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  1. GiffGaff is £7.50 for 1Gb and you get 3Gb for £12.50 so its a better deal than Three, unless your going for the 7Gb package..
  2. I have a GiffGaff SIM myself, in fact I have two, one for data in my MiFi and another for cheap calls and unlimited data, but it doesn't allow teathering.. http://giffgaff.com/gigabags Best use free WiFi if you can find it to download films for viewing later.. Of course if MT respected the spirit of the latest EU regulations we would be able to use our Manx SIMs without penalty and UK people would be able to call the IOM without paying international rates. Its actually cheaper to call Spain [2p/min] than the IOM [8p/min!] due to MT not respecting this agreement http://giffgaff.
  3. OK, must admit I have only tried the shops, so I will give it a go..
  4. Yes, I know that - but I don't really want to be bothered and it seems such a shame just to throw it out.. Take it to a charity shop like Hospice Warehouse, they'll be pleased of it. They won't take anything with a plug on unfortunately..
  5. Yes, I know that - but I don't really want to be bothered and it seems such a shame just to throw it out..
  6. Almost a collectors item, this Swan/Goblin Teasmade has been lying in a cupboard for at least 10 years. It's not everyone's cup of tea, but if you want a piece of British made nostalgia, this may be for you.. Just checked it works tonight, and the price is less than the cost of a replacement teapot. A fiver for anyone who wants it 478822
  7. Thank you for confirming you don't have much of a clue. Perhaps it's better you stick to asking questions rather than hamfistedly trying to answer them. This is exactly the reason why I rarely if ever contibute to these forums
  8. But if they are using POP3 [most likely] they won't.. I use POP3 for my Manx.net accounts and nothing is stored in my Webmail folders, only e-mails sent by Webmail.
  9. It depends if you normally use the browser version to send your e-mails - if you don't then nothing will be in the sent folder.. Hope that helps
  10. Many thanks for the suggestion, but I don't normally use my iPhone to collect e-mails except when I'm on holiday, I simply checked that the problem wasn't unique to my Windows PC's..
  11. For some time now I've been having problems with my @manx.net e-mail in that I keep getting a popup asking me for the password when I'm using Outlook. If I click cancel or confirm the password it works again for a while then it happens again. If I check on my iPhone, I just get a message saying 'error'. I spoke to the helpdesk person who told me an update from Microsoft was the problem and I should speak to them. I have a netbook running XP, and two desktops running XP and Win7, plus my iPhone and they all point to MT as the problem. Has anyone else had this? Also, mostly at ni
  12. Ooops - forgot the important bit lol..
  13. Finished in Chilli Red - first registered in June 2001, one local lady owner. Car has been kept in a garage and has been serviced annually. This vehicle is just like new - must see! * 6,700 local miles*** * 5 Door * Economical 1 litre Petrol engine * Central locking * Low insurance * 'MAN' Registration available for small additional charge * Full service history with local Toyota franchise * Low-cost finance available Front Back Side Interior Engine £2,600 PM or 478822 - Sold -
  14. Well I'm paying less than £20 a month and getting 600 minutes/texts to any network, plus all calls within the family are free, so thats the best/cheapest option for me.. Pity about the 100Mb data cap though.. Now where's that poker..
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