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  1. Cam

    Tt 2009

    Quite Frankly, what a load of rubbish. I live on the Isle of Man and feel ashamed about the whole thing. If this, with Government backing, is all than can be achieved, heaven help us. Tony Brown or who ever is in charge needs to go now if the TT is to survive, the mess that is this TT needs to be rescued.... Discuss...
  2. Traktor digital DJ platform I have a brand new upgrade package for users of Traktor 1,2,3 or 3 LE from Native Instruments (not opened). NB - ** This is not the upgrade for Traktor Scratch users ** See link for further details < Traktor Pro Website > I bought it to upgrade my existing package, but my computer is not compatable to run the new software :-( Therefore, I'm selling it. System requirements are : Windows XP (SP2, 32 bit) / Vista ( SP1, 32 bit, 64 bit ) Pentium IV / Athlon1.4 ghz (SSE1) , 1GB ram or Mac OSX10.4 Intel Core Duo 1.66 ghz, 1 GB ram. It cost me EUR 99.00 last week (which was £ 82.16). Will sell for £75.00 Please PM me if you are interested. Cheers Cam
  3. Miss Bees, Danny Howells has done a remix/bootleg of "spektrum v madonna v the smiths v george michael - there is a kinda new ray of light that never goes outside", which may have been what you heard. It's on the Bedrock Records 10 year anniversary double CD, which is released in October and is full of remixes and unreleased stuff on Bedrock.
  4. both tickets sold now - thanks
  5. I have a pair of unreserved/standing tickets for tomorrow nights Charlatans gig at the Villa. Regrettably, I'm unable to go now. £40 the pair if anyone is interested. Please PM me for further details.
  6. Happy Birthday Dr. Loaf, have a good one.
  7. Yeah, well done Mark Cavendish, an epic performance in the Madison.
  8. Judgement here Some funny points in that lot. A nutter of the highest order!
  9. Don't think you can these days - the NSC and Hills Meadow are in the way.
  10. Michael Clayton : Was looking forward to this and finally got to see it a couple of days ago and i have to ask did i miss something? George clooney is very good in it but theres very little there imo, left me with a 'what the feck was that supposed to be?' feeling. Anyone else watched this?
  11. Happy Birthday Mo, have a good one :-)
  12. I went to the Rovers at lunchtime with some colleagues from work. I hadn't eaten there for a long time, but I'm pleased to say I had a fantastic meal, very reasonable and quick service. would recommend.
  13. beatport.com djdownload.com traxsource.com ( mainly american soulful tracks ) audiojelly.com i've some more on my computer at home, which i can't remember now, but i'll post them later...
  14. Cam


    Mate, get one from the Apple Store, i've posted a link below. Its free delivery and usually stuff arrives by courier in the next day or so. Choice of all the size's of Nano's and loads of accessories, covers, headphones etc. Apple UK Store Their aftercare service is pretty spot on too.
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