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  1. I think you're all slightly unstable
  2. Saw this in Southport a couple of days ago - absolutely superb! I agree,the 'Jew Hunter' was excellent. Looking forward to District 9 too,the SFX look incredible.
  3. Was your dog in 'Ghost Busters'?
  4. Is there anywhere/anyone on the Island that is doing 120/6x6 E6 processing(same day)?
  5. Fortunately this kind of thing IS extremely rare on the Island.
  6. I love the Whitehouse,but don't ever try asking for a Guinness and black,the conversation went thus - Me - '....and a pint of Guinness and black please' Mr K - 'No' Me - 'what?...I'm not drunk' Mr K - 'I know' Me - 'so can I have a Guinness and black then please?' Mr K 'No' Me - 'You're refusing to serve me?' Mr K 'No,I'm refusing to serve you Guinness and black' Me - 'OK then,I'll have a pint of Guinness and a single measure of bl..' Mr K 'No' Me - 'I'll have a pint of lager please' Mr K -'Righty ho'
  7. People get sent to prison as a punishment and the punishment is loss of liberty. Going out for a walk all day is not a loss of liberty.
  8. Yeah, they've got out for a nice long walk. Heroes. Again,and regrettably,I find myself agreeing with Keyboarder.
  9. I have 3 heavy duty Rino roof bars going spare. One is fine and off the roof,the second is a bit bent(can easily be bent back with the right tools) and off the roof and the third is fine but on the roof because the bolt spins. So,if you want to come and get the third off then you can have all 3. They are on a Transit at the moment,but they will go quite a bit wider. They cost nearly £150 a few years ago. These are the BIG heavy duty van jobs,so not really suitable for a car..... PM me,first come,first served.....
  10. Tango

    Lens Flair

    Peel Castle,today.
  11. I'm clearing out a load of cameras that I don't use. Among them is a rather nice little Minox 35GT. It's in excellent + condition with no marks(apart from minor wear to the base). Comes with flash. Original box,outer sleeve and manual are all included if you are a collector. These cameras are still very popular and very usable. £75 (absolutely no offers please)
  12. Yeah,that's a good idea. I'm of the 'I'll learn it when I need it' school,so I taught myself the basics of PS with the good old 'Photo Shop for Dummies' and anything I need to know as I go along I just search on Youtube. Everything you need to know is there,pretty much. PS looks complicated,at first glance and can actually be quite daunting to the beginner,however once you get your head round the whole layers thing you're laughing. Edit - having said all that I don't really use PS for most of my stuff. I use Apple Aperture 2 for RAW conversion and general editing and Silver Efex Pro for mono conversion. Both these programs are superb.
  13. I'm not sure alcohol was to blame here.
  14. I have a Manfrotto 525 video tripod with 501 head for sale. They are in excellent condition with a bit of minor wear to the head and legs. Quality carry case is included. Together they cost over £350. £125 or VERY near offer
  15. Tango

    Lens Flair

    I got this jelly fish shot while out snorkeling. I took the shot,didn't notice the tentacles and then swam straight into them....ouch! Coverted to mono with Silver Efex Pro - I think it gives the jelly fish an alien/outer space look.
  16. Tango

    Lens Flair

    Both shots taken from the same spot.
  17. Dagger Magellan sea kayak for sale - very good condition. This is a plastic sea kayak with front and rear hatches. It is very fast for a plastic boat,but also very stable. The boat doesn't come with a rudder(as in the picture) but is the same otherwise,including the colour. NOTHING else is includes such as paddle,spray deck,etc however these items are readily available off the net and locally. £375 (no offers please as I am selling this for someone else)
  18. I've never heard anyone say a good thing about the Steam Packet,so it amazes me that anyone would actually pay to go on a SP 'cruise'! Bizarre.
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