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  1. Hi John. I appreciate that this could contain very delicate material, but even without it, the story is interesting and varied and depicts many aspects of Island life over the years. Politics and politicians are very much part of the story, but can be kept to a bare minimum if need be. I suppose I am looking for a collaborator with writing experience.
  2. Thanks MCH for that! The book would be mainly aimed at the local market but some of the stories I feel are interesting enough to warrant a far wider market, which is why I am serious about the project. It is not an autobiography. There is certainly plenty of (substantiated) gossip, scandal and more than enough sordid sex stories and yes, there are politicians involved!! JU
  3. I am interested in writing a biography, or having someone write it based on my research. Is there anyone on the Island who specialises in this sort of writing or can offer advice as to get the project started? Cheers Ju
  4. From the following website: IoM Elections Website 2006 "James Anthony BROWN has been re-elected un-opposed" I think iomelections.com is an excellent website with past results and manifestos and plenty of other information, including local authority elections. _____________________ These threads are good to find opinions of the standing members and I hope nearer the time (177 days to go it says on the above website!!) and once nominations close we will have a chance to assess whether or not to vote for all the other candidates including new hopefuls.
  5. BBC Broadcasting House article on the TT Sunday 28th May 2006 20060528BroadcastingHouseTT.mp3 The BBC has more or less gone for a 50/50 type balance in its reporting, even if the actual balance is more like 90/10 or even 95/5. I wasn't aware that there were "quite a few people who don't leave their homes" door during TT, although I don't doubt it. Edited to add that I have just listened to it again. It is not 50/50 balanced reporting. An average BBC Radio 4 listener would feel quite traumatised after hearing this report early on a Sunday morning.
  6. The Parish Walk got a mention on Manx Radio this week: 20060524_Radio_Doctor_Parish_Walk.mp3 Sound advice not to overdo it!!
  7. What What ? I remember this posted and at the time it WAS Lone Wolf's 2nd post Nice bit of digital graphics freehand though, for what it was worth. Lone Wolf 1 Ans 0 He'll go far
  8. Although I don't necessarily agree with the actions he took (I wasn't on the Island then, I had left to find employment elsewhere), as a politician I trust and respect that guy more than most in Tynwald. Let's see if your view concurs with the electorate Mr Beckett, in 11 months time . . .
  9. And milk should be sold in glass bottles only. They are re-usuable. Probably thousands of times. Cooil Bros down at Bradda use glass mik bottles. And many are 'Lesley Cooil' milk bottles that have been in circulation for decades. And what happens to the milk cartoons you - yes, YOU - have in your fridge? I suppose that now we have an incinerator the argument for needlessly bringing more plastic etc. onto the Island is so easy. ps Isn't it about time Old George was wheeled out to tell us all about Christmas Day on the farm. I know the cows don't have a day off with their hooves and udders up.
  10. This is an mp3 clip of the first few minutes of the programme and deals with the house burning thing. 20051229_Phil_Gawne__1.mp3 The complete programme is available on the BBC website.
  11. I don't really know many Americans but SugarBee who posts here seems like a nice person .....and Dames Aflame is an American. One of the nicest people I have met on this Island.
  12. An interesting 1/2 hour on BBC Radio 4 this evening. BBC Radio 4 - It's My Story Did anyone else listen to this programme? I will post the listen again link when it is available
  13. Although I am very much against an overall Island speed limit, I have to say that straight as it is, the Ballamodha road is not a safe road to speed along. There are too many houses on the road and too many junctions. And the fact that it is quite a sloping road makes it even more dangerous because such as boy racers seem to know how to speed up but have little clue about the driving skills needed to slow down, especially with the added momentum of a bumpy down hill road. 50mph? I'd say that's about right.
  14. Until 2:47pm this afternoon, I have had neither central heating nor running hot water in my home. And I have lived here for over 9 years. I could go on to tell you about the conditions in which I grew up on the Island if you want? One thing colder than a house with no central heating or running hot water is no house at all. I could tell you a lot about that too. I do not understand what the cause for complaint is.
  15. One that irritates me, and seems to be pushed by Manx Radio only, is "Road Island Roundabout" (geddit!) This is the roundabout on the turnoff to B & Q or Spring Valley Industrial Estate, which before the road was put right, was often referred to as Fort North (after the DoT Transport Minister at the time, David (I love roundabouts) North. The thing is, why on earth call a piece of land Road Island in the first place. Well apparently because it is surrounded by roads. But it isn't really surrounded by roads. Not since the road to the incinerator from the bottom of Richmond Hill was closed off. Ah well, Manx Radio (Stu and Alex) love the name. On another point regarding, the Tower of Refuge, the Irish folk I knew always called it The Shithouse because in the days before IRIS it looked like all the Island's effluent emerged from it
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