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  1. Couple of things First - I don't see anything 'gun to the head' in what I said before, mostly because they re NOT using Greenlight. That decision has been made. So it's not a threat, just an observation. Second, listening to the radio this morning, live appears to be an option for the future, which will probably never happen for all the obvious reasons, ie scheduling, timing (weekdays etc) and weather, never mind cost.. As for the other thing, Greenlight was following Robert Dunlop , live on the BBC, when he crashed, and no-one wants to see that happen again. Finally, manxman, suggesting Greenlight has been caught with its hand in the till is the kind of unfounded remark that's going to get you and this forum a bad name, and you might want to think that one through a bit more carefully...
  2. live coverage is obviously more expensive But I thought the pur[pose of the TT and the TV coveraqge was to promote tourism, not encourage people to stay home and watch it in their living rooms
  3. You sound as passionate and informed as a Greenlight employee would presumably be Johnny. I guess only those who viewed the submissions from each company are in the best position to comment. If a presentation was full of nothing but hot air to win the contract then it will surely deflate next TT. Only time will tell. Have Greenlight lost or won any other contracts in recent times? If you look on their website you'll see that Greenlight has in fact many other contracts and lots of work, all of it off-island. But I dare say that giving the TT contract to North One will bring a much greater financial benefit to the Island than waving Greenlight goodbye... Oh yes. North One has the rights to ALL moving pictures, including internet and mobile phones. Not much hope for youtube posters there, I fear.
  4. It's OK I've just heard North One chief exec say they'll be going to the biggest TV sales conferences, MIP and Sportel, in the next few weeks to sell the TT to broadcasters around the world, the inference being that this would not otherwise have happened, hooray! But wait a sec. I'm told that Greenlight (and Duke) have been attending those same conferences (and others further afield) every year for the past ten years. And you'll never guess what they've been promoting...
  5. I've just heard our Minister of Tourism on Manx Radio, saying that North One is ideally placed to bring the TT to a wider audience blah, blah, and saying we've all just enjoyed the F1 Grand Prix at Spa and that's the kind of thing he has in mind. Shame - as we have already heard on here - that North One actually had nothing to do with that brilliant racing coverage and were just responsible fror the Steve Rider and Mark Blundell talking heads stuff in the pitlane. Bigger shame - much much MUCH bigger shame - that the people responsible for awarding the TV contract for the TT are unaware of even the simplest facts concerning the company they've just appointed. Obviously they've given it the most careful consideration. Or maybe they've just been fooled by the offer of a big cheque
  6. their website shows one address, in tromode and as far as i know they are as manx as you and me save a few english directors and board members as you would expect in any successful company. they certainly have and continue to employ plenty of locals and they give an excellent xmas do in bar george every year too. I'm amazed that everyone on here unconnected with Greenlight is so well informed. I'm astounded that you should believe that because something has been "talked about" on here it must be gospel. Greenlight is a Manx Company, completely based on the Isle of Man for the past 15 years. It has no English directors, just the Manx-based ones identified on its website. At present it also employs about 25 local people, also identified on its website. Now it has no work on the Isle of Man it may well become the kind of absentee you'be been talking about, maintaining the minimum presence required by UK law to qualify as Manx for financial reasons, but you could hardly be surprised by that, could you? This decision completes the circle, and now the organistaion, promotion, Television and PR for the TT is all controlled by companies based in England. Freedom to flourish? Freedom to f*ck off, more like...
  7. jonnyrotten

    Tt Own Goal

    Missing the point a bit, though I dare say you can pay extra and get covered for that stretch of road in those two weeks,but the cost per mile may be a bit excessive. however, Bennets shoot themselves in the foot by A just not being the bikers' friend they would like to be and/or B making a cynical gesture of sponsoring the TT (just how much did that cost?) and planning to recoup the cost by charging all their customers extra to ride there. Poor old Isle of Man looks a bit silly however you view Bennets - we've signed up a title sponsor who thinks it's too dangerous to visit...
  8. Thing to remember is that almost no-one in the world has ever heard of Steve Hillage or System 7, no matter how good their 6 fans think they are. Brian Wilson may be old but he is (was?) a genius of immense proportions and changed the face of pop/rock music for ever. he changed a four-piece group of 3 guitars with drums into a full-on multi-tracked and heavily produced pop song with synths and everything - and everything clever the Beatles ever did with production they learned from Brian Wilson, and so did countless other copycats. He's playing virtually at the end of your street. You'd be mad not to go and see him if you can
  9. Going back to the original question -- it's unlikely it ever WILL when the title sponsor (Bennets Bike Insurance) tells its customers that they will not be covered under their existing policies on the road between Ramsey and the Creg during TT fortnight, apparently because of the way the road is treated... MCN today, P14, with quotes. Own goal, anyone?
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