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  1. “The Isle of Man where you can” I don’t know about anyone else but it keeps reminding me of the 1990s car advert. “You Can with a Nissan”? But back then you also had the “Bank that likes to say yes” and British Airways were “The world’s favourite airline”. And does anyone remember the privatisation of British Gas? “If you see Sid, tell him”... I’ll shut up now in case this is giving anyone ideas that I’m not being paid for.
  2. Keep it, it would make a nice place for 1 Millionaire to exist in. :/
  3. Have you ever tried getting in and out of the Kirk Michael Bank if you have mobility problems? Yep, ideal medical centre.
  4. Paul H


    "I'm showing off my frying pan because after today we won't have pot left to piss in".
  5. Having just returned home from tonight's requisition meeting in Kirk Michael I thought I would just like to take this opportunity before the big day to say thank you to everyone who contributes here on Manxforums. It has been a remarkable experience running for the House of Keys and no matter what the outcome I have no regrets because if nothing else at least I can say that I've tried. Good luck to all the candidates around the Island for tomorrow and let's hope for a good turn out.
  6. Sorry I was unable to make it today. Both me and my wife Lynne have been suffering from vomiting sickness over the last couple of days, apparently it's going around again. But with a little luck I'll be back on form in time for tomorrow's requisition meeting in Jurby and I'll hope to see you there?
  7. You ARE my wife and I claim my £5.00
  8. Well I don't know, I would have thought putting friendship before political ambition is an admirable quality & I respect his his decision and his honesty. I think this kind of selflessness is an important trait in our politicians & is certainly no reason not to vote for him. That said I don't think he's the right man for the job, for a number of reasons but mainly that he is standing against one of, if not the strongest candidate I have heard so far in any constituency, ie Paul Heavey. He is the only candidate I have heard with any sensible solution to the (so called) bloated public sector, appears to be fair minded & actually have an interest in helping people & the good of the island. IMHO he wiped the floor with Alfie Cannan in the constituency debate on a number of issues & if I lived in Michael he would definately get my vote. Well I do live in Michael and he certainly won't get my vote. Anyone who is naive enough to think that dumping a car for several days at Douglas Road Corner with his name stuck on it is enough to get me to vote for him has another think coming. I'm selling it in a couple of weeks from now. I take it you won't be interested?
  9. No, I'm not Alf Cannan in disguise and you can't have your £5. And I'm not Vanity!
  10. It clearly doesn’t matter one bit where you are from but it matters to me that we are honest about our background. If we can’t be honest about ourselves there is little hope of honesty thereon. It perhaps bothers me more about candidates who have not demonstrated a long-term commitment to the island or the constituency they stand for. For example, never having lived or worked in the constituency and not owning a property or permanent home on the island. I think it is important to many people that candidates should be fair to the electorate and not try to disguise where their roots or potentially where their loyalties lie. I do not doubt the word of candidates who promise their best intentions, but I’m sure many voters will have their suspicions and these won’t go away easily.
  11. Be fair, Paul would have had to travel all the way from Kirk Michael. Right, firstly this is not the only election issue on the minds of our constituents at the moment and I'm not about to let Eddie Teare or Heritage Homes dominate discussions or lessen other concerns of wider importance. Secondly, I am not about to draw my conclusions from a single visit to the commissioners office to skeet at the proposals. I now have the full planning application in front of me and have considered it carefully without distraction. I can confirm that I do have concerns about certain areas which require clarification from the developers and I will be discussing these with Heritage Homes shortly. I regret to disappoint some people living in the area but, given the information received so far, I am of the opinion this planning application is reasonable.
  12. Good job it’s not a game show then isn’t it? By the way, the phone lines will only open after we have seen all three contestants. Calls will be charged at 50p from a normal BT landline and mobiles may cost more. Please do not call now as your vote will not be counted and you may still be charged. I am glad to see a potential future politician reacting like a child. I'm out as well. Too bad. I'll miss you.
  13. Thank you Judy, I appreciate your concerns and do realise the point you are making. I do admit there is poor turn-out in terms of quality but who am I to criticise? We all remain at the mercy of the electorate whether as a prospective politician or a concerned individual.
  14. Good job it’s not a game show then isn’t it? By the way, the phone lines will only open after we have seen all three contestants. Calls will be charged at 50p from a normal BT landline and mobiles may cost more. Please do not call now as your vote will not be counted and you may still be charged.
