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  1. Fine with that, just do not want my posts deleted/edited by 3rd parties. Understand if I breach forum rules etc but having elite landowning class (moderators) subjugating serfs (rest users) according to their personal value judgements, just wastes our time.
  2. If referring to @John Wright he is a moderator, not sure if that means he can say or do anything and/or delete posts etc. End of day I really do not care what people here say about me personally, but do care about issues such as quality of education which children receive here on IoM. I was born into an English working class family in a working class area, and attended a secondary school in the middle of a large council estate. My native values, language and culture are of English working classes. Since age of 18 I was transported to a different world but not reprogrammed as a middle
  3. I would happily take any or all of them, including Russian one.
  4. Policy should have been handled behind closed doors and people paid to deal with general public for example MHKs should have performed that role. Dr Glover ideally should never have been in public domain. Now she has to face random insults from random people on social media.
  5. Please let me know what points I made you have issues with? If I am silly, that fine, but please elucidate.
  6. Bottom line is come's down to philosophical position of purpose of education and what is its purpose and for whom. My position is roughly 'The New Rights View of Education' (other main schools of thought are Marxist view and Functionist view), and apply this here likely to upset some school teachers but I see this as least bad choice and it implies National Curriculum, SATS, and OFSTED; besides desire for transparency to allow marketisation and parentocracy. Destination data, like GCSE, A-Level results allow kids to make informed choices. I just think typical kid from a typical family should g
  7. English is my only language, and I only have one login, which dates to 2007. I used to post on quant finance site Wilmott.com (as DrBen) but not recently much. Anyway, after posting for several years it was great to meet up with these folk in person from time to time, and had a real rapport with many of the regular posters. With this forum or others I have no interest in pretending to be someone else, manipulate people, insulting people, etc..... Life just too short and as in meat world I would just say things as I see them, and treat people as I would if I meet them face to face. With such si
  8. All soap opera goes back to when Dr Glover was told because she was not "employed" by DHSC her professional judgement on testing would not be considered by LegCO when forming COVID testing policy. Some people, likely most, would have left it at that, but Dr Glover kicked off a bit, and then we had #lettergate, and now we have #spreadergate... All bit ridiculous, but press must love having some good stories to run.
  9. Note the previous assessments involved Mr Moorcroft visiting schools after given them plenty of warning, and spending a day at the school. Issue with small island is all teachers know each other, and hard to really be external in any real sense. It even more difficult when we have no objective measure of outcomes from which he can make judgements. If he had a set of measures he could say to a head, these look a bit off, where as without them he has to say I think personally.... Moreover, without any object tests, how does one measure the effect of any changes. Inspection is really about improv
  10. Whatever anyone thinks, we are going to have GCSE and post GCSE training/A-Levels, and associated destination data. I talk about flight path in previous post, but as you say quite few intangibles. I really aim my comments at kids in mainline education who should aspire to English Baccalaureate. I have some experience teaching at different levels, but in the main it is to students who want to be there and keen to learn. Not exclusively, but I have limited experience dealing with students for whatever reason who are not engaged. When faced with such situations I found it just hard going and demo
  11. Thanks @Roger Mexico and as you implied if mark own homework then Board of Education becomes redundant. Please note at present the DoE has 5 members of the 'school improvement service' and I do not understand what they do all day. By far most detailed data to emerge has been collected, and collated by parent David Watts as a private citizen using FOI requests, available here The primary schools on Island now post aggregate data onto their websites, but with all data it comes back to whether in initial assessment of each child is even accurate, objective, robust, and comparable as child moves t
  12. The idea is you have a baseline measure from which you judge progress from that point over a given period. Naturally, we need to have measures we trust and which cannot be doctored by interested parties. SATS or equivalent perform this role in all developed countries I can think of. In UK they refer to this picture of the progress a student makes and associate expectation for these students as the flight path. The point is really to better understand each pupil, and for school over-all, rather than a given teacher. With any data collection there will be a cost in teachers time and OFSTED in UK
  13. That how I see it, COVID itself was an evolutionary event and vaccine choice will create another. Way medics deal with viruses is vaccines, that is the treatment.... Glad no one who knows me asked if I am taking the vaccine or not, if they did I think I would take it as a "diss". Myxomatosis selection of rabbit social behaviour comes to mind.
  14. I think so, and in parallel to #lettergate investigation we should have a #shreddergate investigation. Two great stories for the press which could run along side syndicated for print version of @rachomics now public Tynwald testing talk.
  15. I was thinking of trying out Gene Editing in kitchen with CRISPR techniques Not sure what DNA I am allowed to edit in IoM, but like idea selecting for wind resistance for garden veggies.
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