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  1. Dear Rhumsaa and All I have a problem with this !!! Why do you (well probably not you personally, it just seems to be a general trend) have to go to such lengths to publicise what you personally want to do IE have an adventure on the back of a charity. Why can you not just go and do it and be happy with yourself? Why can you not round up your chums and donate not pledge X amount of wedge to your/a charity. Why the need for the "Pat My Back" scenario? You are a bit of a petrol head and I for one can not for the life of me understand why you need advice in purchasing a motor for
  2. Evening Could not be arsed to use one of the emergency phones up on the hill (reverse, move further forward, do a U Turn)? Try to flag anyone down? Stop and see how these unfortunates are? No feck it just drive by and hope to get a signal further down the road ( how far were you prepared to go before you got a signal, The Ayres or possibly further)? And YOUR handle is inspector????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Laugh I almost cried again. He is over the last
  3. Afternoon We are all doomed. My mobile does not work, ever thought of using a real phone? Do they work in caves and under water. Do you really need one or is it a luxury? I am going to start walking down the street talking to myself and also do a little dance as if I am talking to someone or listening to my personal stereo. Laugh I nearly cried. He is over the last
  4. Afternoon Just wondered how you would propose all the retailers in Douglas may receive their bulk goods. If you can come up with another form of delivery apart from lorries/HGV's , I reckon you would be well on your way to being extremely wealthy. It has taken a ruddy lifetime and mega bucks to turn Douglas into a half decent freight facility (still some way off) and now it should be broken up? Take all the ruddy cars off the road for those too feckin lazy to walk or too shagging high and mighty to get a bus to work within the boundary of Douglas Onchan Braddan. Ban kids getting l
  5. All the above sound like a boring bunch of carboard cut outs. I will have any three from the Albert at 11.30am on a Monday Morning from the bar. Happening and real. Oh Yes He is over the last
  6. Maybe you're putting the cart before the horse and actually it's your alcoholism that makes the island seem boring. Alcohol being a depressant and that..... ; ) No sorry to disappoint not an alcoholic (a drink - not plural) and most certainly not depressed, just giving an honest view concerning the lack of places to go see and do once you have seen them countless hundreds of times. Keyborder perhaps you would like to start another thread to show exactly the differences between the British Isles and not being bored as opposed to staying on the Island and eventually getting bored. Do
  7. Funny really, I have never heard of the chap until his name started appearing on the front page of the local rag and on this forum. Mind you I stopped listening to the pop radio type thing once they scrapped "Our Song" or whatever it was called. Where is this place they call Peel is it near? What is a Creg Marlon? He is over the last
  8. They say never go back. But have a trade on Glenn Hoddle. He is over the last
  9. Morn All In fairness it is not a bad old spot. BUT once you have been around the place there really is not much more to see or do and thus becomes very claustrophobic and in all honesty having read and read the Steam Packet thread it seems everyone wants to get off the Island. Well at least I enjoy a drink to while away the boredom. He is over the last
  10. The great thing about the north of the Island and RAMSEY was that it used to be free of all the petty crims and drug type persona that are now sent up from the beautiful capital namely Blackpool sorry Douglas. All the shite the Island produced was dumped at Bride, so now that you have your big incinerator why not bring all the bodies to it. Then the North gets a brand new prison with single cell occupancy and SKY TV for the majority of Butties to idle their time away, playing football on a brand new astro turf pitch, fill themselves full of make me look big food and off to the brand
  11. Well Well (excuse the pun) Turn it into an Indoor Marina for all the noddy boats and that would keep Wilf happy as he would not have to look at them form his pad. He is over the last
  12. Good Evening Steamers As all on here have obvious access to a computer, I wonder how many of you seek out your local supplier. May I ask if you could kindly answer, in an honest fashion the below questions? 1. Would one feel it is right that there is a monopoly on the loaf? 2. Would one feel it is right that there is a monopoly on animal slaughter (same meat different packaging, hence different price)? 3. Has one ever bought meat, veg, fish and or cheese from an internet shop? 4. Would one believe in a free market and hence be able to purchase ones goods from where ever
  13. I see what you mean, but don't forget that this thing swings the other way as well - tourism (as far as it still exists) isn't helped with fewer sailings or inconsistent service, meaning reduced service also leads to fewer people coming here and spending money. Make it cheaper and easier to get here and the economy will benefit - simple. As for shopping and buy local, I think you have to take into account the fact that people will always go off-island to shop, especially around christmas. Ramsey, Douglas, etc, don't have a Trafford Center and will never be able to compete - neither will s
  14. Evening People The point of the thread was the "Steam Packet", the forum gives one an option to head the thread, which was and still is "CREDIT WHERE CREDIT IS DUE". Now maybe most of you detest the shipping line and maybe one or two have had a pleasurable experience with them? I have been in recent times delighted with the service that I willingly paid for mostly on the Ben but a few Sea Cat trips also. I don't want to go to Rotterdam (I am happily married). Their ships are far larger and from experience roll like Ronaldo. The comparison was with food available on the ship as
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