  15. There are over two and a half thousand other potential candidates living in my constituency and yet I am the only one with the balls to put my name forward. I am the boss of my own company, I do a job that I truly enjoy and I have a great home with a wife that I love. Life is good for me at the moment and it’s thanks to bloody hard work and determination that I have made it this way. So why would I want to put all this at risk to become a politician? Why would I choose to be labelled as part of an “X-Factor of chancers, egomaniacs, pension chasers, no-hopers and the deluded”? Perhaps it’s because I choose to care enough about the land of my birth and the people I proudly share it with? Or because I feel some obligation to the generations before me who through their sacrifices allowed us to inherit this brilliant Island and entrusted us to take care of it for future generations. I agree that there are candidates who simply see the position of MHK as a job with reasonable salary, pension etc. However, there are some of us who see it as position of trust and one of huge responsibility. It is position that rarely brings credit and often brings criticism but I can think of few positions more worthwhile. It is such a shame that nearly half of our population show little enthusiasm for Manx politics and I wonder if the ‘quality’ of our candidates is to blame?
  16. You are quite right. It's what happens when people take the time to speak to me that matters.
  17. Jim, I am sorry that you appear to of miss-understood the principle of democracy and that to a large number of people living on the Isle of Man, indeed in this constituency, it DOES matter that the person who represents them in Tynwald has strong local back ground. As a Manxman I find it offensive that someone who clearly doesn’t know me very well can refer to me as a borderline racist. You might notice that my family name is not local, my father having originated from Salford and his Grandfather having originated from Ireland. However, in my introduction I used the opportunity to make the point that I am local, an issue which I know is important to many people. If the fact that someone being Manx is enough to persuade you not to vote for them, ask yourself Jim, ‘who is being racist’? You have my phone number, give me a call so I can come and see you. Then you may say what you like about me.
  18. Mine has gone to press and I'm printing envelopes this weekend. Should be in the post to you Thus/Fri next week? (Depends on printers). I'm about 50% done with the first round of door calling with seven people who have phoned to say that having missed me they would like me to call again. e-mails are coming in at about three a day from various people but not concerning local issues. Great team of supporters helping out when they can and I'm still lovin' it!
  19. Today I started my door to door election campaign. I decided to start in Jurby, for no particular reason, only that you have to start somewhere. I'm not kidding, I was as nervous as Hell at first. But do you know what? I absolutley loved it! The people I talked to were brilliant. Real people with real lives and varying concerns about the village and the Island in general. And do you want to know something really strange? After today, even if I don't win the election I feel I've made some great new friends and I would like to help them with their problems either way. Of course, I don't know what I would be able to achieve for them if I were not to win the election but I'm sure of one thing. I wouldn't mind trying. Even the few who were not interested or who tried to give me a hard time were polite and generous with their attention. They were generally fair and credited me for making an effort to see everyone. I've now got a sore back, sore feet and hardly any voice left. But if I had to do this every day for the rest of my life I would gladly put up with it. Reading these forums can be very demoralising, but getting out there and seeing people is invigorating and rewarding. So come on you lot. Get off your back-sides, stand for the House of Keys and get come canvassing done. You'll feel better for it!
  20. ? To think I was criticised for saying nothing?
  21. y apologies to Paul H. I've just listened to Mr Cannan on Talking Heads and, compared to him, Paul was smooth and professional. I lost count of the number of "y'know" and "at the end of the day." Definitely not impressive. You must have listened to a different program to me. I agree that some aspects were a bit shaky, but he stands his ground well and actually has some positive policies. I'm not sure that Paul Heavey has said anything of any note at all. Thank you Terse, very kind of you to say so. To interestedman: I do apologise if you feel unsure that I have said anything of note as yet. This is mostly because unlike many candidates I take my time to listen before going off on a rant that is entirely unconnected with the question of which I’ve been asked. But fear not. There will be plenty over the next few weeks to keep you amused. Just be patient, not long to wait now.
  22. Well in the condition described its probably worth closer to £400! Wouldn't Seat Alhambra and VW sharon engines fit a galaxy?, As far i'm aware all the diesel TDI lumps are VW? Yes, apparently all these engines are very similar. However there were quite a few variations regarding cylinder heads, power outputs, pumps and injectors etc and the better the match the easier the transplant will be. I have to bare in mind that the labour on this job is likley to be bigger than the cost of the donor car! Failing all this I'm going to be left with a 2003 Galaxy in mint condition with 168,000 miles on it, a siezed engine and no use to anyone. It's a bit of bad luck really, I had only hoped to get another six months out of her before she was due replacement. But hey, that's life!
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