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  1. Nobles car park is the defacto park and ride, see the number of works vans parked there overnight and cars left there all day when the works vans leave, i've seen people dump their cars there and walk to the bus stop. and they wonder why there's no parking at nobles. People won't use charged park and ride when there's free car parks around, plain and simple and anyone who thinks otherwise is kidding themselves.
  2. Question, hows that cycle lane going to work when all the cars are parked at the Escape room? i assume this means its closing or moving or are they just going to drive over the top of it? Also doesn't this no notice of the current construction of the Starbucks/KFC which is going to cut across cycle lanes and increase traffic (see McD's) right into their shiny new junction. FYI i'm a cyclist and advocate of active travel but firmly believe that the existing infrastructure needs upgrading first before we start adding in more.
  3. its the actual size of the needle needed to get a chip in your system that can do everything the antivax nutters think is in the vaccine.
  4. i assume it means that any CCTV is 240p standard and they can't identify the fucking wankstains.
  5. if anyone literally anyone has a go at a health care worker doing their job over a fucking test they don't need then as far as i am concerned they forfeit their rights to be treated at our hospital end of. We know why they want the tests so they can sell them down their shit pubs to their shit mates. The island is fast disappearing down the shithole of anti social, selfish, criminal, don't give a fuck behaviour and i for one am fucking sick of it. if i could move away i would, which upsets me as this is my home of 12 years and i've worked hard to make it so.
  6. Got to keep the grift in motion, more dumbfucks there are the more money the triple surnamed fucktards can get out of them. As the pandemic starts to fade these people (including politicians and medics) see their 5 minutes in the spotlight receding time to go for the last minute paypal donations. See the protest about nothing in London last week with the main banner paypal address front and centre. Sadly some people, (the deluded struck off nurse being one of them) can't see that they are being used like that and will desperately try and show that the earth is flat or that somehow they've become more magnetic due a vaccine. Anyway rant over, i feel the need to buy some Apple products from Amazon and renew my Microsoft subscription from some strange reason right now.
  7. Bit disappointed so far with the various clubs and sports on the IOM, very little on the socials to encourage the youth and other members. But then that is because most clubs and sports are cliques and really don't want anyone they don't know to get involved. And yes it happened to me when i got a extremely negative response from the Archery nazi's club when i asked about taking up the sport after 2012 (same for fencing), despite both sports asking for new members at the time.
  8. bit of an observation for you, a pothole crew arrived down my road yesterday, curtained twitched for a bit then got bored as they literally did nothing but drink tea and read a paper for 4 hours then filled a 1 foot square pothole in the 5 minutes before lunch and left. if thats what the pothole crew get up to i can easily see why the prom will take 10 years to finish.
  9. Peston's journalistic integrity is about as good as Laura Kuenssburg's (who FYI should still be prosecuted for breaking electoral law by releasing results before the returning official).
  10. with a Trump 2024 flag right in the centre, on Trafalgar Square, in London, England, last time i looked he wasn't in the running for Bozza's job. Fucking idiots the lot of them, its basically a conspiracy theorists day out, with a few far right nutters thrown in.
  11. the heritage railway is exactly that and should be run as such, that is through paying customers, donations and volunteer time. Not a single penny of taxpayer money should go into it as 'public transport' because it simple isn't. if it doesn't make enough through tourism to keep it going, put the stock in a museum and turn it into a cycle lane (which i would happily pay a fee to use).
  12. believe me it does, probably quicker than with flu.
  13. its funny how those same Joe's don't seem to be as obsessed during certain racing periods where A&E, Trauma and ITU fill up rapidly over the 2 weeks.
  14. just driven past and anyone going to the swabbing centre, take plenty of fluids, big big queue there just now.
  15. should start by turning off the lights, the governments buildings near me are lit up like a christmas tree 24/7 and are only occupied office hours.
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