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  1. 2003 Saxo VTR 19,500 miles Full service history CD player, electric windows and sunroof. Immaculate condition. Cheap insurance group £5,000 ono Call Dave 481615
  2. 1)bollocks, they are under instructions to pick the freshest stuff on the shelf and if you had a problem they will refund you for any items you are unhappy with no questions asked. 2)under 18s can't order beer online as an adult needs to sign for the delivery
  3. i dont know where they are on the island but you can the the ultrasonic plug attachments (like the rodent ones) which also repel ants and other insects from an area. or a lot of Raid
  4. What the deal with these muppets with the under glow kits? I was under the strange assumption only doctors could display green lights and emergency vehicles blue lights. yet i have seen these mobile discos (always with the loud bass thumping) drive past coppers without so much as a second look.
  5. wideload

    Handheld Wars

    Does anyone know if PS2 games can be transferred to the PSP? As my console just went tits up so i might buy the PSP rather than replace it
  6. Airsoft are cool without a licence as they are so weak but gatt guns and any air-rifles are restricted weapons and require a "Restricted Weapons Permit" and failure to obtain one leaves you open to some very serious criminal charges.
  7. thats terrible i would never shoot another human being with a BB Gun (unless they were French).
  8. Cheers mate, all of the guns mentioned are "airsoft" and so are well within the legal limits also to mention I won't sell to under 18's. p.s. not a real silencer! just looks like it
  9. I am getting rid of my Airsoft BB Guns, so for sale is... Beratta copy airsoft gun, fires 6mm bb's comes with laser sight and silencer. clip hold appx 16 bb's. £20. Like I said above I am selling all my BB Guns, I have a Rifle and other pistols for sale too and ammo. Please e-mail me if you are interested. Thank you.
  10. for spares,runs and has five good mudpluggers £300 ono G_O_D@manx.net
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