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  1. The Chief

    TT 2022 ??

    i had a little chuckle at this one, i notice they are very clear that they are talking about the TT organisation not the TT as a whole, some bikes that came off the ferry with us the other day were belching out enough emissions to need to plant trees over a third of the island just to offset them.
  2. The fucking Daily Mail and other Tory press need any kind of story to keep the populace off the crashing incompetence of Boris and the current government not to mention the impending release of the Sue Gray report. Have we not learned anything in the last couple of years. Monkeypox FFS, the only surprise is that the Mail hasn't blamed the outbreak on Meghan Markle (yet!!).
  3. Ambulance chasers are starting to circle, PPI claims are done and dusted so vaccine 'injuries' are the new hot lawsuit. Reddit and other forums are full of the same type of questions by new accounts.
  4. The Chief

    TT 2022 ??

    Why didn't they just move the traditional scoreboard into the 'fanpark' and let the scouts do their thing in relative safety, keeps up the heritage and is a draw for visitors who can't afford the stupid grandstand prices or can't get a view on Noble's park for all the fenced off corporate viewing. Allowing corporate entities to restrict access on a 'public' park paid for out of our taxation and rates should not be allowed IMHO.
  5. i would favour a big cannon myself, what with all the leftover flume pipes you could whip up a pretty straight one, if not there's always those cannon parts in Iraq that never got used, bet they are pristine.
  6. Classic manx building, the place where a bike lane is needed 'Peel Road' get a couple of feet of painted tarmac, the place its not really needed and not linked to anything Pulrose bridge gets a 4 lane bike superhighway with separation and everything.
  7. surely the mountain road has go to be 'Stairway to Heaven'. But having never raced a bike or ridden the TT course or raced the TT or MGP am i allowed to pick a song taking the piss out of it, some posters on her would think not, since you are not allowed to criticise or even comment if you'not done 1 or all of these.
  8. The Chief

    TT 2022 ??

    nope, they want the 'World's fastest race' title and will shave off corners (AKA Brandish) in the continued hope that one of the nutters breaks the lap record every year.
  9. and they wonder why overnight cars get damaged, bikes get nicked and other criminal damage happens, you can follow it on the various routes out of town.
  10. These moaning Dr's seem to be quite happy taking the inflated paypackets they get for working here. Just saying. Hospitals all over the country desperate for trained and competent Dr's, also just saying.
  11. My neighbour (i know through my curtain twitching) between them have 7 cars, there's 3 adults that i see drive, their drive is big enough for 1. This example is why there will always be a problem with parking here and any where else. If i park on my drive it gets blocked in by some numpty who has no spatial awareness (especially at school drop off and pick up time), if I use the spot on the road i have a permit for i don't. This is another example of why there will always be a problem with parking, all the drives on our road regularly get blocked in by visitors to the nearby government buildings.
  12. The Chief

    TT 2022 ??

    big fucking potholes on the racing line same at the bottom of bray and out of QB, in fact the road surface at QB is pretty much destroyed good job its a slow corner.
  13. for MF horseshit this one takes the biscuit, speaking from the inside this is up there with Russian levels of fantasy. We've never got anywhere close to 3% let alone 6%.
  14. Yep the same one who quoted White supremacist, Level 1 fantasist, Putin's bitch Tucker Carlson as a reliable factual news source and who also thought Fox News was a good place to get unbiased information from. Disregarded anything this poster had to say 2 years ago.
  15. The Chief

    TT 2022 ??

    The problems at Nobles are fuck all to do with Covid its just being used as an excuse, the place is running on almost absolute minimums and the staff that are left are close to burnout (i know i'm married to one), they are leaving and retiring in droves and some of the 'international' applicants they are getting and keep bleating on about need at least 6 months to get up to speed and even qualify to be registered to work here. The fact that LH and the government can magic up a shitload of money Dr's and staff just for a fucking sporting event is disgusting, when that staffing and money is needed right now for all members of manx society not just some fucktards who fancy throwing themselves at some scenery. This kind of thing and the 'We've got loads of Marshalls but we still need you to register' horseshit really piss me off.
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