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  1. Yes,but they also have the BNP. You do know that also works the other way around right? - with all the comments about the Manx from the English,but it`s just humour when they do it of course. Okay, here's your challenge Lagman. Find me ANY thread on here in which the English are taking it in turns to abuse the Manx as they are in this one and countless others on this forum.
  2. Amazing thread. I suppose you realise that if you changed the world English or Anglophile to Pakistani or Jewish, half of you could go to prison. Or at least you could if the Isle of Man was more like England, where there are laws against racism.
  3. +1 The disabled badge is a scam anyway. Majority of the time it's abused by family members and folks who have sweet talked there doctor. For the record I'm not meaning everyone. Just plenty I've witnessed Hope you're a doctor, seeing as you're able to diagnose illness at a glance... There's no shortage of documentaries filming disabled benefit cheats playing golf etc etc. You don't have to witness it personally. Ah, but Suzi was talking specifically about the ones she'd seen. And, therefore, I hope she's a doctor using that extraordinary skill to diagnose (say) lung cancer at a single glance for the benefit of all humankind. As for the circumstancial evidence that some people in the UK have cheated therefore some people on the Island must be: I'm no actuary, but I would suggest that the number of badge-holders cheating on their benefit is probably massively below the number of able-bodied people who park in a disabled space and force genuinely ill people to walk uncomfortably difficult long distances or just give up and go home without the shopping they went out for. Disabled people don't actually enjoy being disabled, even when their problem is not characterised by wheelchair or crutches. Neither do they enjoy the accusing stares of amateur doctors who can't see any visible sign of illness and therefore glare at them as if they have committed a crime. I have it on the highest authority that most blue badge holders would willing give their badge to the bullies who glare at them when they park. Providing the bully takes the disease which justifies it as well. Is it worth having a debilitating, possibly fatal, illness in order to gain parking privileges? I don't think so. As for paying for disabled parking, that's another issue. Not all disabled parkers are also financially challenged, but in a situation where an illness prevents someone who LOOKS healthy at a glance from having a job like all those lucky able-bodied glaring bastards, then I think it should probably be seen as part of the package society provides to people less fortunate than most in order to make their life a little bit more tolerable. Ah, tolerance. That's another can of worms. Not one all you whingeing types on here seem to know much about.
  4. Why on earth would you want him fired? He's the most interesting and verbally dextrous commentator on TV.
  5. +1 The disabled badge is a scam anyway. Majority of the time it's abused by family members and folks who have sweet talked there doctor. For the record I'm not meaning everyone. Just plenty I've witnessed Hope you're a doctor, seeing as you're able to diagnose illness at a glance...
  6. Some of them? You mean you think of them as a class apart, Adolf?
  7. Oh dear. After Antonov was arrested and then bailed in London, his company has gone into administration. According to the website the administrators are looking for buyers for the businesses and media interests it owns, ie Portsmouth FC, the WRC and the Isle of Man TT. http://www.converssport.com/news/statement-peter-kubik-partner-national-accountancy-group-uhy-hacker-young-administration-conver
  8. Well, not much. As long as you take everything you're told at face value. Like James Murdoch being 'unable to recall' conversations with phone tapping which all his employees have very clear memories of. Or Richard Nixon having 'no recollection' of the Watergate burglary. I'd rather like to know if the "private wealth" Antonov invested in Convers was the money Interpol are wanting to discuss with him. And why the Chairman of the Board of Snoras Bank said 'we thought it had flu, but it seems to be cancer' after he met Lithuania's Prime Minister yesterday. And I'd be interested to know what sort of due diligence our beloved Government conducted when North One was sold to Convers - a company owned by a man the Swedish government had already rejected as unsuitable as an investor at Saab despite the offer of at least a hundred million dollars in cash. But you believe what you want to believe.
  9. Stand by for a reassuring statement from DED: no Isle of Man involvement with the missing millions, no connection between the bank robber and CSI and obviously no connection between CSI and the Isle of Man, nothing to worry about, business as usual....
