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  1. Why is this Burns thread becoming so bin laden?
  2. Yes, come on Amy, sort it out! Perhaps the MT Burns Unit have been too busy tracking down MF members.
  3. I can assure you this is my real name. Now can we get back to the Douglas South election? Thank you. Yes, corporation or Keys? Corporation without a doubt. People think the keys are fixed. The safest seat is Douglas Corporation. The same talentless people have got in for donkeys. It is reassuring to see that the donkeys of Douglas are well represented on the Corporation. Are they also represented in The Keys or Legco?
  4. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1525578024371463/?fref=ts
  5. They'll be issuing some very helpful information about how to wrap up warmly in the colder weather any minute now, if that helps.
  6. Off, but now on again after I restarted the router (coincidence?).
  7. I see that that a big supermarket chain is generously supporting the Burns campaign. http://www.itv.com/news/2015-01-08/lidl-to-sell-kilts-across-its-uk-stores-for-burns-night/
  8. The plan was that Shimmin should resign, as a scapegoat, until the dust settled and the gullible public forgot about the "little problem" - with a promise of increased wealth "when we bring you back in 2015" 1. I haven't forgotten. 2. Should The Sefton be paying for his bonuses? 3 Will JS be the next CM?
  9. Weren't many "landed gentry" titles in the distant past "bought" by fair means or foul? Haven't most of these have been inherited down the families and still exist today. I hereby lay claim to the title of Lord Lhergy Cripperty.
  10. You're talking bollards again Albert.
  11. Amy Curry, born 27th July 1982, Ballamoar Farm, Laxey. (ManxBMD) She won't curry any favour on here. She'll get a chilli reception if she comes to my door.
  12. I'm sure that this will have been discussed in earlier topics, but I couldn't locate it. Has the fitting of a temporary sluice gate near the footbridge at the harbour entrance, for use during high spring tides, been investigated thoroughly? I appreciate that there would be high cost implications but, balanced against the potential long term savings and improvements, it could be very cost effective. I have no engineering knowledge, but could something similar but simpler than the Peel or Douglas water retention gate be used to temporarily restrict the tidal surge that accesses the inner harbour and Hope Street area?
  13. A Great phrase and one that could be applied to one or two topics on MF (said he/she guiltily).
  14. Maybe he's just logged off.
  15. On reflection, you are The Man in The Mirror.
  16. http://www.pooilvaaish.com/
  17. Fossils


    Apparently it's only a Flybe plane in Scotland until it crashes. Then it becomes "operated by Loganair."
  18. Fossils

    Petrol Prices

    Digressing a little, do we know how frequently fuel being sold on the Island is tested for quality?
  19. Cheaper fuel................no, forget that.
  20. Gizo's fault. #10 DOG SHIT: post #10 Gizo MF Addicted Regulars 566 posts Posted Today, 05:16 PM Four days in and excellent news, first NEW dog shit thread of the year. Await first new TT thread of the year, or have I missed it? probably be on the 2nd or 3rd one by now... Like This remember, choose your parents carefully..... Quote MultiQuote Report
  21. Fossils


    Apparently so: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-highlands-islands-30655967
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