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  1. I don't understand why people have a problem with this idea of Firemen "sat around doing nothing". They're ready and waiting for the call to come in so they can react as quickly as possible to any emergency. They regularly train, and maintain their equipment again so they are ready for the call. If you were stuck in a burning building or trapped in a crashed car, do you want them there in 5 mins or 15? Also just because the island has been lucky with regard to major disasters in the last few decades doesn't mean we won't need them more than ever, the population is growing and the numb
  2. http://www.wilkinsonsword.co.uk/men/products/classic Boots used to stock them and you can pickup bulk packs of blades on amazon cheap. Don't bother with the tesco d/e blades Also worth picking up a brush and a shaving soap puck (again tesco/boots)
  3. I've clocked just over 20k in 3.5 years commuting on the Island on my fuel injected and euro emissions rated 125cc bike , average MPG appx 120.
  4. Does anyone know what exactly is wrong with the custom built paint shop that was closed by H&S?
  5. To be fair they should stock Ramsey bakery bread if only as a punishment!
  6. We have large predictable tides, why isn't tidal power been given the same shake as wind?
  7. So if the money has to come from department budgets does that mean that these civil servants will be being paid more to do less?
  8. OK, lights are back on now.
  9. Ah, so going straight to panic and cannibalism was a bit rash?
  10. All black in ballasalla, anyone else affected?
  11. Ramsey Bakery sliced bread is worse than the cheapest supermarket equivalent and their meat & potato pasty seems to have substituted actual meat with just gravy (seriously you could have a treasure hunt to find the little nuggets of mince hidden away). I made the mistake of getting a "crusty loaf" one day and it was so full of air that I couldn't even spread butter on it. on the flip side I've yet to get a bad loaf from the Tesco "bakery" and it lasts for ages. Stop selling overpriced shit. I'm more than happy to pay a bit more for local products and produce but in return I expect
  12. Amateur, the pro's dont miss. http://www.manxforums.com/forums/index.php?/topic/38238-bus-crash-prospect-hill/?pid=511183#entry511183
  13. We already had a referendum. http://www.gov.im/lib/news/transport/roadsafetyinitit.xml Again for those with short memories From the MOT consultation http://www.gov.im/transport/ConsultationDetail.gov?id=352 o 70% of accidents are caused by driver error, such as failed to look, failed to judge other persons path or speed, loss of control, sudden braking, junction overshoot, swerved, failed to signal. o 10% have speed as a contributory factor. o 10% have factors relating to the vehicle condition that may have contributed to the incident or the severity of the outcome. o 10% have other
  14. Fixed links & Surf Boards Sold, Skim Board still available
  15. Electronic 32" crt w/s Samsung TV (with stand) - Free 24" crt w/s Samsung TV - Free Broksonic VCR - £10 Philips DVD player - £15 Sony DVR - £20 Sky+ Box Pace 3100 - £30 Sky+ Box Amstrad DRX280 - £40 SOLD All with remote's http://www.manx.net/classifieds/electicals/advert/438698/tv-s-dvd-sky-boxes-dvr-for-sale ZX Spectrum Collection £150 128k ZX Spectrum + 48k ZX Spectrum 48k ZX Spectrum box (NOT COMPUTER polystyrene mostly gone) 16k ZX Spectrum 2 pairs of introduction and basic programming manuals 3 power supplies 1 Konix Speedking Joystick 1 Dktronics light pen, interface and tape 3
  16. yes it is, take a look with google earth and rotate it. either that or there's another island with the exact same layout of plantations
  17. a little out of the ordinary, but the fiat panda 4x4 is supposed to be excellent off road
  18. http://m.iomtoday.co.im/news/isle-of-man-news/govt-structure-not-fit-for-purpose-says-chief-minister-allan-bell-1-5506250 £25k base for a cleaner?
  19. Perhaps at 50 years old, officers just move to the control room and office to handle the paperwork. That'll free up the more physically able officers and have them all working till a more suitable retirement age.
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