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    New Toy

    Some test footage from a GoPro HD video camera - My link
  2. Yes,radio is included There is someone coming to look at it tonight,if they don't want it,but I'm sure they will,I'll get back to you.....
  3. Red Transit van(actually a mini-bus with no rear seats),cracked window,questionable(but not beyond repairable) body work,4 good tyres and a good engine(87,000 on a diesel is nothing), NO TAX(I'm going to transfer it) and enough fuel to get you to Douglas - £150(no offers whatsoever) cash in my hand and it's yours. Bargain. £150 NO OFFERS NO TAX INCLUDED
  4. Bronica SQb medium format(6x6cm) film camera. Comes with 80mm 2.8 lens and 5 rolls of film(colour print or slide). This camera is in excellent condition. A bargain at £225 (no offers please) PM me
  5. Tango


    theambo,I really love those shots! They both have that bleak,depressed Soviet town look to them. You should keep hold of that Lomo,the prices go up on a daily basis.
  6. Tango


    Yes,120 roll film is still very popular. In fact,Fuji and Kodak have both increased production of 120 film over the last year or so to meet the demands of photographers going back to using film. I get a lot of inquiries from younger people and students who have never used film,so it's all a bit of a novelty to them. I stopped using digital for most of my personal work about 6 months ago and bought a few medium format cameras(Hasselblad,Bronica,Holga,etc). You can't beat film
  7. Tango


    I thought I might share some images I've taken recently on a Holga camera (Holga on Wiki ) The camera takes 120/medium format roll film and there is little,if any,control over exposure. The results are very 'hit and miss' The images that aren't square are produced by not winding the film all the way and multiply exposing the film.
  8. Tango


    As Phil says.. the key to good HDR is it not being recognisable as HDR! The general HDR theme is definatley to over cook every setting... but all you are trying to do with HDR is maintain as many shadows and highlight details as possible. In this image I used a HDR layer ontop of the exposure layer I wanted for the shot. The HDR layer was used to bring shadow and highlight detail back. Yes,that's a really good example of how HDR should be used - it just looks like a really well exposed image.
  9. Tango


    I must add that the really 'over-cooked' type of HDR has a huge following and is very popular in the far east and Germany(for some reason?). Like any style of artwork,it's all down to personal taste.
  10. Tango


    The essential word with HDR is 'subtlety'- if it looks as though it's been HDR treated,then you've probably gone too far. Of the 5 images that I've taken below,only one isn't HDR...
  11. You must be on BST because it would have been dark by then! Mine was taken at 16.59
  12. The Port Erin Shot was shot - 1/25 sec (hand held) f4 +0.7 ev ISO 400 17mm lens And it was shot on my 50D (not the G10 as I thought)
  13. I took the Port Erin shot on Saturday just gone..... Yours is an excellent shot,I like.
  14. Thank you These are just straight shots from a Canon G10. I used Aperture 2 and Nik Color Efex Pro to edit. The shot of Port Erin hasn't had much done to it,just a bit of burning in the foreground to bring out some detail. For the shot of Gansey I used a setting called 'tonal contrast' to bring up the detail in the shadows and added a vignette for effect. I don't really use levels and curves and I don't tend to sharpen images either as I think digital images are usually sharp enough. I hope that helps?
  15. A project myself and writer Trevor Gibbs are working on - 'HARVEST'
  16. Tango


    I like that,Orange. I'm particularly impressed with your subtle use layers and the way you've used contrast to bring out the vibrant colour of the leaves. An all together masterful use of Photoshop
  17. Does anyone have a Hasselblad A12 (120 roll film) magazine that I could borrow/rent for a couple of weeks,please?
  18. Tango


    I have to have my toast cold. If I'm at a hotel or guest house I always ask them to bring the toast out first,so it goes cold. Then thick real butter and jam or my favorite - Marmite and peanut butter.
  19. I have a Canon Eos 5D body and grip that I haven't used for a while(mainly because I've gone back to using film) It's in really good condition with no major scratches or any knocks. I always look after my kit. I'm selling this for a very low £450 so absoluely NO OFFERS please PM me....
  20. Buy her one of these and a couple of lenses - LEICA S2 I'd be REALLY pleased if my wife bought me one
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