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  1. Your post on Fritz Lustig was really interesting BTW but let’s face it most people know who you are anyway. Pretty much an establishment shill in one way or another. It is really good to see even a complete duffer like Geoff Corkish proved right. A handful of people who think they’re all so important badly playing at being secret squirrel for the general amusement of everyone else. The page views will just be news and spam bots. I wouldn’t read too much into that despite it being an interesting post.
  2. I saw on Twitter they even banned Cue Ball so it does make you wonder why they are banning posters on content not on profanity, or abuse, or bullying like them and some of the people they are trying to get reinstated. There is a clear political agenda being pursued.
  3. It’s only the government shills, anonymous media workers, and businessmen sucking off government contracts left on here. They wouldn’t dare post what they post on here on Facebook under their real names as they would expose themselves. They wouldn’t dare abuse people who oppose anything about government like they do on here on Facebook either. Their plan has backfired really as Geoff Corkish always said there was only really 5 people posting on MF and by banning everyone else they couldn’t control and who didn’t follow the consensus view of the main anonymous MF posters (people like your ‘second cousin’) basically they’ve proved he was completely right. Vader must be finding this all highly amusing to see 5 blokes arguing with themselves in a handful of posts a day and some even pleading to be allowed back on as they have nowhere else to troll people and post angry anonymous rubbish to. Everyone else has moved on to better platforms as you say.
  4. Well that’s basically where it should be at. I’m sure lots of excuses are offered for past bad behaviour and promises of rehabilitation made etc. But essentially there are lots of people who trot that out who never change. It makes you wonder how they now manage to fill those extra hours in the day they wasted on here in real life.
  5. To me they either have mental impairments or not. If you are mentally impaired then you're not in control of the thoughts in your head or your actions. On that basis how the hell can you be consciously racist? If this person was indeed detained in a mental health unit for her own safety how they hell can they judge that she was consciously racist? Racist words may have come out of her mouth but she may well have had no concept of what she was saying in the circumstances. It just looks like a stupid sentence to me.
  6. So 12 companies (at least) comprising of hundreds and hundreds of employees over a long period of time is not a mass exodus? You're just making yourself look foolish now. I still don't see you backing up anything you say other than accusing others of talking bollocks or nonsense. I'm sure you sit there all day convincing yourself that black is white to the general amusement of all around you.
  7. Rileys (from the Quay) Manx Telecom (from Ridgeway St) Zurich (from Athol Street) RL360 (from Athol Street) Douglas Corporation (from Douglas) Ocean Ford (from the Quay) Nordea Life (from Athol street) Bibby Group (from Peel Road) The Red Cross (from Derby Road) Haldane Fisher (from the Quay) The Post Sorting Office (from Circular Road) All moved to Braddan from Douglas in the last 15 years. Your ability to swear black is white is incredible.
  8. Rileys (from the Quay) Manx Telecom (from Ridgeway St) Zurich (from Athol Street) RL360 (from Athol Street) Douglas Corporation (from Douglas) Ocean Ford (from the Quay) Nordea Life (from Athol street) Bibby Group (from Peel Road) The Red Cross (from Derby Road) Haldane Fisher (the Quay) The Post Sorting Office (Circular Road) Really, stop embarrassing yourself. Firstly, that's not a mass exodus. It's a handful of companies (some tiny) over a 15 year period. Secondly, the majority of those have not moved out of Douglas because of rental demands. Which was the thrust of your response to that very point. Can you see that the bulk of those have moved for business logistics reasons rather then rent costs? RL 360 bought Scot Prov - which was in a huge building capable of housing more than double the staff they had. Ocean Ford - I don't get your point here. They bought the EB's business, the lease was up and the owners of the site had a massive offer on the table from Dandara. (they got £3m for that site). They moved down SOUTH. Post Office - Circular Road was totally unsuitable. Why wouldn't they move and why do they need to be in town? Rileys - in an awful location and have moved to the perfect, purpose built spot. Again, nothing to do with rent. Zurich - the same. It's be costing them more to move to the business park than it would have done to remain in town. It isn't a rental play. Haldane Fisher - see above. Nothing complicated here. Stop digging son. You really are Trump level delusional about your ability to be right in absolutely every situation known to man.
  9. Well apparently she's mentally ill and had to be detailed for her own protection. She's obviously deemed to be lucid enough to be racist though. Surely someone in that situation has no concept of what they are saying?
  10. I find this confusing. A lady is detained by mental health services, staff admit she's had the biggest melt down she's ever had, she is being supervised for her own protection, yet somehow she's deemed to be responsible and lucid enough to be done for making racist remarks. http://www.iomtoday.co.im/news/isle-of-man-news/woman-guilty-of-racial-abuse-1-8258014 Clearly not mental enough then?
  11. Rileys (from the Quay) Manx Telecom (from Ridgeway St) Zurich (from Athol Street) RL360 (from Athol Street) Douglas Corporation (from Douglas) Ocean Ford (from the Quay) Nordea Life (from Athol street) Bibby Group (from Peel Road) The Red Cross (from Derby Road) Haldane Fisher (the Quay) The Post Sorting Office (Circular Road)
  12. Ocean Ford bought out EB's years ago. Don't try to wriggle out of you being totally wrong about everything with that comment. They bought E B Christians and finally relocated the EB sites on the Bridge at the Quay, and at the Airport garage, to the ex Barry Curran site at Braddan. The site on the Quay was sold to Dandara who built Quay West on there where they are still trying to sell a £2m penthouse overlooking the Tesco's carpark to some mug. I'm not trying to "wriggle out" of anything. The original comment was about a "mass exodus" and included Eb Christians. Which was materially incorrect. They've not been in Douglas for many years. If anything they've relocated back into Douglas at a much greater cost than they were subject to at Castletown. By all means let's make sweeping statements about "a mass exodus" but please back it up with (a) a mass and (b) an exodus. The mass exodus actually seems to extend to less than one a year. Keep digging. I came up with at least 12 businesses that have relocated from Douglas to Braddan in the last 15 years despite you doing your usual aggressive response accusing people of talking rubbish. That is pretty much an exodus. Ocean Ford re-located from the E B site on the Quay to Castletown and then to Braddan. It was a Douglas business for 50 years that ended up in Braddan. You do understand that when you buy a business it's still the same business that has a new owner? And Ocean Ford traded off that property when they bought th business anyway. You're now picking holes in one business mentioned to try to save face when there were 11 others I mentioned that have also moved from central Douglas to Braddan in the last 10/15 years.
  13. That was the original Mylchreests site - I think that was a car park before EB's sold that business. It was all done around the early 2000's. Ocean moved to the old Mylchreest's Airport garage site not the Douglas site that is now a carpark.
  14. It isn't that far out on 10/15 years as I said.
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