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  1. And that's not an assumption? Has it been stated in a coroner's inquest? I think not... Considering he know's one the unfortunates involved in the incident I'd say it wasn't an assumption. You're ASSUMING it's not an assumption... But anyway, he set the criteria in his original post: unless it's stated in a Coroner's inquest, it's still only an assumption.
  2. And that's not an assumption? Has it been stated in a coroner's inquest? I think not... Sadly, the roads around the Isle of Man are lined with trees and walls. It's a point well made in many other threads re the TT. And traffic is busier during TT than at other times of the year, so there are plenty more cars and etc for people to run into. This does not appear to be a cogent argument for not imposing a speeed limit, ie, we're all going to die someday, so there's no need for a 20 limit outside schools. If this has no reference to speeding, it has no relevance in this thread or your post. Other than to make you sound rather naive. WTF? Is this meant to validate your opinion and make it in some way superior to those you think of as gatherers? Anyone in favour of speed limits is meant to be a gatherer and therefore not as grand and noble as all those hunters living their life on a knife-edge and crashing into other people's cars right left and centre? Get a life. And meanwhile consider that while a temporary speed limit during TT might not prevent all the 150mph nutters from being 150mph nutters, it might deter the ones who thought they were hunters but turned out to be only gatherers when they come round a blind bend on the wrong side of the road. And if that saves the life of the person coming the other way then I think we should introduce it TODAY and not even wait for next year. The trouble is that too many of the TT visitors take the no-limits idea as a kind of blanket permission to ride around like twats EVERYWHERE they go, and since educating them individually isn't really feasible, removing the thought at the point of origin looks like it will do the greatest good for the minimum of effort, expense and impact on the rest of us. Except of course that some of them will stay home, and we can't afford THAT, can we...
  3. ... or you could argue that it was a crass and stupid joke to make on live TV and brings into question the credentials and suitability of the presenter to hold responsibility for a flagship programme. In other words, if he was a big enough plonker to do it the first time, can he be trusted not to do it again? Worth remembering that Keys/Gray were joking OFF-air and believed themselves to be protected by an unwritten code of professional conduct which was withdrawn very rudely by Sky. Obviously this had nothing to with any other lawsuits which one of the duo might have been involved with. Nothing at all...
  4. I mentioned it once, but I think I got away with it. Others haven't been so lucky...
  5. Or, they could look at their existing advertising spend with local radio, and a newspaper group that's about as Manx and local as Tesco, which runs into millions, not hundreds of thousands, and divert some of it to a new, local enterprise. Additional cost to taxpayer: nil. Gravy train: in your dreams. Fixed.
  6. What a delightful fellow you are, such a surly and threatening manner, your employer and colleagues must be in awe of you, or at least fucking frightened of the mood swings.I know as much about this situation as you, apparently, plus I can spell firmly with out the extra i Mood swings? Moi? Threatening manner? I think not. Fiirmly? Misspelt? Hartdly the relevant part of the post. What about the bit that says, oh sorry, Jonny, I was wrong about who you're employer is, wrong about you being a spokesperson for someone yuou don't work for, mistakenly demanded information about job losses you couldn't possibly know and making up the bit about Energy or 3FM or both being desperate for survival? Much easier to have a pop at the poster and divert attention from the facts at issue..
  7. How many people will lose their jobs? How the fuck do I know? Is it your opinion that all business progress be cancelled in order to prevent and possible job losses? These aren't governmentr departments you know... Well, you're not much a spokesman for your employer are you? It was just an obvious question qhich, so far, you haven't answered. And where did I say the loss of jobs should prevent it happening?Also, being forced to rationalise your operations in this manner is not 'progress' as you quaintly put it, it is a desperate bid for survival. I'm not employed by nor a spokesperson for 3FM. I haven't used the word rationalisation, quaintly or otherwise. I don't know if 3FM is desperate for survival, or Energy for that matter, though I believe it's every Company Director's legal responsibility to ensure the well-being of his or her company. And now, though I'm not normally one for giving advice, I'd like to suggest that you (A) get off your high horse and (B) keep your mouth fiirmly closed unless you actually know what you're talking about. Because on this occasion, you clearly don't. Which was pretty much my original point...
  8. How many people will lose their jobs? How the fuck do I know? Is it your opinion that all business progress be cancelled in order to prevent and possible job losses? These aren't governmentr departments you know...
