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  1. plan_b

    Good News!

    50 no word of a lie! down the Liverpool arms road, no doubt ill go a little bit over at some point, but iv worked to hard to get my licence, i dont wana lose it now!
  2. plan_b

    Good News!

    Well for me anyway, not for the islands road users; I passed my test yesterday, 2nd time. Well happy, it feels weird being able to go out in the car on my own, feels like im breaking a law :S
  3. I wish I was back in Rio for NYE. Somehow, I can't imagine the Brazillians having a "quiet" new years eve......
  4. Yeah my mates a Pro evo player so I play that when im round his, but I'm not convinced its better than fifa. The commentrary is terrible and I don't like the fact its unlicensed. Still good though.
  5. Sorry fella, missed that thread :S Have a good one yourself!
  6. Just getting back into these forums............ Whats everyone doing on NYE? Our plan WAS Breeze till it suddenly closed. Our plan is now Havana, but obviously with the drinks being £10 a bottle, I'm just wondering if theres anything else going on?
  7. Since the weather has been bad, I have been HAMMERING!! Fifa 2007 with my mate in the week. Played so many games on it, its verging on unhealthy I think Thats my best game of the last 12 months. Quite enjoyed Scarface and The Godfather as well, although the Godfather got boring towards the end.
  8. Old school I hear you say?!? Me and my mate dug out Nightfire for the PS2 the other night and started to reminisce about Goldeneye and how class it was on the N64. After a console, 2 controllers and that game in a perfect world, but just a console and one pad would do me fine! If you have one collecting dust either contact me on here, or on 409739. Cheers.
  9. B to the U to the M to the P!!
  10. Hey all, 2 tickets to see Madness on the 13th of December in Manchester. I bought them in June or summit, but I just cant face the boat again! They cost me £60, will accept £40 o.n.o Any offers let me know 409739.
  11. Yes! That guy won! Erm................... Bollocks.
  12. Big brother is terrible, the last one I watched was the one with jade and kate in. Anyone who follows it as closely as some of you people, need to get a life.
  13. It was on last night. I taped it, and ill watch it after I have finished the book. Should be good.
  14. Anyone read this? I started it the other night, its been really easy to get into. I also understand its quite easy to ruin the story if you have read it, so please dont tell me anything I won't know yet Apoligies if there is already a thread on this.
  15. This thread isn't that mega. Its only 8 pages.
  16. Well this thread certainly built up pretty quickly, I didn't even notice.......
  17. I dont have a website? Unless your reffering to the Plan B website? In which case its not on any more, we split up months back.
  18. Is anyone else staying in
  19. plan_b

    Splinter Cell

    What does everyone reckon? Quite hard in parts, but upto now, I have enjoyed it very much so.
  20. Iv been reading alot of non fiction stuff recently, like crime and gang books. I just finished "Gangland britain" by Tony Thomson and I have to say, it was excellent. Just started reading "Picking up the pieces" by Paul Britton who was a forensic psycholigist for 25 years and its all about what he went through and the minds of some of his patients (murderer's, psychopaths, rapists e.t.c) Looking forward to the rest of it.
  21. Your all just too understanding. Lets take some vigilante style justice.......
  22. Sorry but this thread is sh*t Time wasting bunch of t*ts Why am I wasting my time Making stupid little ryhmes? Get a life and make some friends Before your life comes to an end I mean come on, your all pretty old I await replys, some brave some bold.
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