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  1. And who's bright idea is it to put temp lights at Broadway while the mountain is shut Why the mountain could not be done over half term when the traffic is lighter.
  2. I had the same problem with MT but came across this - it worked changing the DNS in network settings helps and it worked for me! Go to Settings, Network, press Select , then the green button (manual IP Configuration) and enter a DNS of your choice - I used
  3. SWD, currently with Manx and achieving D/L speeds of between 65 & 80 Mb/s if that helps.
  4. This is the rate I am getting on Wifi - that's up from 48Mb/s & 2.5Mb/s
  5. I have upgraded from Ultima to the plus on Thursday, last evening was the first time since having Ultima that I could actually stream HD content without buffering (even having the green box only 5 mtrs for the house) - long may it continue.
  6. Googled it, but could not find the ports relating to Moviebox or Showbox, to be honest looked tricky haha
  7. That was my thought, tried VPN & nothing, strange it works on 3G and on my mates Wifi, who is with MT - but no Moviebox either.
  8. If that was about 3pm I was the last one of those cars - it was green when I went through, by the time I got to the bottom of the hill I could see cars moving, I was quite conscious I could get wiped out. Fortunately, everyone seems to proceed off from the lights on the main road with a lot more caution now.
  9. Seems more are bouncing than actually being delivered, important response sent to an email on Friday & bounced back without me noticing on Sat - gutted. Lesson learnt and Gmail account in full swing.
  10. Reply from ITV this evening - along the lines of it is an Isle of Man problem and they are looking into it ......yeh right!
  11. I have contacted ITV and they are looking into the matter, I will try the VPN trick today and see if that helps. Working fine on the Galaxy Tab for some reason.
  12. Any one else come across this or a workaround? App works watching live TV but buffers during catchup with the following message... "we've noticed a lot of buffering. if this continues, please check your internet connection and try again" When you click OK it hangs!
  13. What a difference with cable in. What could be done to make the wireless faster, bearing in mind its next to the router, so no thick walls etc.
  14. Shows connection at 52998 up and 2400 down - strange that i can never achieve anywhere near this, either d/l or u/l. ETA - even You tube Video played in HD it Jerky
  15. Just a quick one, does anyone on ULTIMA actually get anywhere near the advertised speeds of 40mb/s? - I can get a 25 with the green box outside my front door, but it does not matter what time of day its always about 25MB/s
  16. I have 200 of these little beauties all mint and in consecutive serial numbers (not from a bank job btw). Anybody have any idea they would be worth anything, and yes I know it would be two hundred quid
  17. Must remember to go into town at 15:00 in future
  18. No way, the prom was packed all weekend with walkers, cyclists, children, swimmers. I would have hated it to have been full of cars. It costs practically nothing to park here compared to other town centres. Two quid in M&S for three hours is cheap. I do appreciate what your saying - M&S Car park today was a nightmare, as was Safeways, all I was trying to say is the street, shops and anything else need some help or it will be on its a**.
  19. Reason I raised this is the European Market is on in Castle Street / Grand Prix / Bank Holiday weekend, it would have been a great opportunity for the powers that be to open up some of the Prom (as they do at Xmas) and allow people to fully support the stalls & local shops.
  20. Noticed this on the BBC website http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-23837610 With the current state of Strand Street & the amount of empty shops, it might be about time Douglas Corporation took note. I for one, am pretty hacked off driving around on any day of the week looking for parking to nip into to town.
  21. Just bought the Sony MDR NC100D noise cancelling and they are great especially on flights, one thing I always do is bin the buds and buy the Comply tips - ace for staying snug in the ears http://www.complyfoam.com/
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