  10. ... and now they're leaving again, out of the back door in the dark. A Europe-wide arrest warrant has been issued for Vladimir Antonov, the Russian banker who owns Convers Sport, and which bought North One Sport a while ago. As the Beeb points out (and Convers highlights on its website) that includes not only Portsmouth FC, but the Isle of Man TT races as well. If you read the BBC report you'll see that Convers are anxious to point out that none of the dodgy cash has been used to buy any of the companies it owns. Obviously. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-hampshire-15859800
  11. As a person who likes to hear two sides first before making a reasonable assumption, why did he do that in the first place, what was the motive at that time, was he following certain procedures, was he given bad advice or was it done on purpose for reasons unknown? Before you answer those questions and please don't unless you pm me, I'm not particularly fond of this thread, as the main goal is to show peoples incompetency's which might disastrously affect people's perceptions about the IOM, who may be thinking to invest money into whatever venture or scheme into the island and upon seeing lists of problems or inadequacies, may reconsider and pull out from investing here. To run the island down and risk peoples employment or future opportunities, doesn't sit well with me and to broadcast such problems (IMO) cannot be in the best interests of the island. You're right of course. Much better to sweep it all under the carpet and keep the Old Boy's Club in employment. And pensions.
  12. It's a Press Release. People always put the best spin on situiations that are unavoidable. Their latest makes it a bit more obvious what has occurred. The Isle of Man changed the date, and neither the rally organisers nor BRC or Historic Rally were given a choice about it. The latter two have decided to do their own thing next year, and now it's hardball time. The underlying issue: does the Isle of Man and its Government want the International Rally? From an observer's point of view it seems clear that the Government wants it to go away, and changing its date to an unpopular winter schedule is one of the oldest tricks for putting a stop to something without appearing to cancel it. So the Governbment either wants nothing to do with International Rallying, or it has other plans, and needs to clear the decks. Watch that space...
  13. Incredibly difficult as it may seem, you can go to the Commonwealth Youth Games website cyg2011.com (here) and click the "watch swimming live" button. Google is your friend... ETA There's also a schedule of all the live streams, I've just noticed. ETA AND there's a link to Youtube, with all the previous stuff, opening ceremony etc, etc etc. Not only can you find it really REALLY easily if you look, but the coverage looks great. ETA Not sure about Edward though. Not really a 'proper' royal, do we think?
  14. What's possibly worse is that this could be "the big payoff in year three" that Martin Quayle spoke of on Radio TT when he was explaining why it was better to pay North One half a million pounds a year as opposed to having Greenlight go on paying Government AND providing the coverage. One wonders if this wasn't the plan all along, to create a world series, licence the TT name, and make a fortune. Except North One didn't get the Ulster GP contract, or the BBC contract for the NW200, despite offering to give the Beeb the TT for nothing as part of the package. Was this what was going on? Has it gone off the rfails? Was there a "big pay-off" in year 3? I think we should be told.
  15. Probably the same reason they turned down a positive income from Greenlight for the TT and chose to spend half a million pounds a year paying North One to do it. Because UK companies are based in the UK and must therefore be intrinsically better than Isle of Man companies in some way. London is so media, don't you think? Suits our self-image so much better than home-grown talent, regardless of how good it is or how much better it would be for the Island economy.
  16. Best guess - they've closed it in the hope that its absence will separate the rest of the company from the NoTW when the shit really hits the fan - they must know what's coming down the pipe and this move seems to indicate they're terrified of the effects it might have. Same for the appalling Rebekah. I'd bet Murdoch is saving her for the day when the clamour for a high-profile sacking gets too loud to ignore, and then he'll chuck her overboard along with the dreadful newspaper.
  17. We can't charge them tax or via a gate like the Nurburgring. We'd be admitting liability and opening the door to massive insurance claims when they get it wrong and have the big one. But we could consider swiping their credit card as they ride of the boat and taking £620 in case they have the big one before they've spent it all.
  18. Point 3) a large percentage of bikers are almost certainly expressing some other frustration (penis size, mid-life crisis) via their motorcycle. Point 4) the law as it stands allows any knobhead to ride a bike, as you can tell by watching them twat about doing wheelies and stoppies and all the other jackass tricks on a public road. Point 5) I ride a bike myself, and have never done anything more complicated than try to stay alive. It isn't easy at the best of times, but I lock it up for two weeks every June when the idiots are let loose. No point ASKING for trouble. Mad Sunday? It's mad fortnight, and there's plentgy about in the weeks prior, half of them entrants learning the course, judging from their ridiculous behaviour, and not just over the mountain. Still. They know the risks...
  19. It's the unbelievably casual racism of some people here that helps get this Island such a bad name. No wonder Murphy thinks we're all a bunch of thick twats when he reads stuff like this. Moron. And you were doing quite well up until then...
  20. you mean the same for anyone eles living here for the rest of the year 99% of the cash spent on this island gos back to the uk, so really it dont matter No. What matters is that it's presented to us by Govt as if it were income for the Island (under an umbrella of £620 x vistor head count) but it's actually not true. The issue isn't the money, but whether we're being given the facts, or some more of that jolly fine hogwash.
