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  1. On 10/15/2019 at 10:30 AM, foxdaleliberationfront said:

    Not content with having the highest rates on the Isle of Man (by far) Douglas Borough Council are now looking at introducing advertising on their vehicles to generate additional revenue. 


    Surely it's time for an independent review in to Douglas Borough Council and find out where all the money goes to? Why are their rates so high? is there any justification other than their little empire building departments? 

    Pension Debt, I interviewed there a few years ago and was told they still offered a final salary pension scheme.


  2. Not sure how well known this is but I'd be worried about their pension obligations, I interviewed for a position at the town hall a year or two ago and they were happy to talk about the final salary pension scheme they have. I was actually shocked that such a thing still existed.

  3. Its not so much the overtaking distance that's the real issue, its the wanting to make drivers default responsible for any accident involving a cyclist and so have to prove their innocence.


    Guilty until proven innocent?

  4. From her Facebook page,


    I'm watching Fair Tax Town on BBC2. I'm not expecting plaudits, but I am hoping it'll spur our "Government" into working towards truly sustainable jobs, and economy, for our people - not ones that rely on an outdated model that relies on denying local economies elsewhere the taxes they need to look after their people.
    It's not a reliable model - we won't be allowed to get away with this nonsense for much longer - and we do a disservice to our bright-eyed boys and gals working in the international finance industry, if we don't ditch this immoral model and work towards truly valuable economics




    I have no idea what I'm talking about but I got to go on telly!


    I am sorry to hear that Wideload has passed away. He hasn't been so active on the forum in recent times but it was he and a couple of others who introduced me to Manxforums.



    condolances to his love ones.


    Wait what?

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  6. If anyone is looking for a dash cam, take a look at the YouTube channel "techmoan".


    He reviews both the expensive ones and the cheaper Chinese alternatives.


    Bottle your own piss and sprinkle it around the borders of your garden.

    Who the hell wants to bottle their own piss? Just piss on the cat.


    I had troubles with cats using my garden as a litterbox so i did a bit of research and they don't like the scent of human piss. I stored up a couple of liters and drizzled it around the border, no more cats, no cost and humane

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