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  1. how quick was the credit and did u get a notification? When you say do the sign up, at what point are you going to the VPN?
  2. Yeah, very. Just do it before you activate to to get the 15 quid. Instructions here http://www.bestukvpn.com/ and if you are an idiot and forget the VPN first? very nice bit of kit though!
  3. I noticed unleaded was up another penny this morning in Ramsey, 145.9
  4. Douglas one seems to have done really well, always busy. All we need is a Tesco up North now
  5. Not got mine yet, and not sure if I'm that fussed now. Was hoping it would be a pretty quick fix, but it's seemingly got worse.
  6. We moved over to sure last week, turns out one of our phones was locked to MT, never known that before. Went into MT get it unlocked, said they'd email me unlock code on Friday, never turned up.
  7. cool, I'll keep the order in place, maybe all sorted by the time they arrive anyway!
  8. Before I piss away £400 on two of these, is your VPN fix quite a simple process Slim?
  9. anyone been since the change of ownership? still decent?
  10. hannay

    Tt Roadwatch

    oh joy. could be fun tonight
  11. Now??? Just seems it's gone extra loopy so far this year.
  12. "Traffic Update - serious RTC - Alpine near Bishops Court. Road closed from Ballaugh Bridge to Douglas Road Corner, Kirk Michael. Access from Douglas Road to KM residents. The public are advised to find alternative routes." I love the TT, but it's getting silly now.
  13. coast road open now, with traffic lights at bulgham.
  14. http://www.gov.im/li..._medium=twitter The Department would like to advise that in conjunction with the police, following two road traffic collisions, it has closed A3, from Ballacraine to Kirk Michael until 2pm today and the A2 coast road from Ballaragh Rd, Laxey to Dhoon Halt, Maughold until 4.30pm. The effect of these closures is that the only route to the North is via Peel and the coast road to Kirk Michael. The Mountain Rd is still available to traffic travelling from Ramsey to Douglas. Oh the joy!
  15. Serious one at Bulgham too now
  16. hannay

    Petrol Prices

    unleaded in Ramsey Total dropped from 148.9 to 146.9 I noticed this morning.
  17. its nothing specialised just a 1.8l Petrol Astra (2008)
  18. My car needs a service, there seems to be a lot of places around these days, and it's a good while since I've had a car serviced. Anywhere you guys can recommend?
  19. well the right thing to have done would have been to ring you, do me a favour and PM the garage details, I'm looking for somewhere to take my car for a service and I can take this one off the list!
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