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  1. Only the isle of man would think it's a good idea to dump £60m of its money on another islands construction project. could we not a get a monorail to a waterpark with flumes on the calf for the same money? Or just admit it's a vanity project for the gov's day trip jollys to Liverpool One?At least it will be clear then and we can move on.
  2. which we should have been doing right from the fucking start
  3. So adding in another layer of 'advisors' to polish the golden turd that was Howie's exit framework the best they can come up with?
  4. Embarrassing for the island that is even newsworthy.
  5. A lot of what Ashie says is pointless and has been all along.
  6. Do we actually have any worthwhile restrictions in place any more, pretty much my entire street has been in/out all weekend, social media full of groups walking, bike riding, picnicking on the beach (even in the cold). Not much evidence of 'STAY AT HOME' up our way.
  7. You know the contraceptive pill and certain pain killers cause a higher rate of blood clots than the AZ vaccine. The problem is that it was not spotted in the trials or listed in the possible side effects and that has the medics twitchy.
  8. Reminder that Filipo quoted Fox News and Tucker Carlson both noted far right supporting 'News' sources, Covid deniers, white supremacists and Donald Trump supporters. For that reason alone i have no interest in his opinion. I frequent this thread as it the one that is still running.
  9. still no evidence provided by anyone that the AZ vaccine is the cause of the clots, the numbers are very small (1 in 600,000 i think) as to be almost negligible. Still Pfizer's rich investor's clearly have media weight behind them to keep it in the news, the BBC and Mail running multiple fear stories today.
  10. i was planning a trip tomorrow but i'd heard the same, all the glencrutchery road recycling bins are full and overflowing as well. Still not sure why if the bins are being collected the doorstep recycling pickups had to stop.
  11. holy crap that Jetski's had an upgrade!!
  12. props to everyone working on easter sunday at the airport hub, barely got the seat warm before i was done and out the door, find i have a sudden compulsion to buy microsoft products though!!
  13. still waiting for the evidence to prove that this white elephant is actually needed other than for MHK jolly's to Liverpool one.
  14. good stuff with the case tracing, good stuff with the case numbers going down, good stuff with the gatherings and places starting to open up. Glass firmly half full today.
  15. How the fuck are we getting unknown transmission cases 3 weeks into lockdown?? So let's see if panic sets in, they never said 14/21/28 'consecutive' days, that was always implied, by their reckoning it should reset from today, which means no lifting until 13th at the earliest FFS.
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