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  1. Problem is, it's not just the new apps, it doesn't update current apps you have installed either.


    Over time, both mine and the wife's Android devices have got the complete Android store, but the amount of phones and tablets that I have to configure in work is crazy.


    I could be wrong, but I don't think Sure / MT can do a lot about this, it's up to Google to sort it, and they just don't seem interested in doing.


    However, buyers should be told by Sure / MT when they purchase the Android phones that this issue occurs - I know for a fact they aren't told anything about the store not working.


    I see its dropped again today to 1.389 at total peel rd and its 144.9 at brown bobby and milestone .. Nice 6ppl saving!!


    I topped up at 1.44.9 in Port Erin, was 143.9 in Ramsey and yet 140.9 in Douglas, does take the piss, surely all should be the same?


    Ramsey was 139.9 at EVF this morning, 141.9 yesterday morning.

    It was 144.9 at MP yesterday and 141.9 this morning.

  3. http://www.manxradio.com/newsread.aspx?id=65418


    A free mobile phone app produced by the government to promote the TT has hit difficulties – because some people can’t download it on the Island.

    The Android version of the Isle of Man TT app is now available on the Google Play store.

    It promises live news, a video archive, course guide and even the ability to buy tickets and merchandise.

    However, because of regional restrictions, Google doesn’t recognise the Isle of Man – and so local residents can’t download it to their phones.

    Instead, many get the message: "This item cannot be installed in your device's country."


    oh dear!


    Anything i log onto using my Google Account (web / Galaxy S3) works fine - it seems linked to my account rather than a device.

    This has been discussed on the nexus thread.


    They use two ways to decide your location. On wifi only devices (tablets) they use geoip, same with the play.google.com website. On phones they use the sim card.


    It's definitely not account based, I can't see any paid apps by visiting play.google.com from a manx isp on a pc signed out or signed in to google (I've tried it with Domicilium and Wimanx), but it works from uk isp.


    I can't get paid apps on any handheld using wimanx, but it works fine using wimanx's vpn.


    Still a bit of a pain, as the wimanx vpn obv only works when you're on wimanx. So I can get store access at home, but not when I'm out and about.


    If I go to play.google.com it only lists free apps. If I sign in to my Google account, it then lists them all for me. Seems like it uses the account to me.

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