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  1. Canon S95 and underwater housing(good to 40m), both in excellent condition. I'm getting the S100 and it doesn't fit in the housing. £250 no offers. Cost over £500 less than a year ago. Email me at mail@philkneen.com
  2. FOR SALE - Canon S95 compact camera and Canon underwater housing. Both are in near mint condition. Do a search for the specs, this is a superb little camera and I'm only selling it because I'm getting the new S100. An excellent saving on the new price at a mere £280 cash. No haggling or embarrassing offers please Please contact at mail@philkneen.com
  3. My link I haven't post a link for years, so you can't accuse me of spamming!
  4. FOR SALE - Scubapro 5mm wetsuit. Size XXL(though it's more like an XL and would suit a taller man) all black with heavy duty zips and rubber knee pads. This is an extremely warm wetsuit that cost £170 new, I've worn it once, so I think you'll agree it's a bargain at a mere £70 (no haggling or embarrassing offers please)
  5. Tango

    Lens Flair

    Like this? Bright Green Seaweed
  6. I would totally agree. The V500 is excellent and I think you can pick them up for less than £170.
  7. Tango


    Hmmm...that's difficult to answer really. It depends on what the set-up is? Most photographers charge by the hour, I do.
  8. Tango

    Davy Knowles

    Davy Knowles relaxing in The Hague after his recent European tour.
  9. good, cause when you get back you can give me a few pointers as i do struggle with my magazine covers,anyway prepare for playboats tomorrow I'll put the GoPro on charge now...
  10. I've booked myself on a course, it's the only way..... My link
  11. Yes indeed, I hear what you're saying, but I really am coming in at the bottom! I don't understand a thing and most of the online tutorials assume a basic knowledge, I think? It's frustrating, because I know what I want to do and search for the answers, but I just get lost!
  12. I personally would go for the 2.8, but I very rarely use anything longer than a 105 anyway. When I do need one I borrow the 70-200 2.8 from the very kind Old Git and a very nice lens it is too. Having said that, I've also used the f4 version and that too is a great lens. It all depends if you think you're ever going to need that extra stop? The 70-200 f4 is very popular with photojournalist because of its smaller size and weight.
  13. I'm looking for an experienced PS4/5 user to teach me the basics. I've always used Apple based software (Aperture), but have decided that Adobe PS5 is the way forward. I just need someone for a day, to go through the basics because it really is all Chinese as far as I can tell... I will pay, of course Please email me at mail@philkneen.com
  14. ‎"...I'm alive, there are so many people that aren't alive, that have died unfortunately...." Unbelievable
  15. Phil Kneen Photography Portraits, mostly...
  16. Dear Pierrot Lunaire, you are a nob-nosher.
  17. Perhaps an abacus as well? Yes,an abacus too.
  18. Tango


    Cheers Gypo,I really appreciate that. I'll get a few to you to circulate around the South
  19. Tango


    Thanks for looking Buggane,your 'quibble' has actually become a bit of a nightmare for us! The staff at the Villa don't seem to know the exhibition is there,even though it's been on display for a week? Anyway,the very creative Martyn Cain is designing some posters and handouts for us to scatter around the place,if his artwork can't get people in,then nothing can(we did have promo stuff on order from Vistaprint,but that's a whole different disaster story....) The sofas we can do nothing about,I'm afraid,but I do think they were an odd addition to an area that was designed specifically as an exhibition space. Anyway,thanks to anyway else who goes to have a look and I hope you get something out of it. Phil Kneen
  20. Tango

    New Toy

    I think you need a fairly fast/up to date computer to play this Vimeo HD footage? It runs nicely on my Mac,but I just tried on an older PC and it won't even load!
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