  9. Thought I'd wait a few pages to see if this got any better, but amazingly it got worse. Won't say anything about the pointless sniping about nothing, because this IS Manx Forums after all, right? However, for those of us seemingly unable to read/understand simple news bulletins, here are the headlines. 3FM and Energy will combine operations at the 3FM HQ in Victoria Street. This will clearly save money on rent. Both stations will continue to operate independently. 3FM and Greenlight have begun a joint venture to bring TV-style news to the Island via the internet and the upcoming IPTV service from Cable & Wireless/Sure. This does not have any connection with the previous announcement re: Engergy. This will not cost the Government (or you) any money. If you don't like it, there's always a boat in the morning. (I've always wanted to say that. Sorry.)
  10. Look at this way. If it wasn't for airport security, I wouldn't have a sex life
  11. The thing about packages to Spain etc is that you get an awful lot more for your dollar because of the mass market. Plus you get guaranteed sun sea sand sex and std's. No contest. Speak for yourself
  12. http://www.autosport.com/news/report.php/id/96959 And now the timing company, Stage One, will not be at Monte Carlo after all as North One denies their request. Toys, pram, chuck
  13. Yes, you ARE reading it wrong. John Shimmin says there "is" no connection between the TT and North One Sport and there probably isn't. But there WAS. North One Sport's website STILL says they do the marketing and distribution. And I'm not John Houghton, but I hope to be when I grow up...
  14. This came up on Manx Radio's website yesterday, telling us there's no problem with TT TV coverage: http://www.manxradio.com/newsread.aspx?id=57134 In case you don't know why they needed to tell us that, here's the chronology: After North One Sport was sold to CSI and Antonov was arrested, the rceivers were called in and North One Sport was revealed as essentially bankrupt, putting the future of the World Rally Championship in doubt, and it all came to a head last weekend. Eurosport stepped in to take over as WRC promoter as the FIA cancels the contract with North One, who said that a firm offer was on the table and it was "desperately disappointing that nobody from the FIA picked up a phone and talked to us". Here's the link: http://www.autosport.com/news/report.php/id/96911 The FIA later denied it had received any such assurances of WRC's future, and said the company had "conspicuously failed to deliver its contractual obligations and is in fundamental breach of contract". FIA statement here: http://www.autosport.com/news/report.php/id/96920 North One CEO Neil Duncanson still insists that the FIA statement does not match his reecollection of events: http://www.autosport.com/news/report.php/id/96951 Then North One tried to stop the company which did the timing from going ahead with Monte Carlo. That story, perhaps more illuminating than anything that went before, is here: http://www.autosport.com/news/report.php/id/96934 And why is the TT involved in this? Although the report on Manx Radio's website says the two things are separate and, as we heard in the Keys a couple of weeks ago, "there is no contract" between the Isle of Man government and North One Sport", this was the company only recently entrusted with its commercial exploitation, and though most references to that have been removed from the CSI website, you can still google a few remnants explaining that North One Sport manage the "media distribution and content delivery" of the Isle of Man TT. And in fact the wording - and the promo video - was still on the North One Sport website this morning. Here's the link: http://northonetv.com/?p=sportsabout However, nothing for us to worry about. Mr Shimmin assured the Keys it is "of no consequence to my department." Link here: http://www.isleofman.com/news/sports/tt/article.aspx?article=41630
  15. Probably the most sensible post on this subject. In defence of men, it's woth pointing out that half a million years of genetic predisposition to like women can't be wiped out by fifty years of political correctness, so we don't know which way to look and when. That's not so much hypocrisy as helplessness.
  16. Get a life ffs, or get a job as a parking warden. Then you can use your diagnostic skills in an official capacity...
  17. Not everyone lucky enough to have access to a van does rubbish clearance as part of their job. They might just be clearing their own house or garden. Things aren't always what they seem. So hold the finger-pointing until you know what you're on about.
