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  1. Tribunal report details that Dr Ranson in March 2020, and I assume yourself thankfully (and I have genuine gratitude) sidestepped the wall chart to detail in person how COVID if left unchecked would lead to medics' needing to select who to ventilate within 6 weeks, because Nobles would become swamped. We will never know exactly what would have happened if those meetings never happened, but I think safe to say initial lockdown would have been delayed, resulting in more deaths, illness and disruption.
  2. Exactly, but can also understand his stated reaction when faced with load women bitching all the time. But also means his MBE at least on management side was for impersonating a Health Minister. On public messaging side he always had an answer for everything, which I imagine occupied all his time and energy. [His mate also got COVID 4 times which "proves" herd immunity does not exist ]
  3. To July we had zero COVID policy and got all high risk groups vaccinated. And though we now have similar cumulative total infections since start as England for example we have lot lower death rate because bulk infections occured post vaccination. I know asked about H rates and good point but do not have that data to hand. Saying that from July 2021, when opened up we have had higher cases as you said and proportionate higher deaths. Broadly speaking I think we adopted right policy, and certainly rather been resident in IoM during this period than UK.
  4. This been gone over several times, and we got stuffed by JCVI anyway, but could held borders until 18th July when schools broke up and vaxed as many kids over holidays as possible. With NZ and Oz, the number of cases as least are clear:
  5. It was bang on mate! I had 22 max bed occupancy. The GMP freaked out slightly more than expected so wave dropped off slightly faster than expected. Rest was as expected. Having a handle on timing and magnitude of the wave, help with planning both at individuals and societal level.
  6. The H rate of 0.4% for Omi, I am just going off SA data: The cases are what you can get a very good handle on, the H rate is estimated. But people naturally want to know peak bed occupancy for planning, so included this. UK PH already put out models with H rates of 0.5%, 1%, and 1.5%; which I think is too high.
  7. 39.5% people in their lifetime will get a cancer diagnosis (https://www.cancer.gov/about-cancer/understanding/statistics#:~:text=Approximately 39.5% of men and,will die of the disease.). With COVID I had 1.25% as the H rate in July, for this coming wave I have 0.4% (at present),.... The means 99.6% are not admitted. ONS has 1.9% report Long COVID. COVID is hardly 'doom and despair', and at for people outside these groups. Few hundred years ago the state would had done absolute zero until 10% population was in the box. And people are moaning now.
  8. I have no idea who you are, you are annonymous account on Manx Forums. In forum thread with COVID in title I assume means the topic of the day is COVID. COVID is what is it, press produced lot click bait over past 2 years, it either we found new wonder drug, or we all going to get put in a box. With speculation, it would not exist if we were just told the facts. Most people can cope with idea that we have a new virus in circulation and until we build up collection immunity it will cause disruption. Whether than view qualifies me as a "Doom and gloom merchant" I do not know, but I will continue anyway.
  9. Expecting this sort of time span here, 3 weeks to peak once takes off.
  10. Also confusion regard PCR+, and when S-gene dropout test was done, or whatever test used determine PCR+ is not Delta. No idea if both tests are done at same time. One who asked PCR test post becoming symptomatic implies to me traveled from CTA, did LFT was negative and then went on to develop symptoms. As said fact we not being told relevant dates, I assume means Government hopes this seeding event fizzles out (as is possible). Naturally other seeders will be introduced, and Omi wave is inevtiable.
  11. From information I have 5th-8th Dec looks most likely dates. In June you could put pieces together to get 22nd-25th June with June 24th by far most likely initial seeding. No idea why Government being so secretive this time around. Thx pointer, you know firsthand they got off a plane?
  12. We would expect others to test positive from 5 days afterwards (avg incubation period), key thing for me now and trying to find out when these two got off the boat/plane? (i.e. Day 0)
  13. Is this not the perfect time to slim down MLC ranks? At very least postpone appointments and see if anyone notices.
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