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  1. we dont get told about the hitler/zionist transfer agreement china but ken tryed his best
  2. your very missinformed wally that or you only repete what you want to. there are not 400 familys just 22 but 400 sounds more negitive so why not say 400 wally you are very happy to allow the police 20 million over 27 years too surpress the truth yet very bitter when the remaining 400 surviving family members file a classaction lawsuit well over a year ago this info only being made public after the findings for the same 20 million the police got 40 million taxpayers cash and many millions more colected by bent lawyers
  3. tarne i was reffering to your shes a peice of shit comment being correct i also added extra info you may know nothing about
  4. shes shoplifting to fund a heroin habit tarne is correct she will also steal others script meds ..often she gets a call from a local peado "bring your young feller round iv got him some weed oh and some progabs for you" all rooms are camra covered the room the kid gets sent to is full of porn ive said enough i do wonder where the kid is while shes in jail
  5. its happining before uni stinky locked my door turned around two 12 year old lads were having a chilled yet amimated convo from a distance i picked up on drug talk as we got closer the youngest looking kid said the night was grea t untill i got passed the joint i strugled not to laugh walking down the lane he said to his older mate ahhh but yo whiteied first proper school education would help they were prob on legal high synthic weed
  6. i think i remember mhks having a jolly to portugal to see how their leglised system was working iv not heard nothing it musta been a jolly 120 months at 2k a month to house the scrote 400 a month to fund a script drug habit 280 k approx payed for by you notwell and there will be another next month and thats winning yes legalise it all under goverment control it would be cheaper
  7. dill your wrong m8 therees a coke scene highend prices theres a green and solid weed scene a large hidden heroin scene mdma plant food two many legal highs to mention all killers btw and the biggest island problim perscription drugs but we have cops that cant keep up with the new fad every scrote you send tp prison learns very soon the most expenciveblack market perscription. drugs hooked whilst your in wean yourself off then supplyment your dole anything up to 400 quid a month. lol the war on drugs
  8. lots of bacon butties were consumed during the farce .seem to me like theres no puffins there now .there was but they had a reason to leave it would have been wizer to spend 2 or 3 grand finding out why they left .will they be employing people to walk the prom in summer to make it look buzy http://www.puffinpalooza.com/category/interesting-information-about-puffins/predators-of-puffins/
  9. live your life like a candle in the wind get blown out
  10. http://www.disclose.tv/news/murdered_holistic_doctors_discovered_cancercausing_enzyme_being_added_to_all_vaccines/124734
  11. the guy was a prick he ran the arrest was legal but he could have said i have the right to remain silent.am i suspected of comiting a crime (NO)am i being detained.(NO) am i free to go .and went home not jurby
  12. new ppl new charges http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-stoke-staffordshire-36000602
  13. http://atrueindependentscotland.com/bbc-handed-explosive-evidence-of-massive-corruption-that-is-set-topple-the-British-establishment/
  14. http://www.planetxtube.com/category-table/220-man-x-sun-god-prison-uk
  15. this will go down as the battle pf the bulge.. scaffe seems to be trying to resolve it and has a good record preston has a coulorfull background in his last 2 jobs sacked and or resigned
  16. there has to be a valid reason for a stop search this reason can change at anytime and it does.all searchs require a warrent with a wet sin of nature (signiture) .theres no law that requires you to give a legal name and there never can/will be because of how the cyst stem is set up useing all the above the only athourty they have is what you give them .the moment you give a name you enter into a spoken contract (journder) nota lota coppers no that in fact non i spoke to did (17). cops will come thro your door on a anonimouse tip with a lie in the hope of finding something to charge you with. youth and weed are a easy cash gain the pothead says ok its mine. they know who the bagheads are but tend to leave them alone unless they need info cos mr bag will squeel and mr pot stays stumm. theres more cash changeing hands every week for script legal drugs than pot /brown or coke all funded by the taxpayer lmao and pushed by elected members and i enfisise members who are atm in time on the wrong side of history. they would be happy to give you legal synthetic weed that can KILL.funded in time by the taxpayer. but becase thers no cash in it for them wont legelise the real thing that dont kill but aledgedly CURES theres no cash in cure
  17. NIST dont do science mythbusters wont touch 911
  18. contrived yes crossoss link no http://www.threeworldwars.com/albert-pike.htm
  19. yup he sent the cops front and back door assault why ?? because he does not want people like me exposing his true profesion in esssence he is a drug dealer.i would only vote for him under proper medication atm thats a no btw i was not at home during the raid and they never returned
  20. singer pushes dangrous drugs across his counter resulting in a addicted population he will happly dish out drugs like adderal to children with the invented illness ADHD. and helping to create a blackmarket in perscription drugs all funded by the taxpayer he is not concerned his drugs disapear into the community .yet he is worried that cannabis may be in a word abused lmao .the man is a unknolagable hypocrite. and if ya read this and dont like it lenny come see me dont send the cops round like last time . or change your job
  21. they should have spent the 5 grand on upgradeing their deppresing prison camp for animals
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