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  1. To my knowledge the offshore Phonebank doesn't deal with Credit Card enquiries and they have a seperate telephone no. based in the UK (could be india nowadays). Every call to the phonebank is recorded so it shouldnt be a problem for a member of their staff to listen to your initial phone call to hear your dialogue with the operator who took your call. In addition all movements on your a/c should have an audit trail which they can look at to see what transactions have taken place, so when someone gets your letter of complaint should be simple enough to look into your problem and clear things up. Hope this helps. regards Yessir p.s Times may have changed since i received a minor miseducation there
  2. or 5-1 Can still picture the scoreboard immortal Jaks moment thrashed in das fatherland
  3. bit of a side issue but do you think this will have much impact here? http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/4274335.stm
  4. Typical Spaniard taking it from the opposition
  5. Wasn't their a similar incident not about ten years ago with yeltsin when it turned out to be a norwegian test rocket not a trident missile that Russia thought was coming towards him? Only reason we are still here is cos he'd ran out of Vodka
  6. One of the downsides of treaty in first place lack of foresight for the above nations potential growth in the future so I agree with you on that point. Tony Blairs U turn just another example of the 'special relationship' that we folks have with you folks over the pond. Strange timing for him to declare this don't you think when he's been a passionate advocate of kyoto for years ? Covering for George again? God bless America....
  7. Seeing the television images on television today i feel very sorry for the people having run out of gas along the freeway. However the scientific reality is that warmer seas courtesy of global warning from the biggest polluter in the world is acts as rocket fuel towards the intensity level of these hurricanes and until dubya wises up and cuts greenhouse gas emissions then this will continue to be the case.
  8. Creedance clearwater revival-fortunate son
  9. I heard they're in there because George Dubya told them to watch out for a big one called Rita
  10. Top four Chelski Red scum Gunners Spuds Bottom four Blue noses Skates Pie Eaters Makems
  11. Ponting very humble in defeat top man, top series, top result . I support England due to semi ancestory and because they are they only test playing nation in the british isles. Looking forwards to seeing whether its onwards and upwards from here i.e wins in sub continent and retaining ashes down under.
  12. thanks for link lonan http://www.timesonline.co.uk/article/0,,21...1766253,00.html it states 'The estimated cost of rebuilding New Orleans and its environs is at least $26 billion (to finish the levee projects would have cost $208 million, of which the Bush Administration sent $10 million).' thats quite an expensive headache for a nation and especially their present govt. Hard luck george. Has aid from Cuba been accepted yet? In addition i wonder if the late US objections to UN reform will be quite so vigorous around the bartering table in light of recent assistance offered by the UN?
  13. would have thought bit of a scale difference Rich?
  14. Is the sub plot that the high profile resident does not want dog walkers near his abode on that picturesque peninsula?
  15. http://www.focusmag.co.uk/newsread.asp?ID=12653 remember reading this a few weeks ago, interestingly prophetic stuff.
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