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  1. Their website is really out of date, I do like the idea of their broadband but they don't help themselves with the lack of information. So note to Ryan who has been on here.. A few tips from what I hear and see: Update your website As soon as their is a known issue, keep your customers up to date with a service announcement list your packages on your website and what you are likely to get on each package Nominate someone in your office to be on call, divert your office phone to a mobile if needs be. its always good to let people know what your company is up to from time to time. Stuart was constantly letting the world know what was going on and there really was a buzz about the company. Nowadays I get the impression that you work half days and just turn everything off and on when you eventually realise there is a problem.
  2. I was under the impression that the festival of motorcycling was just a top cover for all the events under it. MGP name should never be dropped unless it become Isle of Man GP. I could live with that!
  3. sounds about right, the field is a bit of a mess. Seems DED and the promoter have lost money on the event so nobody wants to cough up to put it right. The Isle of Man news facebook page has said it has seen an email that exposes the losses on the Jacksons gig.. a sum of £100K! so Tom Jones justs adds to the taxpayers misery. Good on the person that has leaked it, probably someone who is ending their political career.
  4. Where can I get a good roast dinner on a Sunday without having to listen to 3FM's 'Sunday Roast' program? Everywhere we go seems to have it on. I'm sure a lot people like middle of the road music with a track history after every song, it seems very popular with the pub and restaurant scene but it's not for me. Any suggestions?
  5. Who are Isle of Man Newspapers, a company making people redundant hand over fist, to give out awards for excellence? The annual we patted you on the back last year so you can pat us on the back this year awards are nothing but a joke. Another night for nobodies to feel important.
  6. You do get a lot of insight on the TT forum but you have to sift through a lot of sad losers living their entire lives for a two week club event to come around to get to it. I can only assume there was to much inside info being leaked for DED's liking.
  7. You think Sunday morning on 3fm is bad? Have you heard Sunday afternoon?
  8. http://manx.net/tv/mt-tv/watch/60328/mttv-in-2014 This looks awful. They are getting paid to produce this? Maybe Manx Telecom should cut this rubbish and lower our phone bills.
  9. http://www.iomtoday.co.im/news/isle-of-man-news/award-for-manx-radio-1-6277380
  10. Amazing. IOM today. Looks like Manx radios competition for their "award" might not have been too strong....
  11. Who cares what Paul Moulton thinks about Manx radio? What has it got to do with him? He's a bloke that makes poor quality internet videos. And Ron Berry now claiming it was just a document to stimulate debate? That's a U turn and a half! It was a forty min power point! I'd hate to have seen a presentation of something he actually wants carrying out?
  12. Thank god Paul and Ron are involved...what they don't know about broadcasting on the Isle of man...oh thats right...
  13. MTTV is claiming a million UNIQUE views. There is only 90 thousand people on the IOM so apparently 900 tousand plus people are viewing from off island.
  14. Up untill 2008 there was MGP on tele, all be it sky sports every year. The gov pays for the classic TT to be televised. It doesnt for the MGP
  15. Not knowing Monday afternoons race was michaels 6th win and saying 5th for at least fifteen minutes was bad enough but today's "1, 2, 3, 4, who do we appreciate...Michael Dunlop" was the final straw for me. I hit off and followed the sidecar race on iomtt and twitter. It's completely unprofessional. There is no authority at any commentary point it's bumbling amateurs. This is a world class event. Can we please bring in the pros.
  16. I hope this chap is allowed to get on with his job and not be swayed by various rogues over posh dinners. Im sure anouther radio station owner will be hoping to wine and dine him. Needs to be fully independent review without outside interfearence.
  17. Tim is so far out of his depth its unreal. On air is surly not the place to learn. Dave err I erm think that was err number 16 but i couldnt erm quite see it Christian shouldnt be anywhere near a mic. We all love Roy but I loved my bumbling Grandad and he new about the TT. Doesnt mean id have wanted to hear him embarrassing himself on air every race. Chris is actually the best out of the lot of them. Just wish he'd be more pro and less boys night out. And can we please stop this onair patting each other on the back? Doing my head in. Its such a shame. The TT has really become huge in the last five years after being in the doldrums abit in the 90's and 00's. The event is more pro than ever yet the live aspect of it, the radio, is worse than ever.
  18. I suggest everyone up there records their show and listens back and then asks themselves would I be allowed anywhere near an on air studio anywhere else in the world? Probably not is the answer in most cases.
  19. There are some very low standards on the Isle of Man. If you think that the output of Manx Radio is acceptable therein lies the problem.
  20. Who cares? I mean really? Charlie lambert as solid as he is adds nothing what so ever to the party and Charlie Williams as good as he was seems to have lost it a bit in the past couple of yrs in my opinion. Radio TT used to be compelling listening now its utter toss. The race commentary is poor and as for the rest of it...does anyone actually listen once the winner have been interviewed?
  21. I enjoyed the albums. He nicked a couple of my photos and uploaded them but I didn't lose any sleep but now he appears to think he is the local news and is becoming abit odd. The whole superhero manx man / batman thing. Bizzar
  22. Does anyone know if the Isle of Man pays anything towards the Honda TT Legends?
  23. I don't know what you are all moaning about. The MGP is utter toss and p1sses MOST people on the island off and on the plus side think of the lives that will be saved.
  24. Now then I was sitting in davidsons ice cream shop on Sunday when a couple walked in for an ice cream. The female of the couple was in a full burka. Fair play, nothing wrong with that. Now I thought, how is she going to eat that? I watched with interest as she pulled off the veil revealing her face to munch on this delicious Sunday afternoon treat. I was confused. I have seen articles in the past where women have refused to reveal their face whilst being ID'd because it was against their religion. Apparently ice cream is an exception to this...
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