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  1. Ean from the Co-op The girls at both the MT and Sure shops in Strand Street The young lad in Birch Hill Stores Brian @ HMV The blonde lady on the till at Shoprite Onchan in no particular order..
  2. Hi guys, im hoping you can advise me on how to go about getting wifi in my house as I am a complete Luddite ! How many companies are there here to provide it and can anyone recommend a particular one please? Also roughly how much does it cost, is it cheaper to have it in just one room or the whole house (sorry if this sounds a stupid question, i really havent got a clue !) It is only for use with a laptop so would not need all the wires and what not put in like they would for a normal PC i assume? Do i need to have a working telephone land line? At the minute i just use my mobile and will use
  3. Good plasterer - Jon Boles Plastering - 453860, did a cracking job on our house last year, loads cheaper than the other quotes we got and reliable.
  4. Does anyone know if the steam packet put on any sort of transport from Birkenhead to one of the stations? Ive heard its a bit out of the way where the boat comes in. Or are there any merseyrail stations within walking distance? Whats the best way to get into town from there please? Thanks OB
  5. When I signed up with MT for my contract 2 years ago it was on the written understanding that ALL local calls and texts were included in free minutes regardless of which network they were made to. However I have noticed over the last 3 months or so that my bills have risen dramatically....I was wondering if the calls/texts to Sure were now being charged for...looks like I have been mis sold my contract too if thats the case. Will look into this further now.
  6. After a recent back injury ive been advised to strengthen the aforementioned area by Pilates. Never done it before, made a few enquires round Douglas but not having much joy. Tried ringing that place at the back of Victoria Street for over a week, but nobodys come back to me. Is there anywhere else do people know? I believe a few of the gyms do classes but dont you have to be a member first? Cheers
  7. My eyesight is failing and my eye test confirms this...where would peeps say the best place in town is for price/selection?? Cheers PS And when youve chosen the frames how long is it normally til they can make them up??
  8. Yep, i know its late in the day but got a 2 bed house available for rent in Govs Hill from 8th/9th June. If anyone knows anyone please pm me, thank you
  9. ...I know its late in the day but long story...any recommendations where to advertise my house, 2 beds in douglas. Will be ringing HOmestay on Tuesday but any help or pointers in the meantime much appreciated.
  10. Decided Im going to go travelling for 6 months or so at the end of the summer when ive got the necessary cash saved up. Trying to come up with a plan at the minute - roughly so far, SE Asia, Oz and NZ are on my radar. Where would you lot recommend as must sees? Does anyone know useful sites for getting clued up, tripadvisor seems useful, any other gems would be much appreciated. Thanks
  11. Thinking of going travelling for a while til the worst of the recession is over....although ive got a few quid saved i will be looking into the possibility of getting a loan with a view to not start repayments for a year or so while im away. Does anyone know if any lenders will do this?? Thanks in advance OB
  12. Who did you find Rich? Me and a few mates thinking about hiring some for a bit at the weekend...
  13. Probably one of the students on here can help me with this one....ive got a work project I have to get 'bound' i think is the phrase, basically put into a book cover. Does anyone know if theres anywhere in Douglas i can get this done?? Thanks in advance
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