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  1. The Chief

    TT 2022 ??

    bigger question is free movement on and off the island, what happens if 50 of those marshals are unvaxxed? what happens if those 20 Honda exec's who fly in for Senior RD have been to a red list country, what happens if Holland suddenly becomes a redlist country with 500 dutch bikers booked to come on the ferry. They cannot put this on unless all restrictions have been lifted. Its ridiculous to even contemplate it.
  2. so this assclown is wasting court time on ridiculous frivolous proceedings, i'd like to know who's funding this nonsense, it better not be legal aid (or whatever we have here). edit: see other thread where Ashy has basically said its a load of bollox and MR is taking a leaf out of 3FM for the quality of their reporting.
  3. fantasists isn't a strong enough word for them.
  4. these fucking weapons should have been arrested for tresspassing if they had no business being in the hospital, its not a fucking Gregg's or a Weatherspoons where they usually hang out.
  5. it shouldn't while there are any travel restrictions/requirements for anyone who actually lives here and contributes to the economy. and i cannot see them checking landing forms and ID for every bike that comes off the boat.
  6. makes me laugh when the grifters come up with shit like this, half the time their protesting about being tracked , labelled, recorded, identified and then some pondscum comes up with an ID card. Still these are the same dumbfucks protesting about tracking chips in vaccines while filming said protest on a smartphone which pretty much tracks everything you do/say/look at.
  7. 3FM love the daily post of which is worst, case numbers, hospitalisations or deaths. Which ever looks the worst gets the headline.
  8. thats because MHK's and a large proportion of the island seemed to have a hard on for all things Liverpool and the thought of no transport links gives them sicky feelings, I mean when you take into consideration tax payer funded jollies to Heysham or Liverpool its not difficult to see why senior CS's signed it off.
  9. who's betting on the 'cycle path' on the plan actually turning into the new access road via a tunnel or flyover and drive straight up through the houses to join ballafletcher at the top, be nice to have that kind of traffic for 4 weeks of the year right past your postage stamp garden but hey at least it won't spoil your picturesque view of the cemetery. You want to buy one go ahead but i would make sure you read every little bit of fine print in the contracts.
  10. the specialist contractors/suppliers that do this kind of work charge fortunes to do this out of hours and at weekends if they offer this at all, some don't. edit:appalling grammar
  11. just done the survey and what they seem to be after to me is an alternate collection, 1 week grey bin, 1 week recycling with the possibility of a green waste bin following the patterns of councils across (my inlaws have 4 bins for example). Personally the collection is fine for me as it is but then i live in a house with a yard and place to put my bin, that being said i don't want to fill my yard with 13 different bins all collected on a different schedule depending on the direction of the wind. As its Douglas i fully expect them to go for the most expensive options and probably the most inconvenient then stick our rates up by another 2% to pay for it.
  12. i meant to say Tromode but you beat me to it. they've been doing work in that area in the interest supposedly for 'active travel' but anyone who knows anything about it will tell you the work they've done has no benefit to AT at all, now with this proposal (sorry done deal) the reason for the road changes make sense as the works traffic alone would have meant chaos on the existing set up (same with Ballafletcher).
  13. do the DOI think we a stupid, no one really believes that the work outside Braddan School or at edit: Tromode had anything to do with 'active travel' its all preparation work for the 'new' roads. This isn;t a consultation in anything other than a paper exercise, the bribes will have already been paid, the landowner will be sat at home counting his money, the planners will be sat at home counting their money, the relevant MHK's will be sat at home counting their money, shit even Braddan commissioners will get their community hub as part of the deal. its disgusting but its ok because 25% out of the 350 homes will be affordable for those on high enough salaries, the rest will be affordable to HNWI individuals who buy to let.
  14. There's a massive housing market bubble everywhere, thats why Dandara's brown envelopes are flying around like confetti, thats why the planners are ignoring any area plan recommendations, thats why the government are ignoring their own green policies. there's money to be made NOW so they want as many houses up as fast as possible and sold as fast as possible, just come back from across and the amount of yellow signed 'villages' being built around the A6 are ridiculous i can't believe there are that many people wanting to live in Lancashire. But it won't last for long and when it crashes its going to be 2008 bad, but by that time the money will be out and long gone.
  15. Heading is a loudmouth who just wants to spout, it was statins before now its Corona, unfortunately the island breed enough simpletons to buy into the bullshit he comes up with. The Magna Carta and Nuremberg are not applicable under any common or legal precedence, there are numerous articles by actual real life proper lawyers that go over all the claims and refute every single one (conveniently ignored by the Anti's). This is their last chance to grift the last few pounds off the simpletons as the rest of world moves on so they are getting loud.
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