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  1. Responding to manxforums pressure, growing concerns for the safety of horses and riders on public roads, and unease over the misuse of roundabouts, the DoT will tomorrow reveal full plans for the innovative new "Equestrian Roundabout Lane" in the Isle of Man Courier.


    In a press release DoT spokesman, Mr Horace Oatts states, "It is envisaged that recycling the horse manure deposited at the roundabout will generate the power to light the 153 additional road signs that the system will require. This installation will complete phase one of the Quarterbridge Redevelopment Scheme."











  2. The Mooragh Park in Ramsey is a fantastic location for adults and children alike, and I think the Commissioners deserve some kudos for making sure it's always well maintained and looked after, it's the kind of thing that I don't think anyone with a heart can really begrudge paying their rates for.


    With the weather having come nice the last couple of weeks it's been great to see so many people down there at the weekends, children playing in the park, games of football, couples walking round the lake, and so on.


    I've watched with interest as the new water feature has taken shape, it looks like it could be fun, although whether or not our little girl will be keen on it remains to be seen :D


    I completely agree with you. I have always seenthe Mooragh as a Manx Treasure. It provides all that other parks used to, in terms of simple leisure activities in a lovely setting and few, if any, of the standard ingredients of most parks across, such as muggings, stabbings, vandalism, druggies, hooligans, broken glass and litter. The DTL could make more of it in their publicity as many (if I can call the few that come here "many") tourists never even know of it or find it.

  3. Does anyone in the South have, or know anyone who has, a farm-type quad that they are prepared to hire me (on my insurance) or drive for me? I have a few bags of material to drag up a steep lane and barrowing it is killing me. It would probably only take about an hour.

    I'm a mature driver with full, clean licence (including motorbike) and would pay a fair price to get this stuff shifted without any more heavy toil.

  4. TBH the DoT are among the worst for making life confusing. Take the Roundabout at the top of Anagh Coar, coming from B&Q travelling straight on, according to roundabout best practise, you should be in the left hand lane and take the outside route across. But no, the DoT decided that you should use the right hand lane, and completely negate the need for 2 lanes on that section of the roundabout.


    This is not an isolated situation either, time and again the DoT make up the rules for traffic as they go along.

    Only a bit of sense you see, because the numpties still come onto the roundabout from the south and so block entry from the B&Q side in any case!


    The Southern Numpties are not impressed!


  5. If every driver had (through fear of instant large penalties being imposed) to indicate when approaching a roundabout, then all the drivers approaching the thousands of roundabouts that the DoT has scattered so liberally across the Island, would recognise the other drivers' intentions.


    Instead, everyone has to wait at every roundabout and see what happens, causing all the cars to tail back behind the "wait and sees". As a result the Island has become a dot to dot puzzle, with roundabouts as dots and all the dots connected by lines of cars with drivers just waiting to see the intentions of the drivers approaching the roundabouts.



  6. wasn't he Gerry (or Jerry ?) Dorsey, the singing waiter at the Magestic ?


    Didn't he write "Lesbian Seagull" while he was working here? I think it may have been the result of pier pressure. Much later, in 1997, he scaled the charts with it, a double-header single with the Red Hot Chili Peppers, from the Beavis and Butthead film soundtrack. - Honest!

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