  18. The question of what PL does which you might consider dangerous is a waste of space. Lack of dangerous sports in his life - or anyone else's - neither disqualifies him from holding an opinion on the subject, nor does it in any way invalidate such opinion. So tekkers, you have achieved exactly zero with this post. Don't feel bad though, because you're in plentiful, if not necessarily good, company. Lots of posters on here, without a cogent or constructive thought in their heads, imagine that denigrating the holder of an opinion counters the point of that opinion and thus saves the TT, MGP, S100, whatever. It does not. One of the TV companies visiting the TT this year produced an interesting and thoughtful programme with Cameron Donald which marvelled at the heroics of the event and was simoultaneously horrified by the attrition. As long as you have TV presenters with the authority of Mark Skaife (ex-car racer and a bit of a legend in Aus) standing at the bottom of Bray Hill and saying to camera "in the time we've been filming here seven people have died on the TT course" then you have an image problem which extends a long way beyond these pages. Tekkers telling PL he doesn't take enough personal risks to be concerned about that, or some fool in Government blundering on about how 'they know the risks' simply does not address that on anything like a serious enough level. While your government is telling the world how much money the TT and MGP are worth to the Island and are considering expanding it into a world series in the name of profit, then there needs to be a better response to the appalling death rate than anything we have seen expressed in here or by the ministers and officials involved. Because one thing has become clear over the past couple of years. The TT means big business to the Isle of Man, and if you want the TT / MGP to be seen as something better than a way of making blood money from riders who 'know the risks' then you'd better start coming up with some reasoned, convincing and human responses to what are after all, very legitimate criticisms.
  19. Hi LDV - I don't think you can define the English by referring to specific conducts or products. After all, the vast majority of English people are not football hooligans! Perhaps the most defining characteristic, shared by the Scots, Welsh and even the Manx, is an inbred sense that we are superior to all other peoples on this Earth (especially the Krauts, Frogs, Spics and Dagoes!) - probably a hangover from the days of Empire. But I said I could list more. tedious troll
  20. As I said in my original post in this thread, just change the word English for Pakistani or Jewish and see how this reads then. That is all.
  21. Jonny - long time no argue . We're not in England & neither are you, so what relevance does the law there have? Also I think you would find that if the tolerant and completely non racist country that is England had immigration to the extent that over half the population was either Jewish or Pakistani (ie. an influx of 50million or so) then the "racism" wouldn't be limited to a few good humoured comments on a local forum, as it is in the IOM. If you don't like it there probably won't be a boat in the morning so you'll just have to put up with it. Monkeyboy. I hate to take up where we left off, but you're not really LISTENING are you? Just hearing what you expect/want to hear. The law in England may not APPLY here but it is most certainly relevant in my post because I was discussing racism aimed against the English in a forum about Anglophiles. England is the nearest big country with a rule of law and that makes it even more relevant to consider what its laws might be, but I can assure you that most civilised countries in the western world have laws against racism and the remark about going to prison would apply in all of them. But wouldn't be as RELEVANT, because this is a thread about the English. Oh yes, I said that already. And the suggestion that numbers or percentages per head of population in some way make racism acceptable/tolerable/unavoidable/whatever-you-really-meant only serves to underline my original point. This is the only country in the world I have been to where racism is not only tolerated, it's actually encouraged. And I can't believe you have sunk to the old 'if you don't like it, leave' response. This is not how civilisation evolves. Society changes, gradually over time, and all great civilisations - in Asia, Europe or wherever - have grown over time by absorbing the people, ideas and cultures that they subsume. Not by telling them there's a boat in the morning. If the Isle of Man is as great and wonderful as posters on here suggest, then its culture and consciousness can likewise only grow and benefit from the arrival of outside influences. Inbreeding of ideas is as dangerous and imbecilic as inbreeding of populations. The rampant racism which is trumpeted around in these forums as a source of pride, as if the main qualification of being Manx demands hatred of outsiders, is futile and outdated and ultimately self defeating as well as self-harming.
  22. What??!! Where is the racism against the English? You don't understand what racism is. Racism: Prejudice or discrimination based on race. You need help finding it on this forum? For your next project, please examine the difference between 'race' and 'nationality.' And yours: splitting hairs, a Thesis.
  23. What??!! Where is the racism against the English? You don't understand what racism is. Racism: Prejudice or discrimination based on race. You need help finding it on this forum?
  24. Easy way to find out. I expect there are statistics on the number of parking tickets and the reasons for their issue. ETA PS Think yourself lucky you don't HAVE to stagger when some lout has parked in a disabled space "for a few seconds". Don't think I have ever seen a car in the slots at Anagh Coar displaying a blue badge and they're full al the time.
  25. Well, if the Bishop does it, then it must be ok...
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