've given plenty of airtime to Leonard Singer's ingenious idea of adding a penny to the cost of a stamp in order to retrieve the votes that he's lost in the giveitallawaytospar escapade. We'd have heard the news faster via the old penny post.
  5. Who's on the board of The Brewery? They're calling all the shots. What next - The Keys to meet in the stock room of the nearest Spar?
  6. Why is there a news block on burglaries that happened in the last few days? At least several took place in the South at the weekend. Manx.net and MR are saying nothing.
  7. Do we know if they have hit any of the "loadsamoney" houses on the Island?
  8. PS. Even if you don't get burgled you'll now be robbed by the insurance companies to the tune of Merseyside or Manchester rates.
  9. Not sure why you are apologising to me but thanks. Lagman, I apologise for accidentally apologising to you. PS. The meek shall inherit the earth - if that's alright with you.
  10. I apologise, Lagman and Woody2, as the Wiki figures that I quoted are very inaccurate, as you pointed out. Are you happy to accept this then? There are 80,000 glass and bottle attacks in the UK per year. That accounts for 4% of violent crime. (Source: House of Commons Library.)
  11. Should pay attention to what happens in clubs across, read the locals of these areas not just the nationals and see what isn`t even getting mentioned. Should pay attention to what happens in clubs across, read the locals of these areas not just the nationals and see what isn`t even getting mentioned. yet more myths? can't remember the last time someone was glassed on the mainland Perhaps you have a short memory or don't read statistics. "In the United Kingdom, there are more than 5,000 glassing attacks each year." Wiki.
  12. At a time when the cost of our house and contents insurance is increasing at a pace that puts Eddie Teare's taxation boom to shame we, the general public, must do all that we can in our powers of observation to get these burglars apprehended. There are many more of us than police per square mile and many will have a clue to a solution that may still remain unrecognised. Spot them and shop them!
  13. Which "news" site is sensationalising the "hurt in burglary" fantasy, so that I can add it to my Fiction Bookmarks?
  14. When all the vehicles were vandalised in the South, I was told that every individual vehicle was recorded as a single crime and caused the figures to climb massively. This will also be the case with the burglaries.
  15. The score's currently 191:55 communist countries.[/quot The score's currently 191:55 communist countries. Isn't it Marx out of 10?
  16. Wouldn't we be surprised if there wasn't?
  17. From past experience, I don't think that the words "strategic" and "plan" will be meant to be taken too literally.
  18. Take pictures of each individual piece, plenty of people collect WW1 and WW2 memorabilia so you wouldn't have a problem reporting it. Might be a bit difficult if he has a Luger or a Tiger tank. .......and a member of the Hitler Youth Movement.
  19. Can you repeat that, please?
  20. Fossils


    Nice price and good service. http://windfall.im/products-page/coal-products/scottish-premium-house-coal/
  21. Aaaargh! I heard that last night! Awful, just awful! But then again I don't care for any of them. I was in a car last night which can only receive Manx Radio because it's bust. It was between about 4.45 and 4.55 pm on that Alex bloke's show. I hardly ever listen to Manx Radio because of the unbearable advertising on it but I swear in those ten minutes there were five minutes of adverts. Followed by about a minute of travel news, you know, boats and planes and stuff, followed by about four minutes of adverts. It might have been more but I simply had to thrust my clenched fist into the off button. I'm not one to swear, but it was total and utter shite. Just unlistenable. I'm going to buy the owner of that car a new head unit. I don't understand why they havent found an adult to do the afternoon show, instead of that irritating kid, Brindley.
  22. There was a daylight house burglary in Port St Mary yesterday.
  23. I agree with the above being likely up to a point. The reduction in funding for the Constabulary (and the number cuts) is a direct consequence of the cuts in the budget inflicted by the CM and ET. It is also debatable whether the previous staffing levels could have made any better progress in solving this unusual spate of burglaries.
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