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  1. I fucking hate tribute acts. That's probably because the only thing you can play with is your cock
  2. Got my copy today, it looks like we have reached the pinnacle on the Island with the same people being nominated year after year and no new entries being added! (I might have missed it if their is any new ones) As for the recommended comments - They are so cheesy "COME ON" I wonder why they don't print the persons name and contact details who put forward the recommendation?
  3. Yeah, having to pay for a self praised pat on the back, same outfits year after year. I was asked if I wanted to advertise in this about 5 years ago, a starting of sum of £260.00+vat for a small advert if I remember right. One cowboy outfit advertising in it even told me the recommendation they had in it on the year in question was fictitious (the name and address from the Douglas head road didn't even exist!)
  4. I would have to agree with this post - The Scottish lady's manners are terrible, she refused to serve me a ham salad roll one day when everything was still out on display "because they where cleaning down" and on a number of other occasions she was obviously put out having to prepare food / salad rolls in a VERY flustered manner, even slamming my change down on the counter, I was so pissed off I phoned Ramsey bakery and left a message for Jimmy Duncan, I avoid this shop like the plague now! especially when you see the staff smoking outside by the launderette two doors up eerrrgghh
  5. Let's not get out of hand parcedpeas - Ramsey did ok with it's big Christmas tree over the years before it was turned into a private advertisement campaign. And I agree it does look very nice, it was just mentioned by numerous people in the town about how small they are and what a shame the advert banners have made them look like. as for sniping on a web forum anonymously - that is or was never my intention. only constructive criticism
  6. so you are the new rate payers spokesperson now and who is advertising on the town hall ! No, I am not any type of spokesperson - never was and never will, as for advertising on the Town hall I didn't say anyone was! You must have been pissed and misinterpreted what I meant!
  7. Ha ha things come in threes mate, so it looks like the same again next year If that stupid advertising banner was taken down it would look a lot more sympathetic with the surrounding area with a Christmas scene feel instead of an advertisement campaign! We are all rate payers and don't feel the need to advertise our names on the town hall
  8. The lights around the post office look well. The little tree is a FAIL
  9. No shit sherlock. http://ramsey.gov.im/Upload/Files/Statement%20of%20Accounts%2031%20March%202012.pdfThe accounts are here for 2012 and show that the library deficit was £125k. It's a fecking library not a bookshop. It provides books and all sorts of other things free of charge in exchange for a nominal £10 per year membership fee (£20 if you're not a Towny). That's what libraries do for god's sake. Of course it ran at a deficit it's a public service not intended to make money. For a know it all you are pretty dumb.
  10. Day 3 and scratching already - ok, when the plaza building was taken down, where did all the scrap lead from the roof go? & did "ALL THE SCRAP MONEY" go back into the rate payers pot? All I was bitching about was the tree size, I don't want to step up and change things (in fact I like Ramsey).
  11. Day 3 of the advent calendar. 10 am 15/11/2013 Ramsey street lights still left on Library running at over £100,000 - £120,000 loss each year I was told by a man in the pub
  12. Ha ha, I think the town has enough pompous egos sitting around the table without someone like me tipping up the apple cart!
  13. Indeed it did. I wasn't aware that the tree was ever free of charge. Britannia and Rotary have contributed towards it for a good few years iirc - how many years ago are you talking about when it was free? I will highlight one every day for you like an advent calendar shall I, here is two to get yah started - SHOPRITE CAR PARK SUB-BASE IN FILL, RAMSEY STREET LIGHTS LEFT ON DURING THE DAY I've not heard any criticism yet (apart from on here). Have any of these people been in touch with the RTC to tell them they could have a free tree from Sulby (have they checked this is still the case)? Day two of the advent calendar. Ramsey swimming pool - piss poor design team, the construction build cost a fortune, no consideration for the towns people ie; amenities for both the young & elderly were incorporated into the project. - Has anyone yet ever been proud to have been associated with this project? School kids could have come up with a better design using sketch up for goodness sake. Just my opinion off constructive criticism.
  14. Eye, It does fit in with the surrounding area where they have placed it, I just remember the big ones at the front of the building & I have to agree the town is looking a lot better than it has done for years - with the price it has cost it should be looking more like Dubai though
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