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  1. Adobe, the company behind Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat and a host of other applications is in a bit of a pickle after posting full versions of many of it's (admittedly older) software programs online, with working serial numbers. Apparently, the old activation server got taken offline so Adobe put up a webpage with downloads and serials to CS2 versions of Photoshop, Illustrator and others so that those folk with legitimate licenses could still get their programs working if they needed re-installing. The snag is that the download page has gone viral, and reliable tech websites like Gizmodo got the wrong impression and thought that Adobe were 'giving away' this 'older' material. Even Forbes joined the feeding frenzy. (The article has been hastily updated). While installing and using these programs is strictly illegal, It looks like Adobe has let the cat out of the bag - unless of course this is an elegantly structured marketing ploy to pique customer interest for the latest iterations of it's wares.
  2. Video here: http://www.iomtoday.co.im/news/isle-of-man-news/stand-street-closes-after-concrete-wagon-tips-over-1-5107634
  3. Really looking forward to this. Alien is one of my all-time faves, and this looks like being a great addition to the canon. The look, sound and 'feel' is very similar to how the original was presented in 1979, but with the kind of scope only possible with a massive budget and/or CGI tech. Can't wait!
  4. Just looked in vain for a game guide. Both Game and HMV are stuffed to the rafters with MW3 merch - but nothing for Skyrim! Gah! Had to laugh that the first dragon 'shout' you learn is "BOOSH". lol
  5. Playing PC version with high settings. Great environments, huge dungeon interiors, brilliant game (I'm about 2 leisurely hours in - don't want to rush it). This is funny:
  6. Ee, when I were a lad... www.youtube.com/watch?v=W1ZtBCpo0eU
  7. I downloaded AVG 2012 directly from the AVG website, my browser has reported high usage a few times, should I be worried?, could it be a spoof. I think your AVG 2012 is legit. The performance monitor can be annoying though - especially with memory hogs like Firefox. You can disable the system tray warnings if necessary from the advanced settings in AVG's tools menu.
  8. OOoooh Yus. Love that minecraft. Some of the cave systems in 1.8 are bloody epic. I've just finished Dead Island and Deus Ex HR, and I'm trying to get into Mirror's Edge - couldn't quite get a grip on it first time around, if you'll pardon the pun..
  9. I've just played through it on PC (single player) and it's certainly a flawed gem. There are numerous nods to zombie cult faves and it evokes the 'survival horror' genre perfectly. The later levels are a let down (no spoilers) but the beach bungalows/hotel and town are fabulously rendered. There are still glitches, and the story has some odd jumps, but overall I've had a great time. Apparently co-op is the way to play, but I'm afraid that spoils the immersion for me.
  10. The debug mod cuts down load times by a stupid amount - from around 20secs down to 5 in my case (and gets rid of the splash screens). Non-lethal take-downs and tranq dart head shots will net you the maximum XP, which is why you accrue so many praxis points and zip through the augmentation upgrades so fast that way. Tranq darts have been known to kill at close range though. Not being detected could net you a 'ghost' achievement too - which helps.
  11. Definitely game of the year for me too (PC version). Having played through it twice, I've got the game-guide and I'm now enjoying working through all the stuff I missed out on/didn't choose to see before. There's no way this could have been as sprawling as the first game, given the amount of work involved with environments and game assets for modern titles, but the environments we did get are crammed with detail and great for exploring. The 'Debug' mod is the icing on the cake for me - considering you can't re-start the game with all augmentations intact once you've finished (which I think is a missed opportunity) and having the debug menu means you can select your loadout before starting. Fabulous.
  12. I've just watched a TV advert for ''Wonga(dot)com', where you can borrow up to £1,000 for up to 31 days, at a rate of about 40% or so. Alternatively, you could just apply for a credit card, borrow a lot more, and repay within a month with no interest charged. What is wrong with people? Anyone who thinks this site is a good idea deserves to get scammed by them. I presume it's geared toward people with bad credit ratings, but they shouldn't be borrowing anyway.
  13. http://www.iomtoday.co.im/sport/isle-of-man-tt-manx-grand-prix/johnson_seals_first_tt_win_in_supersport_2_1_3465966
  14. We should start selling plots - 1 square foot each. Five grand a pop.
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