  21. According to last year's survey, TT visitors spent £620 each ON THE TRIP. You must deduct the cost of getting here (from home) and since 25 per cent came by air that can't be less than £200 (based on my experiences of trying to get on and off during the fortnight this year). So it's 37,500 x £420 max = £15.75 million Any money they spent in Tesco or buying fuel for their bikes goes off-Island, etc etc etc. And there is no guide about the REAL cost of the TT - policing, medical services, disruption, etc, etc. But it certainly doesn't make £20 million, and as as been pointed out, that's a tiny percentage of GDP anyway. Tombstone footnote - seven dead (or was it 8?) so each one brings in £2million to the exchequer. Good value? Or does the cost of dealing with a fatality really add up to £1 million? Making it a million profit on each one? I've got a feeling that the £1 million cost per incident includes a calculation for lost lifetime earnings etc, which obviously wouldn't apply here. Any actuarial help appreciated.
  22. The UK government goes to war, therefore death at the TT is okay. Can someone please explain that?
  23. This would only be fair comment if it transpires that the sidecar crew's age and associated faculty function was to blame for the accident. I don't think it will and therefore this position is just ageist. MTP you misunderstand me. That is not a 'position', just an assessment of how this situation will be reported, and regardless of the actual cause, the age of those involved could easily prove irresistible to headline writers. That's why I suggest that there is a case for heading it off at the pass fo next time. Indebted to Andrew for the medical explanation as well.
  24. And that's your idea of a justification/reccomendation, is it? I would venture to suggest Jonny that it was David Jefferies justification of his taking part in road racing. Dave was a great rider and will be remembered with a great deal of affection by his many friends and fans. In previous posts you have made it clear of your opposition to the TT/MGP and have made spurious claims of your concerns for the families of riders(who you claim were personal friends) who were involved it road racing accidents. My sympathies and thoughts are with the families of the riders and now is not the time for anyone to prejudge the circumstances of the accident. Tha's quite an unpleasant and unjustified personal attack. My concerns are not and never have been spurious, and you have no way of knowing the truth of that, and therefore no call to attack them. Thanks for demeaning them so casually. The stature of DJ as a rider was not an issue affecting my post. His undoubted brilliance on a big bike was not something that needed to be mentioned, because it neither supported what I said, nor countered it, and has only been introduced now to make it look as if I was sugesting otherwise. Crap logic at best, another ad hominem argument at worst. And if you read my post you'll find I didn't even MENTION this sidecar accident, still less pre-judge the circumstances surounding it, so telling me not to is a bit pointless and irrelevant, and merely serves to highlight once again that when people on here are robbed of a cogent response to a point being made they simply attack the poster in hope that the dirt sticks and devalues his reasoning. As I have said before, my position is this. Should people who want to risk their lives be allowed to? Certainly yes. Should the government and people of the Isle of Man provide themn with a platform to do so in order to raise money and provide a focus for a marketing campaign to raise even more money? I don't believe so, no. The rest of the issues, safety etc, are all a matter of record and speak for themselves, and this horrid opening to TT2011 only serves as a distressing reminder that no part of the course is safe when something goes wrong. It also - as several others have suggested - opens a door to suggestions that the greed of the organisers is so great that they let pensioners take part in events at what the BBC and Guy Martin both called the most dangerous racetrack in the world. It also tarnishes the image of the event as being at the pinnacle of road racing worldwide, because clearly the competitors do not fit into the common view of what highly-skilled athletes at the top of their performance envelope might be like. Though people who know the sport can and have countered that point of view lucidly and credibly, the bulk of public opinion will not be formed by reasoned opinions expressed on here, but by the tabloids, and if they ever decide to make a meal of something like this then there will be a PR onslaught which will be difficult, if not impossible to overcome. I think there's a case for bringing back an age limit in order to head that one off at the pass, although not too soon or it will look like an admission of responsibility. There might also be a case for demonstrating that the medical examinaion has moved on from the days when the medical office was at the top of the Grandstand and if you could climb the stairs to reach it you passed as fit to race. Two laps of the TT course take about as long as a Moto GP race, and not on a nice smooth peiece of wide tarmac either. The physical challenge here is immense, and we owe it to competitors to make sure they are able to deal with it adequately. Sadly we may now also be called upon to demonstrate that to a wider audience.
  25. And that's your idea of a justification/reccomendation, is it?
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