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  1. https://twitter.com/Cmdr_Hadfield/status/308657190443569153/photo/1 Not convinced this isn't some elaborate government sponsored plot to encourage tourism by photo-shopping out Manannan's Cloak!
  2. Isn't it done on a computer and so marked by the computer? similar to a poster above I did mine 6 years ago for my bike test after driving for over a decade and it was multiple choice on the computer then.
  3. If £14.8k isn't enough how about getting a part time job in the evenings?
  4. http://www.getukvpn.com/ wipe the cache from google play and then open google play and you'll have access to all uk content
  5. absoloutley, because elves made the houses for free on land that was given away by fairys
  6. perhaps if the schools stopped building over the playgrounds and playing fields?
  7. don't be a Saxo, don't be a Saxo , don't be a Saxo...... dammit
  8. Richmond Hill is a true example of DOT workmanship, I've never seen such a beautifully made canal.
  9. The registering with a site malarkey is part of the UK VCRA and sensibly doesn't apply over here. They are considered "imitation firearms" on the Isle of Man. http://www.gov.im/dh....xml#imitations http://www.gov.im/li...bbgunnotice.pdf TL:DR - Don't cock around with one in public side-note C02 powered airsoft weapons are perfectly fine as long as they are under a certain power (appx 350fps), they tend to be used as they are more reliable in cold weather.
  10. fixing driving standards will have a knock on effect on speeding and vehicle maintenance. however reducing speed limits and mot'ing cars wont make for better drivers
  11. I can't be bothered to troll through yet another speed limit thread so apologies if this has been posted already. From the MOT consultation (http://www.gov.im/transport/ConsultationDetail.gov?id=352): o 70% of accidents are caused by driver error, such as failed to look, failed to judge other persons path or speed, loss of control, sudden braking, junction overshoot, swerved, failed to signal. o 10% have speed as a contributory factor. o 10% have factors relating to the vehicle condition that may have contributed to the incident or the severity of the outcome. o 10% have ot
  12. If there was ever an reason for a "Don't Like This" button
  13. perhaps you'd like to link to some of these "bashing" posts
  14. how exactly is it not "fit for purpose"?, does it or does it not issue tickets based upon journey length & route ? surely that is its only purpose.
  15. As in the title, my current ISP who have served me well for about a decade now cannot really compete with regards to the new Fibre net. Their "tech" advised that it wasn't really worth the extra money and most people wouldn't notice the difference, I tried explaining that I'm getting at best 7meg and that a speed test shows that I would be getting >24meg on fibre but he really didn't seem to want to sell me on upgrading. (also they cannot offer a free router like other ISP's) So can anyone recommend an ISP? is there any real difference in the market nowadays? Ta
  16. simple to get around, http://www.getukvpn.com/ fire up the VPN, go into settings and clear the cache & data from Google play store app( not uninstall) and then open Google play and all the UK pay stuff is avaibable. http://getusvpn.com/ for any US only apps you might want.
  17. Still got one of those in my van, cassettes are making a come back!
  18. What's scary is that he only won by 1% (popular vote).
  19. wideload


    Godwin's Law in a single post, that'll save some time.
  20. Did anyone else notice the basic pay rate has magically reduced? Was reported as £27300 http://www.iomtoday....tails-1-3570501 Now £24,500 http://www.iomtoday....allot-1-5053151 Which is it?
  21. Does anyone know if there's an opt-out for all the crap that gets put though the letterbox? With electronic billing and e-mail I receive very little actual mail, what I do receive is all this crap (manx motoring/advertising/tails ect.). Almost every day there's some new advertising crap through my door, I may as well just put my paper recycling bag under the letterbox.
  22. Isn't this an inherent problem with democracy? What are the chances of experienced people with proven skills, running and getting into parliament to actually run each department?
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