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  1. shoehorned onto a flood prone area with a substandard swimming pool, but thats a topic for a different thread.
  2. To be fair that sports hall looks 15 times better than our 'National' sports centre which is smaller than most high schools sports halls.
  3. i agree with their statement, but the border relaxation should be for the benefit of all island residents "everyone", that's you me, everyone. Not just because the gaming companies can't fly in their Mandarin speaking admin for their far eastern betting sites.
  4. they are not going to call anything 'Community' now because their paymaster overlords have told them the bathrooms are ready for tiling and can't wait.
  5. pretty sure even if we had cases now they aren't going to call them 'community', they will put them under the banner of knowing where they are from so they won't count. The lobbyists want 1st Feb and thats what they are getting. To be honest for once i am glad as i need a mooch round BnQ for a few 'essential' bits.
  6. GTS handle all the gov's computing infrastructure.
  7. yes, bit silly though that an on island press conference freezes but i can have a zoom call with 4 people on different parts of the planet without problems. Still it is GTS in charge so i suppose thats to be understood.
  8. i think getting a stable internet connection and paying for a full periscope account instead of using the free one before the next press conference.
  9. laugh if the brown envelope is sticking out of his top pocket!!
  10. The USA is involved in a war, it's just not a CNN/Fox news war with embedded reporters and camera crews sat on top of APC's or in the back of Chinooks. Trumps only claim that's true is that he didn't get the US involved in a 'new' war although he did try with Fat Korea Kim and the Ayatollahs. If you are interested in that kind of thing it's not difficult to google where american forces are currently fighting.
  11. i ignore anything flilipo has to say as at the beginning of this crisis he was quoting Fox news and since proven fascist and white supremacist Tucker Carlson.
  12. As last time, i just want a cohesive easing of restrictions based on whats best for the public based on sound science and public health advice for all residents on the whole of the island, same with border restrictions. Here's hoping.
  13. Tough first 100 days ahead but let's see, glad the orange fucktard has gone, nice to see a change of tone already with rejoining parts of the world where we need America at the table. and thank god he actually believes that Corona is real and not just a bottle of beer.
  14. it's excellent news, slight caveat to that is that with only 12 people waiting on results you'd have to be unlucky to hit +ve result just statistically!!
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