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  1. We use a mix of Sharepoint (free with certain MS server products) & Laserfiche You are right Laserfiche has had a few issues but these all seem to be ironed out now and working ok for us.
  2. I am looking to do the above or the 2 split VMware ones Does anyone know of any solutions they know about over here that are like this or have any in the UK that they used? OR any other good training solutions Cheers Bri
  3. cool that might be the best option. Just found out that MIC want to charge £130 +vat to send it ! i near spat out my coffee. Any other options out there? Could i not just put it on the BEn or somin and let my dad pick it up on other side?
  4. Im sending off a treadmill that i used to own across to Northern ireland but the box was held together with those plastic binding cords. parcel force for one wont send it but am about to call Manx Independant carriers to see if they do. Does anyone have one of these things or would anyone know what would hold a treadmill box shut
  5. Down to £200 as i need them to go
  6. Man with a van heading over to Belfast in the next week or so. Sending over a few things to be picked up on other side for house pm me or call/txt 258003
  7. Two Burgundy material sofas, 2-seaters, 3 year old, perfect condition, looking for quick sale due to moving £250 for both tel/txt 258003 or msg
  8. what happened to the tips people gave ya and you ran down and slammed a tenner for it/them?
  9. Looks like a goo package but its the multi destination side im looking for with definable choices. so say choice 1 scan at 300dpi\TIFF\n:\ drive choice 2 scan at 200dpi\PDF\F;\ drive etc
  10. I have a scanner that came with this software and cannot find it now. Long Shot but would anyone have a copy i could borrow? Fujitsu have stopped the download on their website for licence versions and only do updates! Or does anyone know of a good scanning package that would do multiple destination, multi page etc for a Fujitsu? Cheers guys
  11. 4 month old and still has manufacturers warranty. Not a mark Plus throwing in camera bag * 14.2 effective megapixel CCD * Large, high-resolution 2.7-inch LCD with 2-way tilt adjustment * Quick AF Live View * Optimised BIONZ processor * High sensitivity up to ISO3200 * D-Range Optimiser * Super SteadyShot * Easy-to-use function display and percentage battery life indicator * High-capacity InfoLITHIUM battery * Dual anti-dust system With Sony 18-70mm lens & 75 - 300 Lense + Mini Tripod and mix of Filters £400 Also Telescopic t
  12. Down to £300 for quick sale
  13. Bumped Down to £400 as need tenant
  14. I have a house share available from the 1st May (can do sooner if needed) 2 bedroom house (furnished) Back and Front Gardens garage Sky & Internet Parking £400 a month plus half of Bills Call or txt 258003 or email bmcfarland@gmx.com
  15. Under a year old and used 5 times. * Mains powered. * Speed 14km. * Manual elevation 2 section adjustment. * Running surface (H)40, (W)120cm * Hand grip pulse sensor. * Back lit LCD console feedback with 1 window * Console feedback on speed, time, calories, distance. * Detail of programmes quick start, 3 manual/target programmes, 3 pre-set programmes. * Foldable. * Transportation wheels. * Gross weight 69kg. * Maximum user weight 100kg/15.7st. * Size (H)131, (W)80, (D)161cm. * Packed
  16. Cheers Joe Got that sorted in the end. One of the config files was missing.
  17. I have one of the above and cant get it to work on my asterisk system. I have used these in the past as well. I have the TFTP server with the config files on it but it wont pull the file down? It takes an IP from the DHCP server and know the IP of the TFTP server as well but does nothing but sit and say "configuring CM list" or "configuring IP" I did notice as well that it says SEP######## in the host name and not SIP like i thought it would be? I have also changed the config file to be the same as well. HELP as im pulling my hair out over this all day. B
  18. yeh has to be helicopter as we went up in one a few years back and she now wants to fly one. I might have to buy her an RC one? That will go down well
  19. got in contact with Helimanx £400 for an hour!! cant afford that was thinking around the £150 mark also Ashley Gardner doesnt do Heli lessons. might be cheaper to take her off island for a the weekend and try some place in the uk
  20. Im looking for the above on the island? Does anyone know where? Manx FLyers dont do it anymore. It for my wife bday pressy next month so all help would be greatly appreciated Cheers Bri
  21. from that angle Amadeus you must have been close to me. Did you see her turn? pretty impressive for a ship like that
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    Seen this lovely little egret today in ctown
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