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  1. indeed, you can't compare to the IOW festival.


    It doesn't help that we have a tool organising ours though, that ranty press release is quite embarrassing.

  2. talking of parking, wtf are they doing to shaws brow??



    Major defects in the design and build, was in the press some time ago.


    i was talking about the new entry / exit system. thanks gonna be fun at 8.45 in the morning!!

  3. thanks for the comments guys - TBH I'd only looked on what they were costing new, hadn't done any further research.


    Decent offers welcome, in no rush or urgency to sell. Would also consider trades, try me.

  4. about 2 years ago, still has the final year's warranty, and can be extended if buyer wishes.


    It hasn't been used too much, so it is like new, no scratches etc to be seen :)

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