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  1. Whoa there, I think that number 4 could be a real boost for tourism
  2. Yep, asked a friendly colonial to pick me one up. It took me 2 days to get around to rooting (piece of piss) it so now I have access to the android store. An unfortunate necessity as the Amazon store/videos/music (books are fine) aren't available to UK users yet. Even in "stock" mode it shows great potential and is easy to use.
  3. Just got a Kindle Fire, so far an excellent bit of kit and for the grand sum of £140!
  4. Is it possible that all our problems in gov are because of the prayer's? I mean Odin's gotta be getting pretty pissed at being ignored for so long.
  5. Ping an e-mail to webmaster@manx-modelflyers.org to put your add on their messgaeboard
  6. http://www.gov.im/ConsultationDetail.gov?id=170 "PLEASE NOTE – Duty on fuel has not been included. It is regularly suggested when considering the fairest way to charge for a ‘road tax’ that vehicle duty should be scrapped and replaced by an additional ‘fuel tax’. If it were allowed an additional charge of 24p per litre, including VAT, would be required to recover the £10m currently raised by vehicle duty, however, it is neither legal nor practical for such an additional duty to be added to the cost of fuel because of a variety of constraints, one of which is the Customs and Excise Agreem
  7. No, you're wrong. It's not even called road tax, it's vehicle excise duty, and it's a tax on you car. The VED isn't directly used to fund the roads. ahem..... http://www.iomtoday.co.im/news/isle-of-man-news/32_untaxed_vehicles_on_island_roads_1_3845971 "Director of highways Richard Pearson said: ‘Contrary to popular myth, income from vehicle duty is only used for highway maintenance and improvement."
  8. https://signup.netflix.com/home?country=1&rdirfdc=true Netflix is here!
  9. Thought this might belong here....
  10. I've been with sure for a year now and, apart from a glitch setting up the data connection when i first got the handset, I've had absolutely no problems and customer services have been helpful with any queries I had. Not to mention that the handset prices were quite reasonable and far better than MT, also the unlimited data plan which MT didn't do at the time.
  11. When doing a bike frame is acid etch the way to go? I've heard differing options about acid vs zinc primers
  12. see how times have changed, back then the DOT had 9 workers watched by only 6 supervisors!
  13. I had a encounter a few years ago with a fella that drove a Range Rover who said that I shouldn't take up car spaces (outside my flat) with my surf van. My van being a SWB transit which wasn't as tall, long, wide or heavy as the Range Rover! I can understand the issue with big trucks or camper-vans but your average light commercial vehicle is still smaller than the Chelsea Tractors which are so popular today!
  14. Of course you can do your female studies love, now go make me a sandwich.
  15. As long as I keep putting the lotion on my skin, my boss is happy enough.
  16. Link them to this article on the IOM gov website which states the IOM position on imitation firearms. http://www.gov.im/dha/police/firearms/moving_storage.xml And remind any retailer that the VCRA is a UK Law not an IOM one.
  17. got any pics of the rifle? also make/model?
  18. dont you mean "the Scottish pub"?
  19. and from inspector gadget "At least when it’s illegal we can do something about it, unlike the widespread alcohol abuse which causes so much damage to society."
  20. http://inspectorgadget.wordpress.com/2011/06/02/the-ugly-truth-about-drugs/
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