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  1. Jesus you moron's took the bait hook line and sinker, Schapps own department ruled out this plan in 2018 as cost prohibitive against benefit, early estimates would that it would cost somewhere over £14 billion to set up and police. the Police even told his department that its impossible as they have enough problems trying to check all motorised vehicles tax and insurance. The problem is the fact that clearly some of you are too stupid to see what this was which is nothing more than an attempt to distract a large tory base voter who reads the mail from the fact that the government is shit, they are about to put someone in power who's as dumb as soup and even their middle class staunch supporters are going to start to feeling the pinch. So lets get them frothing at the mouth about you know something thats earth shatteringly important as i know a number plate on a bike. i despair at the collective intelligence of the uk sometimes i really do. FYI the insurance and number plate plan would cover all bikes including those shitty push things little kids have, you put it on any public pavement, play space or road you would need the plate and insurance, doesn't matter if they are 4 on a hello kitty bike or 40 on a Ribble SL, it would be for every single bike all of them the legislation would not differentiate. Yes i'm ranting, yes i'm shouting and i don't give a shit if you might get a bit upset, idiots.
  2. Alf needs to worry about the numbers of people leaving right now, my other half has finally had enough of Nobles and is taking her 20+ years of frontline experience with her, (i'm a hated civil servant so no loss there really) and she's not the only one. Still Alf at least your trams will be painted, your gambling site will be serviced and your pizza's made, might need flying off for a minor operation though or any accident worse than an ouchy on your pinky. EDIT FYI i'm on my allotted coffee break.
  3. that cable will have already been 'trawled' off and taken by jetski to some obscure Scottish inlet in a big backpack.
  4. i find that away from say Douglas is where the island comes into its own, the countryside is lovely, there's always places to find and things to do for almost all ages, the only caveat to that is that they are not handed to you on a plate there is a little bit of searching or finding out but once you realise that there's pretty much everything here.
  5. The Chief

    TT 2022 ??

    jesus fucking christ do you realise how bad this makes us and i mean the whole island look. The statement is there to read from the organisers.
  6. The Chief

    TT 2022 ??

    WTF this is shambolic, someone should get fired over this. if i fucked up this badly in my post i would be getting the sack.
  7. The Chief

    TT 2022 ??

    Can we put to bed this myth that the TT is free, unless someone has invented cost free travel/accommodation/food that the rest of the world doesn't know about. Its only 'free' if you live here like we do and even then is it really free when public purse pays for the TT setups. As for the other topic 3 deaths (so far) in 1 meeting for any 'sport' is too many. Simple answer is if the TT can't be made safer through technology, man power, planning. money, equipment then it is a valid question to ask whether it should be put on or not.
  8. The Chief

    TT 2022 ??

    Sadly seems to be rich pickings for the local scumbags, guess they get bored of breaking into our garages and nicking our kids bikes.
  9. I love the way some people on the island seem to think that a 'festival' just appears and is rammed the first year its put on, anything like this takes time to get going and yes sometimes you have to take a loss, even behemoths like Glastonbury have lean times. Problem we have here is the is no consistency and the one time they do put it on they expect it to be the best gig/festival in the world ever. You will never get visitors/tourists to these things if you can't guarantee its going to be on, so its left to us locals and if the music doesn't appeal you aren't going to fork out £65 or more. and don't get me started on fenced off VIP sections.
  10. The Chief

    TT 2022 ??

    Twitter awash with complaints about the stream, hope it improves
  11. The Chief

    TT 2022 ??

    Oops, does that mean they've got an entire production run of that tyre with a flaw?
  12. this guy is a bellend of epic proportions, some of the horseshit he spouts has to be heard to be believed but he's a capital R red and thats a guaranteed vote in Texas 'the vote for anyone as long as its not a Democrat' state.
  13. You are assuming that the surgeons don't do anything else, here most gynae surgeons are also obstetricians and their work never stops even with a falling birth rate. Also surgeons can only operate if given theatre time by the organisation. I'm sure thats no comfort to your friends wife, but there's a lot more to it that blaming the surgeon.
  14. Jesus fucking christ are you kidding me, a fucking elementary school, and you know what they still won't doing anything about it, fucking wankers the lot of them, just because some 200 year old document can be loosely translated into the right to blast the shit out of anyone you feel like. Cunts, the red lot for supporting it and the blue lot for letting them, because fucking money. I despair i really do and to cap it off the 'Patriot' posters are already claiming it was a hoax, a set up and a false flag.
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